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Fifty four

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And the story goes on

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The next morning as Robyn and Benji was probably the few who didn't drink much and wasn’t hung over was first ones up. They started making some breakfast.
“I’m so tempted to sound the horn.” She grinned looking at Karl flat out very close to the edge of the sofa.
“he will go mad.” Benji laughed.
“his own fault.” She shrugged. She left it and carried on with breakfast then temptation got the better of her.
“I can't help it, it has to be done.” She laughed. She climbed into the cab of the bus and pressed the horn. Karl nearly leapt six foot then hit the floor. There was a few other bumps from around the bus too. Robyn came back howling laughing.
“what’s the saying two birds one stone and all.” Robyn said to Benji as Billy, linzi and Joel came out to see what was going on and heard Paul grumbling something about ‘fucking Karl and Robyn up to their old tricks again.’
“ow fuck, what the hell.” Karl said rubbing his head and his elbow that for the brunt of his fall. The seen Robyn laughing.
“your a total bitch you know.” He said to her whilst she was still laughing Benji couldn’t help but laugh too.
“breakfasts ready.” She smiled sarcastically sweetly.
“your still a bitch.” He said helping himself to some toast.
“love you too karly.” She smirked.
“urgh I feel rough.” Karl announced sitting down on the sofas again. Benji Joel billy linzi and Robyn sat at the table. Paul shuffled through and flopped on the sofas with Karl and Dean sat at the table with the others.
“well you will go playing silly drinking games.” Robyn sighed tossing him pain killers that hit him on the head.
“for fucks sake Robs.” He half laughed half sighed.
“don’t you be for fucks saking me.” She shouted.
“sorry just shhh.” He shushed her.
“stands for shushing too.” She slipped him off. He mimicked her behind her back.
“what the hell was all the noise and beeping this morning?” Paul grumbled.
“dunno what your talking about.” Robyn grinned.
“your so guilty and when I feel better you will pay.” Paul grumbled.
“I’ll look forward to it.” she smirked.
“Robs can you pass the sugar please.” Linzi asked. Robyn reached over handing her the sugar.
“oh my God, is that a ring on your finger!” Linzi shrieked grinning.
“kinda, sort of.” Robyn shrugged coolly.
“is that, are you..engaged!” linzi squealed excitedly.
“a what! Your what!” Karl jumped up.
“oh Karl pipe down and sit down.” Robyn said irritably at Karl for his hit headed reaction once again. “
“Yes and no but don't go expecting a big wedding of the year.” Robyn said more calmly to everyone. They all nodded and congratulated them as they understood what they meant.
“I don’t understand.” Karl said. As Joel gave Benji a guy hug.
“you see Karl that’s normal sibling reactions there, not this.” She said pointing to Benji and Joel then to Karl still looking like a hear with a sore head.
“well come here.” He grumbled pulling her up quote roughly by her arm they all looked slightly worried unsure to step in or not but they knew Robyn could handle Karl better than anyone else could.
“I love you and I’m happy as long as your happy with what ever you plan to do.” Karl said quietly as he held her in a big hug. She hugged him back.
“your going soft.” She joked smirking at him.
“I can win.” He laughed. “can we ha e a word.” Karl said to Benji motioning to step outside on private. Benji nodded and got up to follow him. Everyone looked between Karl and Benji then to Robyn.
“Karl.” Robyn warned. As they walked off the bus.
“what are they doing.” Dean said as Robyn got up to spy out the window hoping she didn’t have to go breaking up any fights.
“talking.” Robyn said almost confused but relived. “hugging, what the fuck.” Robyn said.
“we’ll its better than hitting each other.” Joel laughed.
“it is that.” Robyn said sitting down quickly as she seen them start to walk toward the bus again. Karl walked in grabbed piece of toast off Robyn's plate and sat back with Paul in the front of the bus.
“hey get your own.” Robyn frowned at him to which he just smirked at her.
They chatted for a bit longer before it was time for sound check and Karl to leave for his flight.
Robyn got on with some work or as much as she could between linzi’s questions of rings and plans.
“seriously linz its more of a sign of love and commitment to each other. Yes we'll get married one day but a big wedding is just not my thing and last time I checked not on the top of Benji’s list either don't get me wrong yours was wonderful and beautiful but just not for me.” Robyn explained linzi nodded.
“ok so what will it be like?” she said excitedly.
“I dunno we’ve talked about just see minimal away on a beach or something.” Robyn shrugged.
“ahh we will get to come though won’t we?” linzi asked.
“yes if you like I wouldn’t stop any friends or family coming bit it wouldn’t be like organised invitations more just poo this is happening if you want to come but we haven’t thought that far a head yet we’re happy as we are at the moment.” Robyn smiled.
“we you guys are just like perfect for each other.” Linzi gushed.
There was a knock on the bus door.
“come in.” Robyn and linzi said at the same time. Matt and Jimmy walked onto the bus.
“hey congrats by the way.” Matt said giving Robyn a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“yeh congratulations.” Jimmy smiled also giving her a hug and a kiss.
“thanks guys. How was the show.” Robyn asked.
“great. Your boys are on now.” Matt said.
“do you guys want a drink or anything linzi asked.
“nah we’re fine. Just popped over as they’re still a driver down for the foreseeable with the busses so the guys wanted to give you two as much warning as they could that you'll all have to spilt up and squeeze onto the other buses.” Matt started.
“or our beautiful little trucker hear wants to drive for a little while?” Jimmy said grinning at Robyn.
“yea sure I already said I don’t mind driving whilst I’m here if they need it.” Robyn said.
“oh my god your like a total life saver.” Linzi said clearly not keen on the idea of packing up her stuff and moving buses.
“woman of many talents.” Jimmy laughed.
“sure am.” Robyn grinned.
“that’s great ill go over and let them know I’m sure they’re very greatful that your here.” Matt smiled and they left.
“are you not going to be tired being up all day and the driving through the night to the early hours in the morning.” Linzi said concerned for her.
“nah ill be fine with some coffee as long as there’s someone to chat to me. I’m used to it with the horses we used to do two shows a day then drive though the night to the next spot as it was quieter less traffic and waiting around on the box for the horses then slept till lunch time and started a show that evening then two a day again.” Robyn explained.
“plus caring for them on top of that?” linzi asked Robyn nodded “bloody hell you’ve worked your ass off.” Linzi said.
“horses for you.” Robyn smiled getting up to get a coffee. “and I wouldn’t change a second of it.” Robyn sighed.
“you miss it don't you?” linzi said saddly.
“yea big time.” Robyn said. “but I guess shit happens for a reason.”
“yea like your here with Benj and your saving the day and the tour for that driving out bus.” Linzi laughed. Not long after the guys returned.
“hey how’s the most beautiful bus driver ever doing." Paul said as they walked onto the bus.
“you’ve changed you've tune from this morning.” Robyn laughed.
“yea well you’ve redeemed yourself.” He said.
“good to know.” Robyn laughed.
“hey I'll ride up front with you.” Benji said.
“are you sure if your tired I’m sure linzi wouldn’t mind.” Robyn said aware he'd just played a show and had another the next night.
“I’m sure. Anyways only as tired as you’ll be.” He said.
They got ready to leave Benji and Robyn in the cab and the guys chilling and going off to bed in the back. Robyn and Benji chatted again about all sorts they never had nothing to talk about even if it was just pointless rubbish.
“oh I love this song.” Robyn said turning the radio up a little and mindlessly singing along. After a while she glanced to Benji who was just sat watching her singing smiling.
“I forgot how amazing your voice is.” He said.
“well don’t be getting any ideas this voice is strictly for showers and driving only.” She laughed.
“shame.” He said sitting and listening to her.
They played a few more songs them both singing along having a laugh then Joel popped his head through the window.
“you ok Joel.” Benji asked.
“well I can't sleep with you two playing carpool karaoke up here.” He stated they laughed.
“sorry Joel we'll keep it down unless you want to join us.” Robyn laughed.
“as tempting as that offer is I'll pass and try to get some sleep. Good voice though Robs.” He said then closing the window and going back to bed.
“so.. what did Karl say to you?” she asked eyeing him.
“oh er nothing really just that he really did mean it about calling a truce especially if one day we'd be family.” He smiled. “and that he was sorry for being such a prick all his life.”
“really?” she said not believing him.
“no i was joking about the last bit.” He laughed.
“yea I thought so.” She laughed. “I’m surprised he didn’t threaten to break your legs or something if you messed me around.”
“oh yea he did that too but that's like the normal now.” Benji said.
“you know what if you just friggin knocked him out next time he tried anything it’d make think twice before doing it again.” She said.
“Your having a laugh aren't you have you seen him when he flys at me he’s like a man possessed.” Benji said Robyn laughed and agreed.
They chatted a little longer then Benji fell asleep. It was 5am when they arrived. Robyn parked up the bus everyone in the GC bus was asleep and seemed that way on the other busses too.
“hey Benj.” Robyn whispered trying to wake him. “Benji.” She said a little louder and he jumped awake.
“we’re here come on to bed.” She whispered to him.
“how long have I been asleep you should have woke me up.” He said guiltily.
“shh it’s ok it doesn’t matter let’s go to bed.” She whispered taking his hand. The went and snuggled up in bed falling straight to sleep.
It was lunch time by the time Robyn woke up still in Benji’s arms. She looked up and he was awake.
“morning beautiful.” He smiled kissing her forehead.
“morning.” She smiled “haven’t we had words before about watching me sleep.” She joked.
“I didn’t want to move as you needed to catch up on your sleep and you looked so peaceful.” He smiled pulling her gently so that she was lay facing him on her stomach on his chest.
“mmm I love you." She smiled kissing him.
“I love you too but we’re going to have a problem if we carry on that will need fixing.” He whispered.
“do you think they’re still around?” Robyn whispered as they tried to listen out for any sign of life on the bus.
“I’m not sure I though I heard movement up front before.” Benji said.
“oh but does it matter, we can be quiet.” She smirked kissing him again and down his neck.
“quiet you can’t be quiet.” He laughed.
“fine stop me.” She smirked carrying on kissing his neck and chest. Benji couldn’t resist any more he flipped her over and for once they had to have quiet sex or well as quiet as possible.
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