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Fifty five

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When Robyn and Benji finally got up the bus was empty. Benji was in his boxers making some coffee and Robyn in her knickers and his shirt standing behind him with her arms wrapped round his stomach in a hug occasionally kissing along his shoulder blades. Just then Linz, billy, Joel, dean and Paul walked in.
“geeze guys put some clothes on.” Linzi joked putting her hands over her eyes.
“but seriously Benj we need to sounds check in half an hour.” Billy said.
“yeh and next time we have to listen to you two doing the dirty dirty we won't be leaving we'll be watching.” Paul laughed.
“yeh ok.” Robyn laughed calling his bluff. “anyway for as long as I’m your driver I’m the boss.” Robyn joked.
“I think I liked Steve better wasn’t as bossy.” Dean joked. Robyn threw the dish cloth at him which he managed to catch before it hit him.
The guys left for sound check Robyn and linzi went sat at the side watching. They hung around for the show too chatting and mingling with the other bands backstage.
After the show billy linzi Benji Robyn Joel Dean and Paul was walking up to the busses together when Matt zacky and Johnny caught them up.
“hey have you s guys heard we’re having big Halloween party on Sunday.” Matt said. Which would be their day off at the next venue.
“and it’s fancy dress or no entry.” Johnny said.
“sounds good.” Robyn said.
“I wouldn’t have thought it would be your thing.” Linzi said to Robyn.
“our Robs loves fancy dress.” Benji smiled without thinking how it could be interpreted.
“guys enough of your dirty sex lives for one day already.” Dean laughed.
“oh shit no I didn't mean it like that.” Benji laughed.
“Robyn takes fancy dress very seriously don’t you.” Paul said.
“I suppose it’s been known.” Robyn shrugged.
They chatted and reminded more on the way back to the busses about old parties and fancy dress.

The next day was the last day at that venue they done the usual routine of the guys doing shows and Robyn got on with some work. Linzi went out shopping for some supplies for the bus.
They travelled the next day to the next venue Robyn drove and Joel said he’d sit up front with her as Benji wasn’t feeling too good.
“so you have any ideas on your fancy dress outfit?” Joel asked.
“maybe.” She grinned.
“but you won’t say.” He laughed knowing she never told anyone what she was dress as it was always a surprise.
“nope.” She laughed. “however I may need to you do me a favour I have plans for what Benji can dress as bit it also needs to be top secret but he may need your help with some make up.” She said.
“Benji needing help with make up, you’ve met Benji right?” he laughed.
“yes I know but still he may need a hand of you can.” She said.
“but let me guess it’ll also be top secret.” Joel rolled his eyes knowing the answer.
“yeh exactly.” She smirked.
“fine.” He smiled.
“so how’s the love life going?” she just blurted out.
“well why should I tell you if you won't even tell me what your dressing as or at least what I'm helping dress my brother as.”
“Joel that sounds kinda wrong.” She pulled a funny face.
“you know what I mean.” He laughed.
“anyway thats different. Come on Joel it’s only me.” She said.
“ok well it’s not, like at all.” Joel said.
“oh come on Joel you must have girls queuing round the block.” Robyn said.
“sort of yeh but none that I could picture a relationship with.” Joel replied.
“at risk of betraying the female population here but maybe you just need to go on a few days with a few girls to get back out there again to help you decide what you want.” She said.
“hmm maybe.” Joel half agreed.
“right well that settles it you are leaving this Halloween party with a girl.” She grinned.
They chatted the rest of the way there. It was late evening when they arrived. They had a take away for dinner and an early night.
The next day was as normal the guys doing their thing Robyn doing some work and Linzi we t shopping for her and bolts outfit she also picked up Paul Dean and Joel’s as they pre ordered theirs.
The next day was Halloween, the guys day off and also the party. Robyn left early to go shopping and sort out hers and Benji’s outfit. She dropped Benji’s costume off at the bus then went back out again.
That evening Dean Paul Billy and linzi was ready and set off for the party Robyn still wasn’t back and Joel was ready but was helping Benji get ready under Robyn's instructions. Benji was in fact the joker from batman.
“I actually like this costume. I was worried shed pick something silly” Benji said as Joel done the finishing touches on his make up.
“I see now why she roped me in to help.” Joel laughed.
“I know even I'd still be here now trying to get it done.” Benji said admiring Joel’s work. “thanks man.”
“no worries. What do you think Robyn's coming as?” Joel asked knowing she wouldn’t have told even Benji.
“not sure must be something for batman. I dunno maybe Batwoman.” He laughed.
“maybe let’s go she'll meet us at the party won't she.” Joel said.
“yeh probably.” Benji said and they set off to the party that was in full swing.
A little after Benji and Joel had joined the party Robyn arrived.
“holy shit.” Johnny’s eyes nearly popped out.
“is that Robyn.” Jacoby blinked.
“wow.” Matt’s jaw dropped.
“you weren’t messing when you said she took fancy dress seriously.” Zacky said.
“sorry I’m late took longer than planned doing my hair.” Robyn shrugged walking in.
“you look...” Benji looked her up and down.
“Harley Quinn at your service. Puddin.” She smirked impersonating Harley Quinn’s accent and way of speaking. She had the full costume the knee lace up boots, fish nets, hot pants, tight t shirt and jacket, she had died her hair back to blond which was in pig tails with one tip pink and the other blue even her make up and transfer tattoos matched Harley Quinn's carrying a base ball bat.
“Damn she's hot.” Pete said.
“girl I think I wanna do you.” Linzi laughed. “you look amazing.”
“bloody hell Robs way to give almost all the guys in here whip lash.” Paul laughed coming over to them.
“is it that good.” Robyn laughed.
“I'll say.” Benji said taking her hand.
“and look at you Joel done a good job.” She putting her hand to his face to which he caught and moved.
“don’t mess up the make up took forever to do.” He laughed.
“Come on then let’s get a drink.” Robyn said as they walked over to the bar.
“you do look fucking hot though.” Benji said in her ear as he was stood right up behind her at the bar his arms loosely around her waist.
“your not so bad your self puddin.” She laughed putting her head back on his shoulder for a kiss.
They chatted and mingled through the party. Benji was sat on a tall bar stool with Robyn said between his legs as she danced a little to the music as it was very rare that Benji danced. Robyn seen Joel sat at the bar with a pretty looking girl.
“one minute.” She said to Benji giving him a kiss then heading towards Joel when she noticed the girl had gone to the bathroom.
“hey.” She plonked herself next to Joel.
“hey.” He smiled.
“so she looked nice.” Robyn grinned nodding her head to where the girl had just gone.
“yeh she was actually.” Joel smiled.
“did you get her number?”
“nah.” He said.
“do you want it.” She said.
“I dunno she was nice...” he said he actually really did like her from the short time he spoke to her and she worked on the tour so it not like he'd leave town in a day or so and leave her behind.
“right what’s her name I'll get it for you.” She said in her not taking no for an answer voice.
“Kelly. But...” Joel said but she was already off.
“see you later Joel.” She smirked across the room to the bathroom. As she went in she seen Kelly fixing her hair in the mirror and went over and stood next to her pretending to her lippy.
“Hey it’s Kelly right?” Robyn said looking at her through the mirror.
“yea it is.” Kelly smiled back looking unsure as to why Robyn was talking to her.
“I’m Robyn.” Robyn smiled.
“I know.” She smiled back at her looking a little nervous.
“oh.” Robyn said little taken back.
“no I don’t mean it in a bad way. I just know your Benji’s girlfriend and your filling in for Steve driving their bus.” Kelly said.
“ah ok yeh am.” Robyn nodded. “so I seen you speaking to Joel before.”
“yeh.” She smiled a little shyly.
“do you like him.” Robyn said directly which to Kelly who didn’t really know Robyn seemed to put her on the spot and make blush.
“sorry about Robyn she’s a bit blunt.” Linzi laughed coming out of the toilet obviously hearing Kelly and Robyn's conversation.
“I’m just asking.” Robyn shrugged and smiled.
“Joel's a really nice guy.” Kelly smiled a little nervously.
“but...” Robyn said as she felt the could be a but after the way she said it.
“no no buts he’s a really nice guy.”
“do you like him?” Robyn beamed.
“ignore her you don’t have to answer that.” Linzi laughed putting her hand over Robyn's mouth.
“oh linz we’re not all prudish like you.” Robyn laughed pushing linzi away. “do you like Joel? I think you do and I also know he likes you.”
“does he?” she said sounding happy and surprised. Bingo Robyn thought.
“yeh and I can tell from your reaction you like him too. So erm what’s your number I can pass it onto him.” Robyn said getting beer Matt and her eyeliner out. Linzi raised her eyebrows at Robyn's equipt bag.
“always prepared.” Robyn said to linzi catch her look at her bag.
“I’ll say you are.” Linzi laughed Kelly wrote her number down and handed it to Robyn.
“so are you stay for a while?” Robyn asked Kelly meaning at the party.
“erm yeh I guess so.” Kelly said.
“great see you around.” Robyn smiled then left. Linzi stayed chatting to Kelly for a little longer.
“so she likes you. Here’s her number. She’ll be here for a while. Go get her a drink in a bit and you can thank me later.” Robyn smirked in a goody too shoes way at Joel.
“Robs.” Joel laughed.
“told you I'd hep you find a girl. She seems nice go for it.” Robyn winked. Then she felt a slap on her ass luckily she seen it was Benji out the corner of her eye.
“your lucky I seen it was you or I'd have put you on the floor for that.” She smirked.
“you said a minute. You’ve been twenty.” Benji said matter of factly as she put her arms on his shoulders and he put his on her waist and they stepped together.
“guys get a room.” Joel laughed getting up walking away.
“get her a drink Joel.” Robyn eyed him.
“are you setting my brother up.” Benji smirked.
“sort of.” Robyn grinned. “she seems nice I promise I approve.”
“wow must be nice if you approve.” Benji laughed.
“I’m not that bad.” Robyn laughed knowing he was right.
“yes you are but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.” He smiled and kissed her.
“hey Benj I need to borrow your misses a sec.” Paul said taking Robyn by the arm.
“ok.” Benji said looking at him oddly.
“do I not get a say in this.” Robyn said with raised eyebrows.
“nope.” Benji and Paul look at each other and said at the same time.
“fine what you want.” Robyn said giving in.
“to dance.” Paul grinned.
“you didn’t need to steal me for that.” She laughed as they joined linzi Pete Johnny Brian and Carley dancing.
Matt and Billy sat down next to Benji.
“so you two don’t dance with your girls.” Matt said with a smile.
“not really our thing.” Billy said. Then Seb and Patrick also joined them.
“I hear you two are ‘sort of’ engaged.” Matt said to Benji. Billy was in conversation with Patrick and Seb.
“yeh we are.” Benji couldn’t help but grin.
“lucky guy she's a great girl.. one of a kind.” Matt shook his hand.
“yeh she is that.” Benji laughed. They looked over to where they was all dancing and laughed at them messing around having fun dancing.
From the dance floor Robyn seen Joel sat at a table having a drink with Kelly. She caught his eye and smiled giving him the thumbs up when Kelly wasn't looking.
Then she noticed Jimmy sat by himself looking at his phone.
“guys I need a drink.” She announced then detoured to Jimmy.
“whatcha doing?” she saodmsittong down next to Jimmy.
“oh erm nothing.” He said guiltily.
“you wouldn’t be messaging you ex would you.” Robyn had a hunch.
“no.” He said guiltily again she looked at him. “Ok you got me.”
“do you really want to go there again?” Robyn said eyeing him sympathetically.
“no not really I just miss her sometimes.” Jimmy said.
“you need to take your mind off her and alone is defiantly not going to help, come on.” She said taking him by the arm and joining Matt and Benji.
“we’re joining you guys.” Robyn said taking seats next to Matt and Benji. They chatted laughed joked and drank.
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