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Fifty six

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Christmas holidays

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The next two months flew they was pretty much the same Robyn was still driving the bus for them she seemed to have become a permeant fixture as part of the tour days was a mixture of guys playing shows etc and Robyn fitting in her work for the stunt team in-between. On the evenings and days off the band’s and everyone involved enjoys eating drinking partying and socialising. They had time off over Christmas. They booked a big lodge for everyone to spend Christmas together (Benji and Robyn, Joel and Kelly, Paul and Erin, Dean and Hannah his new girlfriend, Billy and linzi, Tony and Matt from mest, and some members of their family’s would be joining them over the Christmas period.)
They’d just arrived at the bus depo to where they was going to make their way to the lodge. Except Robyn was going to Canada for the weekend first to see Diego catch up with the team and also Dan wanted her to go look at a new horse he’d seen for sale that he was interested in buying to train up.
“are you sure you have to go?” Benji pouted.
“yeh are you not a sick of me we’ve been on a bus together for months.” She laughed.
“no not at all anyways I’ve been on a bus with all these guys for months and don’t get a break.” He laughed.
“it’s only two days, I have to go see this horses Dan's been going on about it for a while now but I’ve put it off with driving for you guys so I have no more excuses for him.” She said.
“but it’s Christmas.” He pouted.
“not till the end of the week.” She laughed.
“fine but I’ll miss you.” He said.
“I’ll miss you too but I’ll see you in 48 hours.” She laughed.
“I’m counting down.” He grinned.
“I’m sure you are.”
“stay safe and promise me you will not get on those horses.” He warned even though her shoulder was doing pretty well at the minute it will always be a weak spot and she still doesn’t have full range of motion in it.
“don’t worry I’m not stupid enough to get on a horse I don’t know.” She said Benji smiled and relaxed. “but Diego...”
“just be careful.” He lectured knowing he would never win.
“I will.” She smiled knowing she won. They kissed and got into their cars to go their separate ways for the weekend.

The next day Dan Sally and Robyn was in the horse box travelling to see the horse for sale.
“so what’s it all about you driving the tour bus?” Dan said to Robyn.
“their drivers wife isn’t well so he had to leave to see her and with it being a big tour they struggled to find another driver so I offered to help.” Robyn explained.
“they must be mad.” Dan laughed.
“hey I’m a good driver.” She said.
“and don’t think inhabit noticed your ring finger.” Sally smirked. Dan did a double take quickly as he was driving.
“holy shit no way.” He laughed.
“Yes way.” Robyn smiled.
“noooo.” He grinned.
“yep.” Robyn laughed.
“well I never thought I’d see the day that someone would be crazy enough to put a ring on you and then for you to actually say yes.” Dan laughed.
“your not being very supportive of me at the minute.” She joked.
“you know I don’t mean it like that.” He smiled.
“hmm.” Robyn smiled.
“how is Benji doing, I take it it is Benji.” He said eyeing the ring.
“he’s good. They're off for christmas now. We have a lodge for us all to spend Christmas together.” She said.
“heard much off Karl?” Sally asked.
“little bit. You know what he’s like fists first think later. Long story but basically there was some shit going on with that Rebecca so Karl took it upon him self to try to beat the shit out of Benji before he knew the full story.” Robyn explained.
“sounds like Karl.” Sally rolled her eyes.
“yep but since then they've called a truce when we got engaged so hopefully it’ll last.” She said.
“I hope so.” Sally said.
“how’s filming? How’s Diego?” she asked.
“both going really good. We'll be done filming not long after Christmas and Diego's doing a fab job he’s one of the favourites.” Sally smiled.
“he’s the best.” Robyn gushed. “I’ve missed him so much. So what’s this horse we’re looking at all about?”
“he’s young will take some training but he has great blood lines he’s still entire so there's the possibility to use him for stud but he’s also got a good look for the shows and reasonable priced for what he is.” Dan explained enthusiastically.
“I take it you fancy a new project.” Robyn laughed knowing him too well. “how’s Boyo doing?” she asked.
“he’s coming along nicely. Sam our new rider can handle him on a good day.” He laughed.
“I think food and bad days with Boyo will always be 50/50.” Robyn laughed.
They talked about horses, the yard, the movie and anything else going on in the lives door the rest of the journey. When they seen the horse they was happy with it and Dan rode it. They decided buy it and brought it back with them.
The next day Robyn spent on the yard at the movie with them all she seen some of the clips that they’d filmed which she was impressed with and most importantly spent time with Diego and had a sit on him but nothing too exciting. That evening she went to the airport and flew back the lodge where they was staying for Christmas.
As she walked out the airport terminal she looked for Benji through the crowds of people. As she spotted him and walk towards him he scooped her up in a hug spinning her round kissing her.
“hey.” He smiled.
“Hi, jeeze I've only been away two days.” She laughed then noticed he wasn't alone Jimmy Johnny and Matt was stood with him.
“what are you guys doing here?” she asked.
“well nice to see you too.” Jimmy laughed.
“I didn’t mean it like that.” She smiled.
“us singletons are joining you guys.” Matt said.
“ah fab.” She said as Benji eventually put her down. “let’s go cause I’m knackered ice not stopped for two days and done way too much traveling.” She said .
The guys took her bag for her, she had them trained well she thought to herself whilst they made their way to the hire car.

“I cant believe you guys haven't decorated yet or even got a tree.” Robyn said disappointed as she walked into the lodge.
“hey Rob good to see you too.” Paul joked sarcastically.
“we was waiting for you.” Benji said.
“yeh we know you love Christmas so wanted to wait for you.” Joel said.
“no you mean you lazy bastards couldn't be assed and wanted to wait for me to do it for you.” Robyn laughed.
“busted.” Linzi smirked at the guys confirming Robyn's suspicions.
“well jokes on you guys as I'll at least need a bit of help I can’t reach remember.” She said.
“as come on Robs I we know you only small but at least your light we can lift you.” Dean joked which she playfully hit him faster than he could duck.
“no I mean my duff shoulder you plonker.” She faked anger.
“it’s ok group effort tomorrow we can all go pick a few tree's and decorations and decorate together.” Billy spoke the voice of reason.
“I thought this holiday was meant to be fun.” Paul groaned.
“that is fun you miserable git.” Robyn laughed.
“it’s debatable is what it is.” Paul argued his point in jest. Robyn laughed it off rolling her eyes.
“well we already have our angle to put on top.” Tony walked through after over hearing their conversation putting an arm around her grinning meaning Robyn.
“smooth really smooth Lovato.” Robyn said brushing his arm off his shoulder.
The rest of the night they all hung out Kelly, Erin and Hannah cooked dinner for them all.
“right come on I'll wash up who's helping me” Robyn announced.
“no you not you’ve done loads these last few months between your own job and driving the bus this is you time to chill.” Joel said.
“I honestly don’t mind.” Robyn said.
“sit put your feet up. We’ll sort it.” Dean said between himself and Paul.
“but...” Robyn started.
“no buts. Besides you have a busy day of decorating tomorrow.” Paul laughed.
“fine.” She said sitting down.
They all carried on sitting and relaxing Paul Dean and Jimmy did the dishes.

The next day Robyn, linzi and Billy was up first so started cooking breakfast for everyone. Kelly, Joel, Hannah, Dean, Erin and Matt (mest) followed not long after. They'd ate breakfast and there was still no sign of the usual’s Benji, Paul, Tony, Matt (a7x), Jimmy and Johnny.
“wonder what time them lazy bastards will get up.” Linzi wondered out loud.
“they best bloody hurry up its Christmas tree shopping day.” Robyn said impatiently.
“oh yeh I can see that being a big driving force to get Paul put of bed.” Billy joked.
“they've got till I finish this coffee then shits gonna go down.” Robyn warned. Then Benji walked.
“lucky." Robyn smirked.
“oh no, you wasn't?” Benji laughed. Robyn raised her eyebrows. Then shortly after Matt (a7x) walked in.
“also lucky.” Robyn smirked then looked at her watch drank the rest of her coffee and stood up.
“Robs.” Benji warned trying to be serious but couldn't help laughing in anticipation of what she has planned.
“they've had long enough. If we don’t go now all the good tree's will be gone.” Robyn defended. Then walked to the corridor where all the bedrooms where. She didn’t have her usual horn but settled for a whistle.
“COME GET UP!! GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!” she shouted in every room blowing the whistle for added effect.
“I am so glad she didn’t have to move on our tour bus when Steve left.” Matt said.
“that’s our Robyn.” Joel laughed. As they heard various bumps and shouting coming from the bedrooms.
“arrrgh!” Tony screamed.
“what the hell.” From Jimmy and Johnny.
“fucking bitch.” Paul grumbled. Just to be laughed at by Robyn.
“Come on Christmas is waiting.” She sang and skipped back down the corridor leaving behind the aftermath of her wake up call.
“you are brutal.” Dean laughed shaking his head at her.
“if they weren't such lazy bastards its be ok.” Robyn smiled.
“but what happened to knock as call them.” Hannah said.
“are you joking.” Robyn laughed. “that would get you no where with these boys.” Linzi and Erin agreed knowing the guys too well.
“get her Jimmy.” Johnny shouted as of no where Johnny ran through picked her up in a rugby tackle around her waist planting her on the sofa. Robyn squeal and Jimmy ran after Johnny as they tickle and hit her with pillows play fighting like siblings would.
“that was the girliest thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth.” Johnny laughed pausing slightly to look at her. To which Robyn took to her advantage managing to push him off her onto the floor with her legs then over power Jimmy to get away from them.
“oh my good she is freakishly strong for her size.” Jimmy said in amazement. Everyone was in stitches laughing at them.
“you deserved that.” Paul grumbled with a smirk to Robyn as she regained composure in the kitchen.
A little later they was all ready to go out Christmas tree and decoration shopping, some more excited than others about it. Hannah, Erin and Kelly had gone getting the decoration and Linzi, Robyn and the boys went for the trees.
“that'll do. Or that one. Or well anyone for that matter.” Paul grumbled pointing at tree's.
“no Paul it will not just ‘do’ it has to be ‘the one’” Robyn said.
“well i hope ‘the one’ hurrys up.” Paul said pretending to still be grumpy but laughed once she glared at him.
“Robs check this one out.” Linzi shouted from where her and Billy was.
“ooo yeh good find that’ll be good for the dining room.” She said. “be a love and grab it.” She said linzi and Billy looked at each other and the size of the tree then Dean went over to help them.
“so now we need one for the hall and one for the living room.” She said.
“oh my god how much longer.” Johnny moaned.
“don’t you start as well.” Robyn said. “Joel stop there.” She said suddenly.
“what?!” Joel jumped.
“that one’s perfect for the Living room.” She said
“it’s massive.” Jimmy laughed.
“it’s perfect.” She grinned.
“right come on let’s get.” Matt (a7x) said to Benji and Joel going over to grab the tree.
“that’s the spirit Matt.” Robyn laughed.
“all I’m thinking the faster we get the trees the faster we get back and warm.” He smirked.
“Robs how about this one.” Tony said excitedly to any old tree.
“no.” Robyn frowned.
They looked for at least another 20 minutes.
“Robyn please just pick one.” Matt (mest) groaned
“pick one or I will.” Paul said.
“you can’t rush it.” Robyn smiled.
“how about this one?” Johnny said.
“yes! That’s more like it.” Robyn grinned.
“great stuff come on Johnny boy let’s get it.” Paul looked happiest he'd been all day.
They all met back at the lodge with the trees and decorations.
“ahh finally.” Paul said as he, Tony and Dean flopped down on the sofa.
“not so fast we have to decorate.” Robyn smiled patting them on the shoulders. They groaned.
“for fucks sake Robyn.” Paul huffed.
“don’t you be for fucks saking me Mr Thomas.” Robyn warned.
“Come on well be done in no time of we all help.” Linzi grinned.
Matt (a7x), Benji and Johnny was putting the trees up. Paul, Billy and Jimmy was doing Christmas tree lights. Matt (mest), Joel and Dean was doing lights outside and the girls putting decorations up and doing the tree's, Tony was faffing.
“here Robs I'll give you a boost and you can put the stars on top of the tree's.” Tony smirked.
“that wouldn’t work...”Robyn started.
“yey it would I'll just lift you.” He said basically grabbing her ass to give her a boost.
“that may be the case but I can’t reach up with my duff shoulder and you can let go of my ass.” She laughed at him as he thought she wasn’t on to him.
“fine.” He sighed grinning. “hey linz..” he started.
“no I just heard everything.” Linzi said.
An hour or so later they had finally finished decorating.
“are we actually done now.” Dean smiled.
“yes.” Robyn beamed.
“wow it looks amazing.” Kelly said looking round.
“we done a good job didn’t we.” Linzi smiled.
“yep good work team.” Robyn grinned proudly.
“couldn’t have done it without the whip cracker.” Jimmy joked elbowing her she elbowed him back laughing. Tony hears whip cracking and instantly grinned looking to Robyn.
“no!” she pointed at him before he even had chance to come out with anything ludicrous.
“I'll hand it to you Robs it looks pretty good.” Paul smiled putting an arm around Robyn's shoulders in a sideways hug.
“ah see I knew you loved it really.” She smirked at him.
“right are we ordering a take away after all that hard work.” Joel said they all agreed. They was all doing their own thing waiting for the tale away to arrived there was a knock at the door as Robyn was going past it.
“I'll get it.” Robyn shouted expecting it to be the food. As she opened the door Karl stood there.
“no thanks not today.” She closed the door in his face. Everyone looked at her confused.
“Robs come on open the door its freezing.” Karl was heard from the other side knocking on it.
“why are you here?” she asked opening the door to him again. He walked straight in not risking being locked out again.
“it’s Christmas we should be with family. Your my family. Here I am.” He grinned.
“I thought you was supposed to be with mom.” Robyn said.
“mom's gone on a cruise with her new fella.” He shrugged making himself at home.
“she’s what.” Robyn said in amusement following him.
“yep swanned off with the fabulous Martin on a cruise for Christmas and New year.” He smirked.
“no way! Go mom.” She laughed.
“oh no I can’t cope with both Copeland’s all Christmas.” Paul said walking through seeing them both.
“but Paul I though you was my buddy.” Karl said pretending to be hurt.
“Paul you've been such a crank to me today.” Robyn snapped half meaning it half in jest.
“have you been picking on my sister.” Karl turned to Paul in his over protective big bother way.
“Karl.” Robyn warned.
“I’m joking.” Karl laughed. “but seriously don’t be giving my sister shit.” He turned to Paul.
“I'll be giving you shit if you carry on.” Robyn said giving Karl a playful shove.
“as Robs you know I'm joking.” Paul laughed squeezing her in a big bear hug.
“ok ok put me down.” She laughed.
Not long after the food arrived they spent the evening eating drinking chilling and laughing messing around.
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