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Fifty seven

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Christmas eve

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The next day was Christmas eve everyone was up around the kitchen and living area eating breakfast.
“Hey who fancies going skiing today?” Matt said pretty much everyone said something in agreeement to him.
“oh no thanks not for me.” Robyn said. “but you guys definatly go I'll watch.”
“oh yeh haha I forgot your terrified of skiing.” Karl laughed.
“wait so you'll throw your self off the side of a horse, under its belly and up the other side whilst it galloping across a field among other things yet your scared of skiing.” Dean laughed.
“yeh pretty much.” Robyn said seriously knowing how hypocritical she sounded.
“what about ice skating?” Erin suggested more of the girls seemed to agree that they’d like to go ice skating.
“yeh don’t do that either.” Robyn laughed. “anyway eve if I wanted to I couldn’t with my duff shoulder. Honestly it’s fine you guys go have fun I'll come watch.”
“are you sure?” Joel said.
“yes. I’ll have more fun watching you guys falling on your assed.” She laughed.
“ok but I’ll sit with you.” Benji said to her.
“no you don’t need to you go skiing.” She said as she knew he loved it.
They all split up into the cars and made their way to the skiing place.
“ah cafe-bar that will do me just nicely.” Robyn smiled enthusiastically.
“are you sure your ok?” Benji asked.
“yes fine. Go have fun but don't break anything.” She said as they kissed and went their separate ways.
It worked out that the boys went skiing and the girls ice skating. From the cafe balcony it over looked some of the ski slopes so Robyn made herself comfy with an Irish coffee under the heat lamps watching the guys.
“is this seat taken.” A voice she recognised said as she turned round to see Jimmy.
“looks like it is now.” Robyn smiled. “how come your not skiing?”
“not really my thing.” He said pulling his face a little. “just a coffee?” he frowned looking at her drink as he had a beer.
“Irish.” She smiled.
“good girl.” He winked and they laughed.
They had just as much fun if not more watching the rest of them skiing and laughing and joking. By the time the guys had finished and met back up with the girls the to the cafe to Robyn and Jimmy, Robyn and Jimmy was a little tipsy.
“Hey are you two ready to Go?” Matt called to them. As they stood up Robyn wobbled causing Jimmy to fall back down on to the sofa setting them off into fits of giggles. They got up again slightly more successfully then held onto each other as they staggered towards the group bursting out laughing at anything and everything.
“how much have you two had to drink?” Benji laughed. As they was all amused at the sight of Robyn and Jimmy rather drunk mid afternoon.
“a little.” Robyn squinted causing her and Jimmy to laugh again. “but hey did you have fun?” Robyn said holding onto him to steady herself and Jimmy had latched onto Matt.
“yeh we did but seem like the real fun was up here.” Benji laughed.
“I cant believe you guys are so drunk so early.” Paul laughed.
“hey it’s Christmas if you can’t get totally trashed by lunch time at Christmas when can you.” Jimmy slurred. Robyn and Jimmy high fived.
“right come on let get back who can drive Robs car as she clearly isn’t.” Billy said.
“here I will.” Joel said as Benji had his hands full holding onto Robyn.

By the time they got back to the lodge Robyn and Jimmy was slightly more sober but sleepy.
“you what I think I’m going to go for a lie down.” Robyn announced like it was the best decision ever made.
“yeh I think that’s probably wise.” Paul laughed.
“ladies and gentlemen my sister yet I’m the one who gets the bad rep.” Karl laughed as she shuffled off to bed. Jimmy had already flopped face first onto one of the sofa and lay there asleep snoring audibly.

The rest of the afternoon the rest of the group did some bits around the lodge. They was preparing a buffet for dinner for them all to nibble on and then doing some prep for a group effort at Christmas dinner tomorrow.
Robyn came through rubbing her head.
“afternoon piss pot.” Karl laughed.
“fuck you.” She mumbled with a little laugh flipping him off.
“grumpy.” He laughed ruffling up her hair to winde her up.
“do that again and ill break your arm.” She warned playfully.
“coffee?” Joel asked as he was already making some.
“as long as it’s just coffee.” Robyn frowned sitting at the breakfast bar. “man same day hang overs suck.” She said rubbing her head.
“you need to drink again can’t have a same day hang over if your still drunk.” Johnny laughed in his logic.
“that's option B.” She smiled. She looked over to Jimmy still on the sofa snoring.
“he has the right idea.” She laughed.
“thing is he’ll get straight up later and drink again and be fine.” Matt laughed.
Everyone was socialising and helping them selves to the buffet a few hour later. Indeed Jimmy did wake up and went to the kitchen for a drink.
“hard-core.” Robyn laughed watching him he smiled and winked taking a drink.
“hair or the dog.” He smiled. He took a sip of her coffee in her cup. “weakling.” He laughed.
“I feel it.” She laughed. He went off to get some food.
As she went to join others in the living area Billy pulled her to one side.
“Robs.” He whispered gently pulling her to the side by her arm.
“yeh?” she whispered looking a bit confused.
“have either of them said anything to you?” he asked eyeing Benji and Joel.
“No have they to you?” Robyn asked as they was speaking in hushed tones.
“no.” Billy whispered.
“Benji will keep a brave face till he thinks no one is around. Joel normally will speak to someone.” Robyn said. Christmas eve was always hard for the twins as it was when their dad left.
“I’m surprised about Joel but I know what you mean about Benj.” Billy said.
“and what are you two being all secretive about.” Linzi said rather loudly walking into the kitchen.
“your Christmas present.” Billy said so not to see attention to the twins.
“ooo what is it?” linzi beamed
“you’ll find out tomorrow won’t you.” Robyn smiled and walked away. She went and sat with the girls Erin, Kelly and Hannah leaving linzi pestering Billy about her Christmas present. Robyn hoped to get chance to ask Kelly how Joel had been today as she has spent the most time with him as she didn’t want to bring up the topic of thier dad to him and risk upsetting him if he was ok. Erin was just finishing telling the girls about how she met Paul.
“ah Robyn tell us how you met Benji?” Hannah said. Robyn cringed a little she didn’t really do girly talk. Obviously she and linzi was very close now and out the other three girls she knew more about Kelly. Robyn liked them but wasn’t that close to them or know much about them.
“it’s a bit of a long complicated story really.” Robyn said trying to brush off the question.
“we have time.” Hannah smiled not taking the hint.
“you met in school like linzi and Billy didn’t you?” Erin asked.
“yeh sort of. I was only in their last year of school.” Robyn said.
“and..” Erin grinned.
“yeh come on Robs let’s hear the Romeo and Juliet story.” Toby said over hearing their conversation.
“you’ll never get it out of her.” Karl laughed walking past.
“what's the big secret you have one of the best relationships I know let’s hear how it al started.” Kelly smiled.
“honestly there's not much to tell.” Robyn laughed regretting sitting down here and wondering how the hell she could get out of it.
“long story but not much to tell how ironic.” Matt (mest) said now also joining in.
Robyn seen Benji and Joel outside sat talking. She looked over to Billy caught his eye and nodded to where Benji and Joel where discreetly. He nodded and motioned that he'd keep an eye on them as Robyn was still getting pestered for how Benji and herself got together. Linzi had also joined in the group.
“yeh come Robs tell us even I don’t really know the story and I was there.” Linzi laughed. “you know your not getting out of this.”
“yeh Christmas is put on hold till you spill the beans.” Dean joked him and Paul also joining in now.
“go on ill start you off on the last day of your first day at school me and Benji was getting our asses handed to us by some stupid football players. Next thing Robs walks over cool as a cucumber and says ‘I don’t think you want to be doing that’” he said acting out her voice as he went along. She smiled knowing the story he was telling them all too well. He amused as of she would take over.
“go on.” She grinned letting him continue.
“so these guys was like ‘why who the fuck are you’ She was like ‘well carry on if you like however I may just tell Gary Copeland exactly who you are and what you like to do in your free time.’ These guys faces fell ‘oh yeh like you know him’ so Robs just stands her ground ‘he’s my dad and he doesn’t have violent players in football.’ Well you could have knocked those guys over with a feather and off they ran.” Paul said.
“yeh is have kicked their asses for you any way but just wanted to try the minimal effort daddy card first.” Robyn laughed.
“then pretty much from there I gather there was all secrets and romance.” Paul grinned looking to Robyn. Every one looked at Robyn to carry on the story.
“yep well there you go that's how we met.” Robyn said.
“oh Robs that's just the tip on the ice berg tell us more.” Linzi said.
“ I was so late I had to run home before my parents grounded me and I missed band practice again but Robs you hung round with Benji after didn’t you?” Paul grinned.
“maybe.” Robyn smiled coyly.
“yea she did she tried to get me to get my cut eye looked at and when I refused insisted to take me home and clean it which she did.” Benji’s voice came in from behind her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
“and...” linzi grinned.
“and that’s it.” Robyn smirked.
“no it’s not that’s just the start.” Paul laughed.
“it is but you only asked for how we met.” Robyn grinned.
“we was both going through a hard time and we just clicked. We was there for each other and supported each other.” Benji summarised.
“but why was it so secretive?” Paul said. “ I mean I get that the football players would have kicked Benji’s ass because they was all drooling and fighting over you Robs but why from us?”
“it wasn’t anything personal to you guys it was just easier that way. When we where together it was just us two our escape from everything.” Robyn said.
“sounds so romantic.” Hannah said.
“not really most of the time Robs was either saving me from getting my ads kicked, cleaning me up afterwards or just listening to me ranting.” Benji half laughed but half still remembered the pain. Robyn gave him a reassuring smiled.
“hey I did my fair share of letting off steam too.” She smiled.
“why what did you have to let off steam about?” Karl said in his usual not thinking tone.
“exactly my point of a lifetime to you Karl.” Robyn said with a hint of resentment.
“I don’t get it. It was me dad was always toughest on ‘do this, do that, don't do It like that, your not good enough, you’ll never be good enough' I busted my ass off for him still do but it was still never enough.” Karl ranted.
“exactly my point.” Robyn snapped at him standing up to rant at him.
“wow guys let’s not get into a fight.” Paul said.
“Robs.” Benji said taking her hand in hopes to defuse what he knew was a ticking time bomb to Robyn.
“what’s your point.” Karl fired back at her. Karl had a sever lack of ability to think of how things are and effect others outside of his own bubble.
“my point is your so self obsessed you can’t get out of your own ass for a second to think of anyone else. You where always so jealous of the fact Benji listen and understood something your incapable off...” She let rip at him everyone looked slightly scared at Robyn once she started except for Benji and Karl.
“I..” Karl tried to interrupt her but she went on regardless .
“I don’t dis credit for a second how harsh dad was on you and yes you busted your ass to please him which well let’s face it was pointless nothing would please the prick but that’s all on you. Your put that pressure on yourself you can’t please the unpleasable. But for one second step out of your own existence and look around you he made mum miserable day in day out until he finally fecked off with a tramp half his age. Then me you black sheep the disappointment the ones not even worthy of his time of day. I could spend weeks counting on one hand the words he forced himself to say to me and even then it was just to tell me how as I wasn’t doing things exactly how ridiculously expected them to be done I was worthless and a waste of time. But no no Karl lets just play the smallest fiddle in the world for you. You resent Benj and then loose your temper as he can actually empathise with me unlike you.” Robyn ranted and then sat down. Everyone looked in shock not knowing what to do or say.
“so well done Karl for making everything about you again.” She said and walked off.
“I think you need to go after her.” Benji said simply to Karl.
“are you joking she’ll kick my ass.” Karl said looking genuinely hurt and scared.
“mate you and I both know if you don’t try now there’s no chance in hell after.” Benji said. Karl nodded and timidly went after Robyn.
“shit.” Tony breathed voicing what everyone else as thinking.
“man she doesn’t get any less scary does she.” Paul laughed.
“Benj do you think we should...” Joel started.
“No leave them to it they need to finally have this out.” Benji said.
“well should we all get a drink then.” Matt said to break the awkward silence.
They all broke off and got food or drinks and struck up conversation again.
“guys do you think their Ok?” Billy said after about 20 minutes.
“well I can’t hear any shouting or banging so is take that as a good thing.” Joel said.
“are you sure?” Dean said unconvinced.
“they’ll be fine.” Benji said.
“oh I see you secretly want her to bump him off to get him off your back.” Paul laughed joking.

Meanwhile Karl walked into Robyn's room cautiously half expecting the lamp or something to be thrown at him.
“Robs I’m sorry.” He said quietly.
“I know.” She nodded.
“no I mean it I am sorry. I’ve never thought about any of it like that. I’ve been so caught up in myself forever I never took time to think about you or mom like that.” He said sitting next to her on the bed.
“it’s fine it’s history.” Robyn said.
“well it’s not really though is it.” He said.
“it’ll always be around but just forget it and move on now. We’ve both grown and become our own people I'm happy with my life how it is that's all that matters and you should only worry about making yourself happy not living to try to make dad happy.” Robyn said.
“I just could kick myself sometimes for letting you down.” He said.
“don’t be you don't let me down at all. Yeh you do the odd stupid thing but your hearts in the right place.” She laughed.
“all about the heart isn't it.” He laughed giving her a hug. “I'm just greatful now that for all the shit I’ve gave him Benji was always there for you.”
“for all the shit he’s been through he's a good guy.” Robyn smiled.
“now is there anything else we need to get out or are we good?” he said.
“nah I think were good.” She smiled.
“right let’s get a drink.” He said and they went to join the others.

“oh thank God you haven’t killed each other.” Linzi said as they walked out.
“no not this time.” Robyn laughed.
The rest of the night they all hung out again eating drinking chatting. Robyn and Billy kept a close eye on Benji and Joel. They seemed ok but only time will tell. Robyn felt more at ease knowing Benji had spoke to Joel earlier.
Everyone started to make their way to bed late on that evening Robyn went for a shower then before she went to the bed room she noticed the fire was still lit so she walked through to see Benji sat on his own on the sofa with his back towards her sipping a glass of whiskey he didn’t notice her walk in he was deep in thought.
“He’s not worth them.” She said quietly snapping him put of his thoughts. He looked at her slightly confused. “Your thoughts. Your dad he’s a waster, your not him your better than that.” She said going over taking the glass out of his hand placing it on the table and sitting on his lap facing him.
“I didn’t think you'd remember.” He said his voice a little croaky. Placing his hands loosely on her hips.
“How could I not.” She said softly. Placing her hands on his cheeks rubbing her thumb along his cheek bone.
“it’s hard I always end up thinking how things would have been different if he hadn’t have left or if I could have done anything different.” He sighed.
“he doesn’t deserve your thoughts or your sadness. It was and always will be his loss.” She said giving him a kiss.
“I love you so much.” He said “I could never have coped without you.”
“oh I think you would have done but I’m glad we found each other and made things easier. I love you more than you’ll ever know.” She smiled.
“Oh I think I do.” He said giving her a kiss and pulling her round so they was both more lay down cuddled on the sofa.
“how’s Joel been?” she asked.
“he’s ok he had a moment outside before but he seems ok.” Benji said stroking her hair as she traced circles on his chest.
“that’s good.” She yawned.
“everything ok with you and Karl?” he asked.
“yea I think slowly stuffs starting to get through to him now.” She said Benji nodded he knew the struggles she'd had with Karl they loved each other so much as siblings but they was both a little too hot headed at times and Karl focused on his football to realise stuff that was going on around him.
“I can't be believe how curious everyone is about our history though.” She laughed.
“I know right.” He laughed. Before they knew it they fallen asleep there in each other’s arms.
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