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Fifty eight

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Christmas day

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The next morning, Christmas morning Benji and Robyn woke up still snuggled on the sofa.
“morning, meet Christmas.” Benji smiled giving her a kiss on the top of her head.
“hmm merry Christmas.” She smiled contently giving him a kiss.
“merry Christmas guys! Can I join in” Johnny shouted running in jumping on them landing in the middle of them with an amused looking Matt and Jimmy behind him.
“if you like.” Robyn laughed.
“really.” Johnny’s eyes nearly popped out.
“yeh but you’ll have to go with Benji first.” She said seductively playing along. Johnny paused for a minute and looked at Benji.
“ok.” He agreed.
“no wait no, no way.” Benji laughed pushing him away and off the sofa. Making Robyn, Jimmy and Matt laugh.
“no where do we stand?” he popped up at the side of Robyn.
“we don’t.” Robyn shook her head with a smiled.
“ah well least I tired.” He shrugged getting up going to the kitchen.
“you two weren't on that sofa all night was you?” Matt laughed.
“yeh.” Robyn winced getting up stiff from being cramped on the sofa. “paying for it now though.”
As she helped pull Benji up everyone else started to wake up and appear. They had some coffee and some breakfast and exchanged gifts some sentimental some joke gifts. They'd done a secret Santa as they was a large group but then the couple’s and family members has also bought gifts for each other. Then did a group effort on a big Christmas dinner for them all.
“Ok so who’s cooking what and who's setting the table and stuff then we want washer uppers.” Billy said.
“well cookings not my thing so I'll wash up.” Karl said.
“wise choice Karl wise choice." Robyn laughed to get a dish towel threw at her by Karl.
“I’ll second washing up.” Tony said.
“yeh I'll wash too.” Jimmy said.
“happy to help wash.” Joel said.
“I don’t mind cooking.” Linzi said.
“me neither.” Said Hannah and Kelly.
“well I can help cooking and playing up too and we need the turkey doing. How about you Robs your a good cook?” Billy said.
“Oh no I don’t mind doing anything but the turkey way too much pressure that give me like veg or something.” Robyn said getting a few laughes.
“I can do the turkey.” Erin offered.
“great well done girl.” Paul said patting her back.
“Ok so Benji, Dean, Paul, Matt (a7x), Johnny and Matt (mest) drying and setting the table?”
“me and Johnny will dry.” Matt said.
“I can help dry.” Benji said.
“ok are you guys happy to see the table.” Billy asked Dean Paul and Matt (mest) and they agreed.
They all got to their jobs whilst Joel, Benji, Jimmy, Tony, Karl, Matt and Johnny’s jobs only started later they was in charge of drinks. They had everything out that you could think of they made a big cocktail bowl, bubbly on ice for over dinner and beers and spirits set out too. Whilst Benji and Joel sorted wood and the fire.
“guys is anyone slightly concerned about the selection of people we have doing drinks?” linzi wondered out loud to the cooking team.
“yeah that cocktail is going to be lethal.” Robyn laughed.
“if they’ve not already drank it as they've gone along.” Billy laughed.
“true.” Linzi said.
Once dinner was ready they all sat around the large table and ate and drank. They was like one huge family they all got along talking joking and laughing. Once they finished eating they was all stuffed. Billy linzi Hannah Kelly and Erin had done a great job of cooking.
“Oh my god I can't believe I said I’d wash up I can't even move.” Karl groaned.
“same.” Jimmy said.
“well you’s aren't getting away with it.” Robyn laughed.
“what if we just left them till tomorrow.” Tony suggested hopefully.
“NO!” all the girls said at once.
“come on lets just get shit done.” Joel said heaving himself up.
“yeh guys cause we can’t do our shit till you’ve done yours.” Matt said about drying although he didn’t seem too bothered about the fact of they didn’t wash then they could get out of drying.
Joel Karl Tony and Jimmy went off to wash up.
“could you guys have used any more stuff.” Tony moaned like a teenager.
“you have just seen how many people we’ve cooked for right.” Robyn said. Tony pulled his face then went back to the kitchen.
Everyone carried on drinking and socialising lazily and the ‘washers’ and ‘dryers' joined them after doing thier jobs however they had been having some drinks whilst doing their jobs too.
Later that evening it was safe to say everyone was drunk and having a good laugh exchanging old stories.
“Oh man remember the time you jumped down the fire exit and ended up breaking your foot Paul.” Joel laugh.
“yeah totally was not funny at the time.” Paul said laughing.
“our Tone had to climb a fire escape once didn’t you.” Matt (mest) laughed.
“shh we don’t need to hear that one.” Tony said quickly.
“oh I think we do judging by that reaction.” Robyn grinned.
“he’d been trying to get off with this hot chick one night anyways she was having none of it to which Tony then ended up taking back the girls sister. So's long story short they're in the room and Tony calls the girl by her sister name. She threw him out stalk bollok naked.” Matt said between fits of laughter.
“so not funny I had to sneak out the back way so no one seen me and climb the fire escape to get into Matt's room for some clothes. Clearly should have chose someone else.” Tony said.
“haha Robs who we that guy you was with that you threw all his clothes out of the bedroom window and locked him out of his own flat.” Karl said. Robyn laughed as Every one looked at her.
“Greg. It was years ago I was younger and pretty volatile.”
“what you mean your still?” Dean laugh to which Robyn flipped him off.
“I didn’t even like him that much we was on location for a few months. I met him and ended up staying with him quite a lot, I was at his more than I was at the accommodation. Anyways found out he was seeing someone else as well so I seen red I threw his entire wardrobe of clothes out the window and locked him out for the night. Packed my stuff the next morning and never seen him again.”
“you locked him out of his own flat?!” Hannah half laughed half looked shock.
“yeh the prick.” Robyn laughed.
“what did he do?” Joel asked.
“not a lot he could do collected his clothes and shit that I'd threw out and I dunno maybe slept on them for the night may be went to his bit on the side.” Robyn shrugged.
“haha if Robs falls out with Benji she’’ll probably end up driving off with the tour bus.” Johnny laughed.
“doubt I'd get too far but good plan.” Robyn said.
“driving the bus what the fuck?” Karl said looking confused.
“oh haha I've been driving the tour bus whilst their driver had to go home as his wife was sick and they struggled to find a replacement.” Robyn explained.
“but how can you drive the bus?” Karl said still confused from being drunk.
“I drive the horse boxes same thing.” Robyn said.
“oh. I can’t believe you guys trust her.” Karl laughed.
“She actually does a good job.” Paul said.
“as thanks Paul-y.” Robyn smiled. “the bus is easier than the horses and the double loaded equipment lorry I’m used to.”
“yeh we’re not a precious as your horses.” Dean laughed.
“well you said it.” Robyn said.
“A girl I worked with actually changed the locks and threw the guy out his own apartment for months until the courts sorted it back when in was lap dancing.” Erin said.
“your lap danced.” Robyn said looking a little shocked.
“yeah ages ago.” Erin blushed a little.
“me too. Snap.” Robyn high fived her.
“wow what how the hell do two guys from good Charlotte date lap dancers and we’re still single.” Johnny laughed.
“so Robs are you going to finish telling is about you and Benji?” linzi said with a cheeky grin and everyone looked to Robyn and Benji expectantly.
“I finished my story last night you only asked how we first met.” Robyn said smugly.
“well we want to hear more.” Kelly joined in.
“what does you’s want to know? We’re not that interesting.” Robyn laughed.
“everything.” Paul grinned.
“Christ not you as well.” Robyn laughed.
“you guys basically tell us you’ve been secretly in a sort of relationship for all these years since high school and then expect us to not have questions. Well we got plenty of them.” Paul said.
“Ok whilst it’s Christmas what do you want to know?” Robyn sighed with a smile. Benji loose my had his arm wrapped round her shoulder as they sat next to each other on the sofa everyone else seemed to have gathered round the living area even if they wasn’t before now interested.
“yeah give got a question you’ve been with other guys but yet you guys have been together?” Karl said confused.
“no we’ve never been in a relationship until recently since after my car accident but the we’ve been close friends which you all know anyway...” Robyn said.
“..just some times stuff happened.” Benji smiled coyly.
“not even in school?” Billy asked.
“close but not officially in so many words.” Robyn said. “anyway you know more then you say don't you?” Robyn eyed Billy.
“I seen you guys once or twice looking quite close which made me suspicious so I paid closer attention. Once I seen the way you guys looked at each other and the chemistry it was obvious and then of course prom night. I honestly thought you guys would come out and tell everyone you was together after that.” Billy explained.
“it sounds like a Disney fairy tail the way you explain it.” Linzi said to Billy the other girls nodded in agreement. “so what happened then.”
“the guys got signed and went on tour. We went our separate ways. Met up to catch up when we could but we was both so busy doing our own things it got difficult...” Robyn explained.
“but why did it get difficult you should have tried harder if you was so close through school.” Linzi lectured almost more at Benji
“hey I even contemplated not going on tour because I didn’t want to leave Robyn behind.” Benji said. Everyone turned to Robyn.
“oh I see I’m the bad guy here.” Robyn exclaimed. “no you'd worked so hard to get to somewhere there was no way you was not going on tour and I was just starting up things with the horses we just needed to do our own thing for a bit.” Robyn said.
“you still could have tired more to keep in touch. Me and Billy are proof it can work.” Linzi said.
“it just wasn't the right time for us it wouldn’t have worked then the head space we was both in we would have ended up fighting and resenting each other.” Robyn said Benji nodded.
“it’s all worked out now anyway, we got each other through a difficult stage in our lives, we’ve established our careers and now we're stronger then ever.” Benji smiled.
“so I take it you met up more times than we knew about when you met up with Robyn with up whilst we was on tour.” Joel said.
“erm well yeh sort of.” Robyn smirked.
“right well we don’t need to know more about that though do we, you know being my sister an all.” Karl said acting grossed out.
Right are you all happy now you know more.” Robyn said.
“Yes we love you guys.” Linzi said jumping on them giving them a hug then every one else joined in on a pilely on hug. They all carried on chatting till eventually they all went to bed.
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