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Fifty nine

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Date night

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The next morning (boxing day) Robyn was woken up at 6am by her phone ringing.
“hello...Dan is everything’s 6am...well yeh but not on boxing day...oh are you joking...really...Yes of course... well yeh but I didn’t expect to be right between Christmas and New year... alright no worries see you then mate.” Robyn said.
“what’s that?” Benji said highly rolling over to give her a cuddle.
“Dan, they've wrapped up the movie early so we need to move the horses back home.” Robyn said.
“ah right I guess that means you too.” Benji said.
“yeh I need to go tomorrow.” Robyn said.
“tomorrow! But we’re on holiday for the holidays.” Benji pouted.
“there’s no holidays with horses.” Robyn shrugged.
“you’ll be back for new year though right?” Benji said.
“Yeh I guess so.” Robyn said.
“you don’t sound so sure.” Benji frowned.
“I should imagine well be back by new year but I don't want to say yes for definite in case we’re not.” Robyn said feeling a little bit bad but it was her job after all.
“please please please try to be back.” Benji pouted.
“I will do my best.” She kissed him. “ eighth in going to have a shower and then make some breakfast. You again here and chill out for a bit if you want.” Robyn said getting up and Benji got comfy on bed again.

Whilst Robyn was say at the breakfast bar reading the paper with a cup of coffee Benji came in.
“Hey I thought you might have slept for longer.” Robyn said as he sat opposite her with a coffee. As it was still early almost everyone was still in bed or just .among movements to get up.
“I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was thinking we could go out for dinner tonight just you and me, date night. You know with you going to be away for a bit and incase your not back for new year we can have a mini celebration tonight.” He smiled.
“sounds good to me.” She nodded.

The rest of the day every one just did their own thing around the lodge. Later that afternoon Robyn went to get ready for their ‘date’ Benji was ready first and waiting in the living area.
“your looking and smelling a little too good to be sat around here.” Joel laughed at Benji.
“ah me and Robyn a going put to dinner before she leaves tomorrow.” Benji said.
“what Robyn's leaving, where? Why?” linzi over heard.
“she Has to go and help bring the horses home as they've finished the movie early.” Benji explained.
“as that sucks how long will she be gone?” Billy said.
“not sure hopefully not too long.” Benji said.
“she ok be back for new year though?” Paul asked.
“yeh we’re having a party she can’t miss it.” Matt said.
“she’s hoping to be.” Benji said. Then Robyn walked in and a few months defiantly dropped with a few wolf whistles.
“holy shit.” Tony breathed as he walked in the room from the opposite side to see Robyn date night ready. Natural make up with a Smokey eye, hair in loose girls, perfect little black dress fitted and low front in a V to just above her belly button and as it was winter over the knee black stiletto boots.
“well then now where are we going looking so fine.” Jimmy said walking up behind her taking her hand to twirl her.
“I’m sorry but I already have a date for the night.” Robyn smiled at Jimmy.
“well he’s a very lucky guy.” Jimmy said ‘handing her’ to Benji as he walked over to her.
“guys seriously stop drooling over my sister. “ Karl said noticing most of the guys was in a daze.
“shit girl look at you.” Paul laughed walking past Robyn to the kitchen slapping her on the ass in jest on the way past.
“ow shit Paul.” She jumped and laughed.
“Hey linz can I borrow that coat of your please.” Robyn asked.
“sure however do feel like I should give you a bin bag or something as you look far too good like that bumps in all the right places.” Linzi joked eyeing her as she went to get her coat and handed it to her. “bet you have the perfect little underwear set on too.” She grinned.
“oh no there’s no room for underwear under this.” Robyn laughed. As linzi’s eyes went wide.
“well have a good night.” Linzi smirked. As Robyn and Benji left hand in hand.
“they’re a pretty hot couple aren’t they.” Erin noted out loud as the door closed behind Benji and Robyn .
“tell me about it.” Linzi laughed rolling her eyes.
“babes I think we need to sleep on the sofa tonight.” Paul said to Erin. Erin and a few other looked at him confused at his statement. “well let’s face it those two are going to be banging tonight and well they’re not quiet they think they are bit they're really not.
“do what we used to do if you hear them go in and tell them shut up trust me it'll make them stop.” Tony laughed.
“oh I’ve warned that before but they don’t care Robyn doesn’t give a shot.” Paul laughed.
“we'll send Karl in that’ll defiantly be a mood killer.” Dean laughed.
“no! No defiantly no.” Karl said looking repulsed.

On their date Benji and Robyn had a nice candle lit meal.
“aw see check us out being all romantic.” Robyn smiled to Benji across the table.
“makes a change from park benches and a take away or what ever you could pack from your house, where we started.” Benji smiled thoughtfully.
“I'd still be happy either way park bench or posh table makes no difference as long as it’s you with me.” Robyn said leaning over to give him a kiss. “but 6 tell anyone I said anything soft like that.” She brushed off with a grin making him laugh.
“you really are so beautiful and hot. You never stop giving me butterflies.” He smirked. “but don't tell anyone I said that.” He joked copying her.
“I wont tell if you won’t tell.” She winked and they laughed.
They chatted and flirted for the rest of the meal and as they headed out of the restaurant with her linked onto his arm.
“fancy it?” she nodded towards a modern cocktail bar.
“if that’s what the lady wants...” Benji smiled and they went in.
It was buzzing with life but not to busy they sat at a tall table and stools for a few cocktails.
“come on dance with me.” Robyn smiled jumping up taking both of Benji's hands. He hesitated looking at her for a moment her cheeky pleading eyes eyeing him. “come on there’s nobody around.” She grinned knowing no matter how much he didn’t really want to dance as it ‘wasn’t his thing’ he couldn’t say no to her. He gave in and allowed her to lead him to a space on the dance floor. He couldn't lie he actually had fun dancing with her. He loved her infectious love of life having light hearted fun joking around. They also enjoyed a couple of slow dances too. It was the early hours of the morning when they left the bar both pleasantly drunk linked arm in arm still laughing and joking.
“Hey let’s stay in there tonight.” She nodded to the hotel across the street. Half being to lazy to make her way back to the lodge and half just wanting to keep it the two of them for a little longer.
“if that's what you want.” He smiled and they headed across to the hotel.
“yeh as much as the guys are great I missed just you and me time.” Robyn said.
“hmm yet me too.” He said giving her a little squeeze. They checked into the hotel luckily there was vacancies.
“a Jacuzzi.” Robyn beamed as they walked in into the hotel room. She we t and set the Jacuzzi up straight away then poured them both a glass of fizz.
“you coming” she grinned at him as she made her way to the hot tub placing her glass on the side pulling her dress up over her head and getting into the hot tub. Benji's eyes widened and he raised his eyebrows.
“you weren’t joking when you said you didn't have any underwear on.” Benji laughed following her to the door way of the bathroom.
“does it look like I could have fitted any underwear under that dress.” Robyn laughed. “anyways are you just going to stand there or are getting in.” She smirked.
“don’t you need to ask me again.” He smiled and started undressing to get in. They finished the rest of the champagne in the Jacuzzi chilling, kissing and cuddling then moved to the bed room

The next day it was almost lunch time by the time Benji and Robyn got back to the lodge.
“check you two our the dirty stop outs. “ Paul joked.
“I know walk of shame or what ay.” Robyn laughed.
“I am glad you did stay out though.” Paul winked.
“thought you might.” Robyn said getting a cup of coffee whilst Benji went off to the bed room to get changed.
“same clothes as last night.” Billy smirked raising his eyebrows as he walked in.
“oh my god you stayed out all night.” Linzi laughed.
“looks like it.” Robyn rolled her eyes lightly
“where did you stay?” Joel asked.
“a hotel.” Robyn said.
“And Benji let you.” Karl started only getting half the story and the wrong end as usual. Robyn put her leg out to block Karl’s path. Clearly he thought some argument had happened and Benji had come back to the lodge leaving Robyn to stay out last night.
“wow hot head is there a more sensible question to ask before you make a you out of your self again.” Robyn said.
“Benji was with you.” Karl’s light bulb flickered.
“gold star now pipe down.” Robyn said causing a few little laughs.
“what times your flight?” Joel asked.
“I need to leave in about an hour.” Robyn shrugged looking at her watch.
“do you not think you need to go pack some stuff?” Joel asked.
“or at least get changed.” Linzi laughed.
“in a minute coffee first.” Robyn said in no hurry.
“you don’t sound too enthusiastic.” Billy said.
“I’m not.” Robyn said.
“I thought you loved the horses?” linzi said confused.
“I do but not really traveling them hundreds of miles stopping off having to bed, hay and water them and load up and travel again it’s along haul.” Robyn explained feeling tired just explaining it.
“I a little worried, should you be doing that with your shoulder?” Benji said joining them.
“I’ll be driving mostly we need a driver and at least one passenger on the box to be able to check on the horses in transit if needed.” Robyn said.
“Hmm I'm not sure I know what your like you think your invincible.” Benji said knowing Robyn all to well.
“I’m not stupid though I'm not going to risk paralyzing my arm for the sake of a few hay nets.” Robyn laughed.
“well I hope not you’ve come so far with it now.” Benji said still not too convinced.
“I cant believe your leaving us.” Tony said.
“I know no rest for the wicked. I’ll be back soon hopefully.” Robyn said.
“you had better make sure your back for the new years party.” Matt said.
“I shall do my best.” Robyn smiled. “ now no need to pack.” She said putting her cup away and going to pack a bag.

“come on Robs you really are going to miss your flight if you don’t get a move on.” Benji called for the fourth time checking his watch sounding a little stressed and annoyed.
“alright I’m ready calm down.” Robyn came out calmly smiling as she walked past Benji knowing it would winde him up just a little bit more. He glared at her a little.
“I’m joking come on lets go.” She laughed giving him a kiss. There was a course of “bye” “take care” “see you soon” from every one.
“bye guys behave yourselves.” She smiled. “especially you.” She grinned pointing at Karl. He flipped her off then laughed. Benji and Robyn left as Benji was driving her to the air port.
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