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New year's eve

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It’s new years eve and the guys are getting the lodge ready for a big new years eve party. Brian and Carley, zacky, josh and Sarah (Benji and Joel's brother and sister) and a few others had joined them. Robyn still wasn’t back, she'd spoke to Benji a few times on the phone but they'd been so busy working and traveling the horses and she’d been tired from putting in long hours in effort to get back.
“Benj have you heard off Robs today?” Joel asked.
“no not today we spoke briefly yesterday but she was shattered. One if the horses injured itself so that’s delayed them too.” Benji said sounding a little down.
“ah that’s not so good. Do you think she'll make it back tonight?” Joel asked.
“I’m not sure I don’t think so.” Benji said.
“aw no! Robyn has to be back.” Toby piped up Joel and Benji looked at him in amusement.
“what she like the most fun person around here.” Toby shrugged.
“ha not to mention he has the hots for her.” Paul laughed.
“Shh Paul no I've not. “ Tony defended. They all laughed.
“have you got a thing for my misses Tone.” Benji said joking.
“well she is hot and awesome but...” Tony started.
“...but you don’t have a chance whilst Benji’s around.” Paul laughed.
“n-not that I would go there anyway you know bros before hos and all.” Tony said trying to sound gangster.
“oh my god you so did not just call Robyn a ho she will chop your balls off and make you eat them.” Paul laughed.
“but I didn’t mean it like that...” Tony started to get flustered.
“ah they’re just messing with you.” Joel laughed. “she'll brake your legs too if she finds out.”
“Yeh but don't worry she won't find out from us.” Benji laughed.

Later that night the party was in full swing everyone had had plenty to drink and most was drunk to say the least. There was still no sign of Robyn and Benji hadn’t heard from her either. It was gone 11.00pm.
“bro cheer up its a party.” Josh said going over to Benji.
“oh sorry was miles away.” Benji said.
“have you heard from Robyn yet?” Josh asked.
“no.” Benji said sounding defeated.
“that’s a shame I was really looking forward to meeting her properly.” Josh said the got called over to Tony, Matt (mest) and Joel.
“gutted she's not hear yet. She's my drinking buddy.” Jimmy said walking over to Benji handing him a drink. “you need to fill in for her.” Jimmy grinned.
“oh I’m not sure I've got what it takes.” Benji laughed.
“practice makes perfect drink up.” Jimmy winked downing his drink Benji shrugged and followed his actions.
“anyways have you ever thought maybe you’ve not heard from her because she's on her way.” Jimmy said.
“I’d like to hope so but I doubt it.” Benji sighed.
“right well any way stop looking so miserable you know she wouldn’t want you moping around. If it helps if she’s not back I'll kiss you at mid night.” Jimmy joked.
“I’ll hold you to that.” Benji called his bluff.

It got to the build up to the count down mod night. It was 11.50 everyone was getting very rowdy no one noticed the door open and in walled Robyn, Dan and Sally. It took a little time for Robyn spot Benji and then make her way through the drunken mass of people to him trying her best not to be stopped by anyone. Dan and Sally followed her through the people. As she got closer to Benji he noticed her she seen him visibly do a double take and then his face light up making her smile. As she got to him he lifted her up into a bear hug she wrapped her legs round his waist for support.
“you made it.” Benji grinned almost on que the 10 second count down to mid night started.
“course I did better late than never ay.” She grinned as he still had hold of her she placed her hands on either side of his face. ‘!’ she kissed him.
“happy New year Mr Madden.” Robyn smiled.
“happy New year future Mrs Madden.” Benji laughed.
“yeh about that...”Robyn said. Benji inwardly kicked himself knowing that could have been too much for Robyn to handle. “... so are we like going to do that this year.” Robyn said. Benji pretty much dropped her in shock.
“seriously.” He said looking shocked and ecstatic.
“well I mean only if you want to.” She shrugged joking that she wasn’t interested.
“you know its what I want more than anything.” Benji grinned picking her up spinning her round kissing her. “this time next year you will be Mrs Madden.” He whispered in her ear.
“aw man you made it. I was looking forward to kissing you at midnight.” Jimmy said to Robyn then Benji.
“what?” Robyn laughed.
“he was moping around because you wasn’t here and I missed my drinking buddy so I gave him a drink and told him if he didn’t cheer up and you wasn't here is kiss him at midnight.” Jimmy said.
“ha would of loved to see that.” Robyn laughed.
“Hey you made it.” Karl said walking over giving Robyn a kiss on the cheek .
“Yeh only just.” Robyn said. Karl then went to talk to Dan and Sally.
“so how’s things what’ve I missed.” Robyn said looking between Benji and Jimmy.
“not much its been fairly quite.” Benji said.
“I’ll leave you guys to get caught up.” Jimmy said wondering off through the party.
“so I take it you are the Robyn I’ve heard so much about “ josh said walking over to them. Robyn recognised him from years ago but they never really knew each other much.
“I guess so, mostly good I hope “ she smiled.
“all good. Benji and Joel can't sing your praises enough.” Josh said.
“oh really.” Robyn smiled.
“yes it’s good to finally meet you properly.” Josh said before Robyn could answer Karl came over picked Robyn up and carried her away.
“Karl what the hell are you doing!” Robyn shrieked
“I want a drink with my sister.” He said as if his actions was the most normal in the world.
“most people usually just ask and walk.” Robyn laughed.
“since when was you or I ever normal.” Karl said clearly drunk then stumbled and nearly dropped her.
“right put me down put me down right now.” Robyn tried to sound serious.
“she seems nice and good fun.” Josh said to Benji as Robyn was carried away by Karl.
“she is.” Benji grinned.
“right you have some catching up to do your way too sober for the rest if us.” Jimmy said setting out 3 shot glasses as Karl filled them.
“drink up kiddo.” Karl grinned Robyn shrugged and took the three shots without a flinch.
“whoo that’s my girl.” Jimmy high fived her and poured more drinks. Robyn and Jimmy shorted them straight away.
“come on keep up.” Robyn laughed at Karl he then drank.

Jimmy, Karl, Robyn, zacky, Brian, Johnny and Paul was all sat round the breakfast bar drinking and taking shots attempting to keep track of Johnny’s latest drinking game that no one really understood.
Benji, Joel, josh, Dan, Sally and Sarah was all sat on the living area talking keeping half an eye on the drinking games going on having a laugh at them.
“right right right as I was saaaaaaaying...” Johnny slurred wobbling on his stool.
“what was you s-saying.” Paul turned to face Johnny next to him also swaying.
“well...” Johnny said leaning forwards a little to Paul which made him off balance and fall off his stool as Paul looked and laughed he also ended up falling off his stool them both laughing in a drunken mess on the floor.
“what the hell.” Robyn laughed the noticed Karl to her right with his forehead on the table passed out snoring and then Brian and Jimmy on her left still drinking and taking shots talking in what Robyn could only describe as their own language.
“right I’m done you lot are too much.” Robyn declared looking at the mayhem she was involved in laughing she stood up holding her hands up in surrender.
“w-wait wait you can’t go..” Jimmy held her hand.
“n-no you can’t you have to drink.” Brian swayed.
“I think you two have totally got this by yourselves.” Robyn smiled as if convincing them they agree. They nodded and went back to drinking and chatting in their drunken slurry. Robyn carefully made her way over to Benji and the others say in the living area feeling a little wobbly herself.
“having fun.” Joel laughed as Robyn perched on the sofa next to Benji and her put his arm loosely round her hips.
“they’re fucked aren’t they.” Robyn laughed.
“what happened to Johnny and Paul?” Benji asked.
“they pretty much just took each other out. Then you have Karl KOd snoring his head off and Jimmy and Brian are talking some unknown language I have no idea how they're still drinking. I got out whilst I could.” She laughed.
“hey Robs did you tell Benji about the nude calendar you’ve been asked to do?” Sally smirked mischievously. Everyone else’s attention spun to Robyn in shock except Dan who obviously already knew.
“it’s not just me it’s you guys and a whole other bunch of equestrian people too for a good cause the injured jockey fund.” Robyn explained smiling knowing Sally was trying to stirring things up a little having fun.
“are you actually going to do it?” Sarah said.
“yeh it’s for charity and it'll be a laugh.” Robyn said. “and you two should be doing it too.” Robyn looked at Dan and Sally.
“nah you can take one for the team on this one.” Dan said.
“well Sally looks like it’s me and you.” Robyn grinned.
“nah I don’t think so.” Sally squirmed.
“oh come on its not like everything will be on show. It'll be done tactfully.” Robyn reasoned.
“hmm.” Sally hummed.
“great see Sally on board you next Dan.” Robyn laughed.
“I didn’t agree.” Sally laughed.
“we'll see about that.” Robyn winked.
“anyways as I was about to say before I got rudely carried away by that plonker over there with his head on the kitchen side snoring, nice to meet you properly too.” Robyn said holding her hand out for Josh to shake which he did and smiled.
“I'm surprised he risked picking you up again drunk after last time.” Sally laughed.
“ah shit remember that.” Dan laughed. Everyone looked at Robyn to explain.
“not our finest moment.” Robyn shook her head laughing. “the idiot that he is picked me up, completely plastered and went to run off with me. He got to a set of four steps, luckily there was only four he missed his footing and dropped me down the steps as he grabbed the wall to save himself. The selfish got that he is.” He one who knew Karl and Robyn raised their eyebrows knowing something would be coming next josh and Sarah looked shocked and concerned. “I was ok luckily just bruised and a scuffed knee and elbow. Anyways me being bladdered myself seen red in the true Copeland fashion picked up a plant.. in its pot and launched it at him.” They all looked amused and shocked. “I did miss as I was so drunk.. would probably miss sober too I’m not a good shot.”
“why does any of that not surprise me.” Joel laughed.
“I know one day you two will end up doing each other some serious damage.” Benji said.
“I know let’s just hope I get him first then ey.” Robyn laughed.
“you two will never change.” Benji laughed shaking his head.
“I know our poor mum growing up we caught like cat and dog and tried to blame the other. Now a days she doesn’t take our shit and just belts the pair of us.” Robyn laughed.
They talked and laughed a while longer reminiscing about old stories as they’d all known each other at different parts of their lives and was enjoying pieces together all the chapters.
There was a loud bang from behind them and then laughing from Brian and Jimmy. They looked round to see what it was. Karl was still asleep and had slurred off the stool landing in a heap on the floor.
“erm robs, Robyn I think someone should put him to bed.” Brian called between drunken laughter.
“yes I think someone should too.” Robyn said amused and not taking his hint that he meant for her to put Karl in bed.
“well don’t look at us he’s your brother.” Jimmy slurred.
“but you got him in that state.” Robyn argued back laughing.
“no he’s an adult he got himself in that state.” Brain argued back a child.
“we may have encouraged him but it was defiantly his own doing.” Jimmy defended in jest holding his hands up.
“well he’s an adult and his own doing he can stay there or get himself to bed I’m not his nanny.” Robyn said.
“you can’t leave him there.” Dan said to Robyn.
“well you move him. I’m not doing my shoulder in lugging his big ads around.” Robyn said.
“I’ll help you, come on.” Dan reasoned.
“fine.” Robyn sighed.
“here well help too.” Brian and Jimmy got up stumbling and wobbling everywhere.
“not quite sure how much help you'll be.” Robyn laughed. Robyn and Dan picked Karl up to have an arm each over their shoulders. Jimmy picked up his shoe to carry that was apparently very important. Brian held onto Robyn and Karl more so to support himself.
“here here I’ve got this.” Brain said.
“yeh you do.” Robyn laughed humouring him. “here put him in my room its closer.” Robyn said as her and Dan struggled with Karl's dead weight and two drunk guys attached. They flopped Karl on the bed and rolled him into his side as they looked up from sorting Karl Jimmy and Brian had flopped onto the other side of the bed curled up asleep.
“how romantic.” Robyn looked up at Dan and laughed
“three guys in your bed and not one of them Benji the rumours will start to fly.” Dan joked.
“my brother, my sort of ex and his mate that’s a whole other level for even me.” Robyn laughed.

Meanwhile the maddens and Sally where talking.
“I haven’t had chance to congratulate you yet I’m so happy for you guys it’s been a long time coming mind.” Sally smiled at Benji.
“thanks.” He smiled back.
“there's been many days where we thought no one would manage to make our Robyn settle down but then again you two have always had something special there it just took some time for you two to open your eyes to it.” Sally laughed.
“yeah I can’t believe you two seen so much of each other in school but yet I don't even remember her.” Sarah said. Dan and Robyn returned
“well i guess that’s us not sleeping in or bed tonight.” Robyn said squeezing in next to Benji again.
“the three of them are completely flat out.” Dan laughed.
“all in our bed?” Benji laughed.
“Yeh Brian and Jimmy are enjoying some snuggle time too.” Robyn laughed. “and yes I got photographic evidence.” They all laughed.
They all hung out a little while longer then everyone started to go to bed. As there was a few more people every one just bunked in where they could. Having Karl Jimmy and Brian in Benji and Robyns room helped to free up some space for everyone.
“how is it we always end up on the sofa.” Robyn huffed as herself and Benji made up one sofa to sleep on and Dan and Sally had the other. Everyone else had a bed in some way shape or form.
“your not turning into a diva on us are you Robyn you remember when we used to sleep in the back of a horse box on a bale of hay wrapped in spare horse rugs.” Dan laughed.
“don’t remind me.” Robyn grumbled.
“well you refused to go in a tent.” Dan laughed.
“exactly never ever a tent.” Robyn laughed.
“well at least these sofas are bigger than a hay bale.” Sally laughed.
“and don't get any ideas about me doing that again we have nice boxes now with living areas.” Robyn said.
“you’ve gone soft Robyn Copeland.” Dan laughed throwing a pillow at her that skimmed the top of her head.
“I’m not soft I’m just not stupid either.” She laughed throwing the pillow back at him hitting him square in the face.
“I thought you was a bad shot.” Sally laughed.
“fluke.” Robyn shrugged with a grin.
They settled down for the night getting as comfortable as possible on the sofas.
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