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Chat Blanc

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This is another miraculous fanfiction. Just about Chat Noir becoming akumatized. Warning: Gore, blood, major&minor character death, self-harm, minor swears

Category: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2018-11-20 - 647 words

Chat Noir dropped into bed. "Claws in." he said, his voice muffled on the pillow. Plagg looked down at his chosen, only to hide because Gabriel stormed into the room. "SO! I GIVE YOU SHELTER, DESIGN YOUR CLOTHES, AND HELP YOU BE A GOOD CHILD AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET?!?!"
"What?" Adrien asked, terrified. Gabriel bent down low. "You miss a photo shoot?"
"I had a really important test I had to do, father!" Adrien said, on the verge of crying. Gabriel punched his son and started yelling again. "I'm sorry, father."
"Damn you, you stupid child." Gabriel snapped and walked back downstairs. Adrien fell back on his bed, breathing hard. "Well, kid, it's not like-"
"Don't say it. Please, don't say it." Adrien whispered. He staggered to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His nose was bleeding, but Adrien didn't mind that. He took out a pocketknife, rolled up his sleeve and plunged the knife in. "Stupid... useless... unwanted... freak.... not good enough..." Every insult was one deep cut. His phone rang. "Hello?"
"Hey, Adrien." It was Marinette aka Ladybug aka the world's most awesome girlfriend.
"Hey, princess!" They'd revealed themselves a few months ago and had been dating ever since. "Hey, kitty, look, I have a thing I need to do for your father, so I'm going to have to cancel our date for Friday." she said.
"Oh, don't worry! I don't mind. I have to have a makeup photo shoot later." Adrien lied.
"Okay, well, see you tomorrow, then."
"You too." Marinette hung up. Adrien went to bed after putting bandages over his cuts and took care of his bloody nose.

The next morning, he put on a fake smile and went throughout the day. At break, though, Chloe walked up to Marinette. "Wow! Marinette Dupain Lame, I guess you just don't get it. So, little half-breed freak, go to the trash and die!" she shouted, then began laughing. Sabrina looked nervous, but Marinette looked angry. "What gives you the right to say that?" Marinette asked.
"Oh, little half-breed talked to me?!" Chloe shrieked and slapped Marinette. "You're so stupid, Maritrash-" She stopped because Adrien was approaching, wearing such a dangerous face that people actually tripped trying to get out of his way. "What the hell, Chloe." Adrien said, coldly. Chloe smiled sweetly. "Well, Adrikins, you see Maritrash was-"
"I don't care if you think she's an idiot. I do care if you hurt her or say something racist that would get you a detention. You don't get punished because your dad is the brainwashed mayor. But, you are still-"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm rich and I get whatever I-"
"I'm talking right now, you pain. Shut up. I know you're a superhero, like everyone else, but you don't have any right to do such a bad thing to someone. She can't file a report on you because you're the mayor's daughter. Your father might not be able to run anymore if you keep acting like this because his reputation will be ruined by how much of a jerk you are to people. You akumatize more people than anyone in this city put together so you can feel like the queen here. News flash, Chloe, you aren't." Adrien never shouted, though everyone could hear him. He turned. "I've decided you're going to ruin my reputation too. If you think people with less money than us is bad, then you're worse than that. I can't be friends with people like that."
"Oh, was that not clear? I said YOU'RE NOBODY TO ME!" Adrien actually did yell the last part. People flinched. Chloe screeched and ran off. "You okay." Adrien asked, gently to Marinette.
"Yeah." she said, kissing his cheek.
Somewhere, in the girls bathroom (in the first stall), Chloe said as she cried, "You'll pay for this. Just wait and see."
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