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Payback as promised

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Chloe gets revenge. Adrien gets hurt.

Category: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2018-11-20 - 309 words

It was a new day and Adrien walked into school. Marinette glared at him. "Hey." he said.
"Why did you post that about me? Don't you understand that I got fired last night? I've decided I don't like liars. I'm breaking up, Adrien. At least there might be another person that will be nicer. And by the way, you are such a lame superhero to do all that." she snapped. Adrien stared at her. "Okay, joke's over." he said, smiling. She huffed and walked away. But it continued like this all day. People hated him for reasons he didn't understand why. He was just as hurt as Chat Noir. The second worst was when Nino walked up to him and punched him. "NINO!" Adrien protested.
"Wow, you're just as much of a spoiled brat as Chloe. Anyway, SCREW YOU!" he snapped. Now Adrien was confused Then he got a text telling him to come home. He did and when he had, he was punched in the face. "YOU BROKE UP YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITH THE MAYOR'S DAUGHTER?!" Gabriel screamed.
"Father, I- she hurt my friend-"
"Who I fired." Gabriel screamed. Adrien saw the bottle of whiskey in his father's hand.
"Father, stop, you've been drinking!" Adrien told him, frightened. Gabriel broke the bottle hard on his son's shoulder. Blood splattered all over the floor. Adrien let his dad kick and beat him. He didn't cry. He was too hurt for that. When he got upstairs, he sobbed. Nobody except Plagg heard him. He finally got a call. He answered it and a loud scream came from the other end. "Adrien! Guess what! I'm coming back to Paris!" It was Vanessa, Adrien's older sister. "Really? That's amazing!"
"Yeah! I'll be here around seven pm tomorrow!"
"Awesome!" Adrien forgot all about the terrible day he had. His amazing sister was coming home!
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