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Death sucks

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Um, please don't read if you liked Vanessa. And spoiler alert: Chat Noir quits. Btw, this story is a wee bit different than the one I have on my FictionPad account I share with my friend. This isn'...

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Adrien patiently waited for the plane. Actually, he was to busy being excited. Then, there she was. Adrien ran and hugged his sister. "Oh, wow! You're really tall now, A!" Vanessa said, giggling.
"I missed you like you wouldn't believe." Adrien told her.
"I believe it."

Things were going great. Then there was an akuma. It took Vanessa, who looked confused, but still screamed. Adrien transformed and was slowed down by half of Paris. He looked at them. "I'm trying to save a life. Leave me alone." he snapped.
"Chat Noir." the recognizable voice of Ladybug said. Chat ran and looked for the akuma. He found them just as Vanessa was dropped. Chat screamed and ran to save her, but he was too far. Ladybug saw her falling and looked up at the akuma. She ignored Vanessa and ran to stop the akuma. Chat tried to get his sister, but was stopped by the people of Paris. Chat's eyes went wide as he heard the worst sound in the world as her body hit the ground. The word seemed to stop. He was vaguely aware of the akuma being beaten, people cheering for Ladybug, but Chat ran to the corpse. "No, no, no, no, no." He whispered. 'This isn't happening, this isn't happening. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!' Vanessa was dead. She had no pulse, blood was soaking Chat's clothes but he didn't care. "Chat Noir." Ladybug sounded pissed off.
"Get the hell away from me, damn woman." he growled.
"Chat NOIR! Why didn't you save her?"
"I don't know. Because those damned people. GO TO HELL!" he screamed at them.
"Chat, don't bring it out on them." Ladybug knew what had happened. Chat raised his hand with the ring. "Who should I kill first, I wonder." He looked at it. Everyone backed up. "Now, leave me ALONE!" He shouted.

"Chloe, why did you do this to Chat Noir and me?" Adrien asked.
"Chat Noir is a real bummer and, Adrikins, I did it for us!"
"You better get rid of it."
"Or what? What are you going to do over a phone?"
"Many, many things. You know how I get when I'm pissed." The other day was him angry. When he was pissed off, he hurt people in such horrible ways that they would regret the day they were born. "I'll get rid of it." Chloe said quickly. Adrien hung up, knocked on Fu's door and left without the ring. As he walked home, an akuma came near him. "Uh, uh, uh, not my clothes. Try another place." Adrien told it. It went into his skin and to his heart. "Chat Blanc-"
"Blah, blah, blah, give miraculouses. Yes, yes, now, just get on with it, but, I have a plan. You ready for it, HawkMoth?" Adrien sneered.
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