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What a smart akuma!

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Adrien gets apologies. He pretends to accept them and then shows how broken he is.

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"Adrien. Wait up." Marinette gasped. Adrien turned. "What now?" he asked, coldly.
"I am... so sorry about that. Of course Chloe would post that. I guess I was just upset."
"If it means you'll get me endless croissants and that we're back together again, then I forgive you."
"Done!" Marinette looked at his hand. "Where's your miraculous?"
"Gave it up." Adrien said.
"My sister died and I couldn't save her." Adrien said, darkly.
"That's who she was! I'm so sorry!"
"Yes." Adrien pretended to look sad. In reality, he wanted to kill them. "Patience. Patience."
"I figured that happened. Fu gave me it and here it is. Back to you." she said, kindly, handing it back.

Throughout the day, all Adrien got were apologies. Then there was an attack. Adrien smirked. Perfect timing. He transformed and was given the bee miraculous. Chat gagged, but gave it to Chloe. Afterwards, he ran, making sure the trap was perfect. "Chat Noir, what's going on?" Ladybug asked as she and the other three ran up to him. "Oh, down there. I think that's where the victim is." Chat said. The other four ran down, only for Chat to be able to cataclysm the floor and trap them, which he did. "Chat, what the heck!" Ladybug asked. Chat Noir began to laugh. It wasn't a good one, though. He looked up as his eyes changed to orange. His suit turned white like he was bleaching it. "You. You're the real akuma." Ladybug gasped.
"Oh, wow! Took you that long? Sweetheart, I can kill you. And my miraculous... nice."
"I did this."
"Like I said, Chloe, you're specialty is akumatizing people." Chat mocked bowed.
"Chat Noir-"
"Chat Blanc now, little turtle." Blanc said in a mock kind voice. "Chat Blanc, you're Adrien Agreste?"
"Well, now, Nino, Alya, Marinette, Chloe, can't have any of you spreading rumors, can we? Which is why I have your families all in my palm. See, tell anyone about my little secret and I'll kill them."
'Enough chit chat, Blanc, get me what I need.'
"Yeah, yeah, old man, just hang on a sec."
Chat Blanc's eyes widened as he felt a pinch on his elbow. "Fine, you old pain in the ass." Chat Blanc cataclysmed the building. "Oops." he said, gleefully and escaped. He de-transformed, but he was wearing a black jacket with gray spikes, black pants, black rebellious shoes, and a dark gray shirt. "Good work, Plagg." Adrien sneered. His kwami looked at him, but his mouth was covered. "Ah, no response? Pity, no camembert tonight!" Adrien laughed at his kwami. He walked into class where Alya, Nino, Marinette, and Chloe watched him. He gave them a smile. "What? You know what'll happen. Maybe you'd like a demonstration?" he asked, looking mock curious.
"Please, Adrien..."
"Uh, no, let's not call me that, Bubbler. Seriously, if you liked DJing, I feel bad. You're terrible at it. That's why I ruined your CDs. Protest and I'll cut out your girlfriend's throat. I've already had to do that to Alya's sister, the spider lady."
"Oh, are you sad?" Adrien laughed as Alya glared at him. "You're a monster!" Marinette snapped.
"What happened to your apology, half-breed? Or would it be unsuccessful half-breed? Tell me, which is better?" Adrien asked, wearing a smile.
"You're evil." Chloe spat.
"No way, I'm akumatized and I'm evil." Adrien mocked.
"WHERE THE HECK IS PLAGG?" All the kwamis zipped out, looking angry and anxious. "Relax. I merely took care of him." Adrien said, letting him out. Plagg was shaking, his complexion pale. His eyes zipped all over and he still couldn't speak. Adrien cackled. "The annoying pest is in his right place. Okay, Plagg, you can speak." Adrien sneered. Plagg gasped for breath. "This kid is insane..." Plagg gasped.
"That I am." The akuma agreed, looking excited.
"You psychopath!" Tikki screamed
"Oh, yes, yes, the expressions. And by the way, if you wanted to save me in the first place, you could've stopped my father." Adrien smiled. "But, why do I care? Your faces, the blood. All beautiful." he laughed. Then he walked out of class. It wasn't starting because of all the captives he had. Adrien came back in his white suit with Manon. "Please, don't." Marinette pleaded.
"Marinette." Manon whimpered. Adrien put his hand around the little girl's throat. "Cataclysm." he said. Her neck dissolved and blood burst everywhere. Blanc laughed. Marinette sat, sobbing and screaming with Alya crying next to her. Chloe looked awful and Nino shouted at the villain, "YOU MONSTER!"
"That's right." Blanc smiled as his eyes turned a darker orange.
"He's getting stronger." Plagg whimmpered, horrified.
"Yes, I am, huh, Plagg. That's why I can and will do as planned. Now, go home to your families. Class dismissed." Blanc mocked. Even his teeth had become fangs. He licked the blood off his fingers and de-transformed. "Fine, stay after school. I'll be causing trouble." Adrien sneered.
He walked down to his mother's coffin. "That water could kill you." Plagg warned.
"It won't." Adrien smiled and let himself fall off the edge. He hit the water and a few seconds later, he came up with blood red eyes, black hair, and pale skin. His clothes had also changed to white and light gray. Adrien smiled and jumped up, landing on the gate. "Excellent." he said, revealing fangs. "Plagg, claws out." He looked terrifying.
"What are you doing here, Blanc?" It was HawkMoth. Chat grinned. "Oh, how awesome." He landed a punch, but HawkMoth dodged and made a hand gesture, like he was squeezing thin air, but Chat felt it on his chest. Through the pain, Blanc managed to reach out and take off the brooch. The pain was gone and HawkMoth was... "Gabriel Agreste! This is wonderful!" Blanc said, excitedly.
"What did you do too Adrien?"
"I think he's become a better person, right, father?" Blanc asked.
"No." Gabriel whispered.
"Yes. And now, I can give you the death that all of Paris will witness!" The villain said, his eyes shining. He picked up Gabriel and ran off to the Eiffel Tower, catching attention along the way. Vans from the news came and Chat Blanc laughed. "Hello, ladies and gentlemen! This is Chat Blanc! If you're going to make a call, you can die too. Really, I'm not going to look down an opportunity!"
"Adrien, please." Gabriel pleaded.
"Not kill you? You abused me."
"I'm sorry-" Blanc dropped him. "Oops! My hand got tired!" He said delightedly.

"Mr. Agreste, grab my hand!" Ladybug yelled as she caught him. Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen B landed next to her. "I should've known how broken he is. This is all my fault." Gabriel whispered.
"Mr. Agreste?"
"I should've never given him his powers." Gabriel continued.
"You're HawkMoth?!"
"Save him, please save him." Gabriel pleaded.
"Wow, father, you actually sound so pathetic. How hilarious!" Chat Blanc said, laughing.
"Your hair." Ladybug whispered.
"Acid water mixed with bleach and a few other chemicals." Blanc said, smoothly. He looked at them, then ran in their direction. Ladybug screamed as Blanc tied her up along with the others. "Be good kids while I'm gone." Chat said, laughing. He used his cataclysm to cut off his father's arms and legs. With blood trailing behind them, Blanc threw his father off the edge. A loud crunch was heard. "Ah, wasn't that lovely?" Blanc turned to them.
"You killed your own father?" Ladybug screamed.
"Of course. By the way, I hope you are keeping your promise?" Chat Blanc asked.
"Yes, just don't kill them." Ladybug pleaded.
"Too late." Blanc said, laughing. Four loud explosions filled the air. "How could you?"
"I'm evil. I can do that. Well, how does it feel to lose people you love?"
"So, you're mad about your sister?"
"Of course! But, anyway, let's talk about you!"
"You monster!"
"No, a smart akuma." Blanc corrected.
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