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What do I care?

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Eh, I don't feel like doing a summary.

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Ladybug crept into the Agreste Mansion. As far as she knew, Blanc was out of the house. She saw the destroyed bodies of the Gorilla and Nathalie on the floor and forced herself to not puke. "Nooroo?" she called. There was a squeak and Ladybug followed it, her heart racing. She was so close to finding him. She opened the door and there the kwami was. "You are Noorro, right?"
"Y-yes, I am."
Ladybug scooped up the butterfly miraculous and looked at Nooroo. "Come on." she said. He flew to the portrait of Adrien's mother. "Come here. Quick!" he urged. Ladybug ran over. "Open it."
"Trust me!" Wayzz said, more forcefully.
"Okay." Ladybug did as he told her too, then flew into the vault and opened it. "Take the book and the peacock brooch! Quickly!"
Ladybug did and ran. She hid as she saw a glint of white. Blanc didn't seem to notice her. She ran off to Master Fu's and, out of breath, handed him the miraculouses and gently put the book on the table. A pretty peacock kwami came out of the miraculous. "Duusuu."
"Hello, again, Master Fu. I'd love to tell you about a lot, but I'm afraid that my miraculous is... damaged."
"I will get right down to fixing it." Fu said.
"Master, Adrien has been akumatized."
"I know, Marinette. I had the pleasure of meeting Chat Blanc, who thankfully didn't kill me as I was gone. But, since he is so incredibly powerful and dangerous, you must use all the miraculous to get Adrien back."
"All of them?"
"Yes. And I think it's time for Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen B to keep their miraculous."
Okay, Master Fu." Ladybug de-transformed and ran out of the room with the miraculous box. She walked inside Alya's apartment and set the box down. Alya and Nino stared up at Marinette while Chloe looked out the window, saying nothing. "This is the miraculous box. Um, we have to hand them out to people. And I know just the people, but we have to do it all in class. I have decided who I want to give them too and I don't need any arguments."

The next day, surprisingly, class hadn't been canceled. Marinette walked in with Alya, Nino, and Chloe. "Hi, um, we have something to tell all of you." Marinette said.
"What are you students doing?" Ms. Bustier asked.
"It hopefully will make sense." Marinette said.
"Buzz on!"
"Shell on!"
"Let's pounce!"
"Spots on!"
Everyone stared at the heroes. "What's going on?" Alix asked.
"Yeah, sorry for not telling any of you. I'm just sorta... busy with something." Ladybug said, taking out a miraculous box. She began handing them out. "I became Ladybug because of earrings that are inhabited by a kwami and-"
"Let's skip the explanation, shall we, Ladybug?"
Everyone turned to the door. Chat Blanc casually stood there, smirking.
"What do you want?" Ladybug asked, prepared for a fight.
"Nothing. We were just having a reveal party. I wanted to join." Blanc pouted.
"Oh, help, he's come for me! I saved a hostage of his and he has been searching for me ever since!" Lila said, upset.
"Oh, Lila! We'll protect you!" Kim said.
"That's sweet Kim, but I can do this." Lila held up the dog miraculous and transformed after conversing with the kwami for a minute. "When did anyone save any of my hostages? They're all dead. And Lila, for the record, stop lying all the time, I mean, you're just too much of a liar, but then again, you did tell me you were... what was her name? Volpina? Or are you going to pretend that this is your long lost miraculous?"
"Now you people see it!" Adrien cackled. He looked at them with happiness.
"Oh, your expressions!" he said, excitedly.
He smirked and ran off, still laughing.
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