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Always a reason

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Chat Blanc takes everything to the next level.

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"I'm so bored. But I don't feel like killing by hand." Adrien said.
"Of course you could still kill yourself, get rid of the akuma, save us all."
For a moment, the villain's eyes flickered to green and he stared at Plagg in panic. Plagg watched, startled. Then Adrien's eyes went back to red. "No, I am not as long as I can give Paris the suffering I have felt."
"That's stupid."
"Did I say you could talk?" Adrien asked. Plagg suddenly found he couldn't. "Okay, now, I think I have an idea... yes, it should work." he said, quietly and transformed.

Marinette was just explaining everything else to everyone when Chat Blanc came in. "Idiots. How I love to come to taunt all of you!" he said, delighted.
"Adrien-" Marinette began.
"I told you not to call me that, screw up." Chat Blanc sneered.
Nino didn't say anything. "What's wrong, Nino? Scared of me? That's a good thing you know. It is because of me half of Paris is no more than ruins and corpses."
"Monster!" Lila screamed.
"One that all of you created."
"That isn't true." Marinette said, softly. She stared at him. "You haven't killed us yet, meaning there is still some good in you somewhere."
Blanc froze and stared at her. "That's why you haven't killed us, isn't it?"
"I..." His eyes had turned green. Everyone stared at him. "Mari..." Adrien stumbled into her. "I'm so sorry. He...." His eyes changed back. They all stared at him. "Well, you just met my number one prisoner. Keeps trying to break free, damn it. Anyway, loved your visit? I'll make sure he gets hurt even more. If you ever get him back.." Blanc laughed. "Well, prepare a grave for him."

Marinette stared at where the akuma had left. She didn't know what to do. She wasn't crying anymore, but her eyes were red and puffy. "Marinette?" Alya placed a hand on her friend's shoulder.
"You must not miss him. You're only upset about him being a good guy. I bet this is what you wanted. To kill Adrien and then take the credit!" Lila yelled. Marinette froze.
"That's right. You haven't tried to defeat him." Sabrina stated.
Marinette didn't answer. She just stood up and ran off. "She is quite an actress, huh?" Everyone started talking about it, except for Alya, Nino, and Chloe. "No, that isn't true." Alya said, loudly. They turned to her. "What makes you say that?" Lila asked.
"Because she's been crying because of Adrien being akumatized. She misses him and she can't bring herself to defeat him because she doesn't want to hurt him."
"How would she hurt him?" Kim asked.
"Because his akuma is..." Nino couldn't say it. Chloe wiped her eyes, tears silently coming out of them. "His akuma is in his..." Alya tried. She looked at them. "His akuma is in his heart."
"That's stupid." Lila said, yawning.
"No, not like his love for people. The akuma is literally in his heart. The organ. The one that pumps blood." Chloe croaked. Her voice was awful.
"Yeah. Marinette doesn't want to kill him." Alya said. She walked after Marinette and found the girl in her room. "Marinette." she said, softly and walked over. Marinette was holding a picture. She was laughing and hugging onto Adrien, who was also laughing. They both looked so carefree and happy. "It was taken after our first date. Adrien and I were talking about Mr. Pigeon and we couldn't stop laughing about it."
"Marinette, it'll work out. We will find a way to save him." Alya promised.
"I know, but I can't kill him." The two girls sat alone hugging each other, Marinette completely broke down. "I-I j-just m-miss h-him s-s-s-so m-much." she sobbed out.
"I know, girl. I know you miss him, but we will get him back." Alya said.
"I-I'm j-j-just s-s-so w-w-w-w-w-w-worried. What i-i-i-if I-I k-kill him?"
"Why don't you go and try to get him to fight back again?"
"D-do y-you th-think i-it c-could work?"
"He can already do it for a minute. Why not try it again?"
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