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Marinette takes Alya's advice.

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"Blanc!" Marinette yelled in the Agreste Mansion. And then, he walked out of his room. "Marinette, why are you here to bother me? Mad about something? Here to steal another miraculous?"
"No." Marinette said. She ran at him, then hugged him. "Adrien, please. I know you're in there. Please. Fight back. I miss you too much. I can't live without you. Please." she begged.
"Mari." It was her Adrien. She looked at his green eyes. He was extremely confused, but hugged her back. "Adrien, I really have missed you."
"Marinette, I don't have enough time to say everything I've always wanted to tell you, but I can ask a question, do you love me?"
"Yes, mon chaton. I love you so much, I can't live without you." Marinette said, crying.
"If you love me, you have to get rid of the akuma." he said, quietly.
"As long as my miraculous is touching me, I can't die from being stabbed in the heart, but you have to do it when I am Chat Blanc, okay?" he said, looking into her eyes. She nodded, understanding. "I'm sorry I did this to you. If everything hadn't happened, you wouldn't be like this. It's all my -"
"No, it isn't." he told her, softly.
"It isn't your fault. It's mostly between me, my father, and her death. And imagine what we can do after I'm done healing! We can turn in my father, do the things we planned on."
"Get married after college, have three kids, and live in a nice house." Marinette recited.
"Of course, bugaboo."
"There's that nickname." she said.
"I know." Adrien fell against the wall. "Marinette... transform, now!" he shouted.
"Tikki, spots on!" Ladybug stood before him. "Adrien?"
"I can't hold him back. He's extremely angry you could get to me this easily and for this long. Call Alya through my phone, please! You have to get rid of him."
Marinette called her. In a few minutes, Alya answered. "Alya, transform now! Get everyone in their suits. We have to get rid of Chat Blanc. But this time, I have a plan that Adrien helped me with!"
"Be right over."
"What the hell, princess?!" Blanc stood.
Ladybug called for lucky charm and received a knife. "Blanc! You know what? I am done with you!" she screamed.
"I know."
"Good! I will kill you myself if I have too!"
"The thing is, you won't." Rena Rouge smiled.
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