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Death in this one. Slightly gory.

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Blanc smiled as they all got there. "What are you going to do now?" Lila asked.
"You're surrounded."
"Well, lemme see. About fourteen or so heroes against me?" Blanc said. He ran at them, smirking and took Lila by the neck. He ripped off the miraculous and threw it to the side. Lila screamed as Chat held her upside down by her ankles and tied them to his baton with duct tape. Then he extended it and smacked it against the entry way. Blood splattered everywhere, Lila's screaming died down with two more hits, her body hanging off the baton upside down, her front a bloody, torn up mess. She didn't have any eye sockets anymore and her teeth were missing. Everyone backed away. "What? No screams?"
"Well, I'm not the one who would miss her." Ladybug replied. She looked at Chat Blanc. Adrien was still alive in there. She watched as Blanc ran at the other students and, starting with Rose, killed off most of them in horrible ways. Alix ran by Ladybug and said, "Ladybug, quick, what's the plan?" They were all covered in blood. "All of you will hold him down."
"Trust me on this one."
"Okay..." Alix and the others who were still alive ran at him. Chat Blanc clawed at their faces until they were bloody, but they fought back until he was held against the wall. Ladybug walked over and said, "I'm sorry." Then she plunged the knife right through him. Blanc coughed blood out and screamed as his disguise fell away. Plagg zipped out of the ring as Adrien went limp. The akuma came out and Ladybug said, "No more evildoing for you akuma! Time to de-evilize!" She caught it in her yo-yo and let it go when it was purified. Adrien was still immobile as she tossed the knife into the air. She watched as everyone came back to life. All the blood and ruins cleared up and she looked down at Adrien. "He needs a hospital. He was tortured too in a terrible way." Plagg said. Ladybug nodded and ran him to the hospital. She got a team of doctors who ran Adrien to the nearest life support room.
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