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Electric and psychic

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Saiki K/Michael Vey crossover

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I walked out. Jack was talking with Abigail, McKenna was trying to persuade Ostin into speaking English and not genius, the usual stuff. Then, a couple kids fell out of a sky, landing in the pool we were currently at in a hotel. Everyone jumped and looked around as five boys plus three girls got out of the pool. They all looked sixteen, though for some reason, some of them had strange hair colors. A boy with pink hair and eyes hidden behind green glasses eyed us with no emotion whatsoever. "What the hell?" an extremely ugly guy asked. A kid with bandages looked at us and started yelling something about a dark reunion? A pretty girl smiled at us all. "Hello, we're a bit lost." she said, sweetly.
"Get some towels for Teruhashi!" The dark reunion kid ordered.
'Wow, Kaidou. We fall from the sky and you focus on her?' the pink haired kid asked, though I could slightly tell that his mouth didn't move.
"Who are you?" Taylor asked, looking at me. I nodded.
"I'm so impolite not to introduce myself. My name's Teruhashi."
"Pleased to meet you." Taylor shook her hand. Teruhashi smiled. Taylor walked to me. "She's from PK academy, but she's focused on being a perfect pretty girl and getting the pink haired kid to say 'oh, wow' at her beauty. She's also wondering why nobody is tripping over themselves to say it."
'You can read minds too then.... Taylor.' the pink haired kid said. He still wore no expression. "How do you know my name?"
'I'd prefer it if you didn't speak out loud. I'm talking to you and Michael.'
We looked at each other and sighed. 'Who are you? How do you know our names? Are you another glow?' Taylor began asking.
'One question at a time. My name is Saiki. I'm psychic so I can read minds and other fancy junk. No, I am not a glow. Those kids don't know about it and if you can read the idiot's mind, then I'll be surprised.' he said.
'We're telling your kids about our powers.'
'And not mine or I will turn you to stone.' The kid sounded serious.

After a long time of explaining, the kids finally decided to help out. "We can catch this egg dude!" Nendou yelled.
"I know! So what if we could die. Up on our feet guys!" Hairo yelled. Saiki was the only one who didn't cheer. He just looked bored. I looked outside when a phone rang in the hotel room. I answered. "Hello, Michael." It was the voice.
"Hey. I have some news."
"Good or bad?"
"Um... let's go with strange. We found a boy with pink hair that's psychic."
"We wanted to have him with us to fight Hatch. He only allowed me to tell you just because he trusted me to tell the right people."
"If he falls into Hatch's hands."
"He won't. He can read minds just by being near them. He also knows how bad Hatch is and he seems like a good kid."
"What is his name?"
"I will keep this in mind." the voice hung up. Ian knocked on the door, saying. "Michael, the Elgen have found us."
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