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The Heart that Never Was

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Alix, like the others, has lost her heart and desperately wants her life back. She naively believes that Xemnas will help her to do that, but her mentor is suspicious of Xemnas's promises. She conv...

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Saix,Vexen,Xemnas - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2018-12-12 - 2370 words

Beings dissipated around the hooded feminine figure, leaving a trail of darkness as their existence fell away into nothing. She straightened from her fight and sent her weapon -a feather-shaped blade- away to the hammerspace. A hand took her wrist and twisted it behind her back, pressing her face into the concrete floor. She gave a pained grunt, gritting her teeth tight and glaring up at the attacker. His amber eyes burned into her, a sneer stretching his lips.

“Idiot. You never send your weapon away before checking the field for enemies.” The man chastised her harshly, smacking the back of her head before lifting off of her. Alix wiped off some of the dirt, growling softly. He blocked the door, arms folded, waiting.

“Again.” He ordered. Alix nodded and braced herself. The man snapped, bringing a pack of white, rubbery creatures with zipper lips out of an unknown void, solely to attack her.

She tried to take on one at a time, spinning the blade on one hand to keep the other creatures away while picking them off unsuccessfully. Xemnas shook his head as he watched her fail, crisply sighing.

Alix was jumped by all the creatures at once, covering her with their stretching appendages to keep her down. She tried to roar, sounding like a house cat, as she tossed the creatures off of her and backed away from them. She scanned the field, this time careful to keep an eye on her mentor.

The elastic beasts circled her, creeping closer each cycle. Her demeanor falters a moment, uncertainty plainly marking her face before she remembers to summon her blade back to hand.

“Quit pretending.” Xemnas rumbled, amber piercing her incorrect form. Alix breathes deeply in an attempt to untangle her nerves and focus, cutting through the leaping Dusk. The mindless drones crowded her, attempting to smother again, but she was prepared this time.

She hacked through them as they approached, pushing away the mass of white emblemed creatures. She leveled it down to the last couple, pinning one down with a throwing knife, finishing both off with a final slice.

Xemnas combed a hand through his silver mane, shaking his head. Similarly dressed companions beside him, one very large and tall, the other was shorter than both of them, hoods pulled over their heads, obscuring their faces.

“Don’t let yourself into that situation. That spells easy death!” Xemnas barked. It seemed like an obvious note, he couldn’t believe he had to repeat it to her. He took her hair in his hand, a strong believer in negative reinforcement.

“Master Xemnas, perhaps Alix would improve with an intellectual sparring partner? Dusks can only do so much in the way of tactics.” The shorter one mused monotonously. Xemnas looked at him over his shoulder, grip slacking. The taller one nodded in agreement, taking his hood and pulling it down. His brown hair was jagged and chopped, his face rugged and defined.

“Saix should train her.” Lexaeus offered, scowling down at her, “Saix is far from a decent soldier, but he’s competent.” Xemnas glanced at the two and sighed, waving a hand in a heavy breath.

“Fine. There are more important matters to attend to.” Xemnas decided. Alix let a relieved sigh, standing at attention before her superiors.

“I apologize for my ignorance, it won’t happen again.” She said, bowing her head apologetically.

“It won’t.” Xemnas coldly states. He gestures for her to follow them, leading her down a long, dark hall. Lexaeus walks behind the shorter one, step in step with Alix. The short one drops his hood, a messy steel blue sweep covers his left eye, petering out when crossing his extremely young face.

“Lexaeus and I have made little progress, but we came upon an interesting tome.” Zexion vaguely informs Xemnas, retrieving a small written journal from his cloak and handing it to their master.

“Interesting?” Xemnas prompts.

“It’s related to Capti Gloria.” Lexaeus leans down slightly, muttering under breath. Alix furrowed her brow, creeping carefully closer to the three and silently mouthing Gloria? Curiously. Xemnas feels her nearly pressing to his back, tucking the journal in his cloak and nodding.

“Continue then, you know when to report back.” He clears his throat, flicking his cloak into Alix’s face. She recoils and leaves space between the two fixing her looping bangs. Zexion and Lexaeus bow their heads, pausing in the hall and leaving the palace swiftly. Xemnas took the annoyance to her new trainer.

Blue hair draped loosely to the mid-back of another cloak in the halls. He stood in front of one of many floor-to-ceiling windows gazing over the empty abyss of their world. Head cocked ever so slightly in admirance.

“Saix!” Xemnas barked, evoking a slight tension in the cloak’s shoulders before he turned around.

“Yes, Master Xemnas?” He formally replies, his eyes cased in amber similar to the master. Xemnas shoves Alix towards the volatile soldier, slamming her into his built form.

“She has no previous memory of combat. Build some experience before we need her. Adequate experience.” He orders, stomping away before Saix can even react. Alix pulls away from Saix and bows her head respectfully to him, balling her fists at her sides.

“P-pleasure to be training with you, Master Saix.” She finds her nerves again, stringing them for every possible way this could kill her. Saix approached her, placing the end of his Claymore on her shoulder before speaking up.

“Rise and fight me.” He ordered. He never broke his monotone, at least not that Alix had ever heard, nor from any of them really, save for when Xemnas scolds her. She straightened and summoned her blade back to her hands, stepping back to sparring distance.

Saix pointed his large claymore at Alix, the weapon alone eclipsed the small recent addition to the organization. Alix’s eyes darted from Saix to his claymore, matching his pose and pointing her slim feather at him. He raised a brow, unamused.

“Well, make your move.” He coaxed, lightly tapping her feather. Alix blinked and tore her gaze from the blunt weapon, nodding and drawing back. She crashes her blade into his claymore, knocking it aside and rushing at Saix.

Saix kicked her squarely in the stomach. She is thrown back to her starting distance. She crumpled and held her stomach, groaning.

“What was that?” Saix sighed, rubbing his temple. Alix struggled to her feet, picking her weapon from the ground and trying again, leaping while he was distracted. Saix swatted her with the blunt end of his weapon, holding her down and resting an elbow on the handle.

“You aren’t making a good case for keyblade wielders.” He mused, tilting his head. Alix struggles against the weight. She glares at Saix and stabs at him from her pathetic predicament.

“This isn’t fair.” Alix pouted, dropping her arm. Saix shook his head, stepping away from her. She dusted herself off and pulled her blade to her chest, cautiously keeping guard while he paced around her.

“You’re going to need more than a pristine environment to learn anything…” Saix mindlessly eyes the grand heart outside, bathing the hall in moonlight. He turned back to her and dispelled his claymore. “Come with me to the Gray Area.” He directed before he left.

Alix followed close behind him, returning her blade as well. They entered a lounge-like area, the term “gray area” appearing literal. Everything was in different shades of gray: chairs, walls, floors, vases, flowers, etc. Other members of the organization sat at scattered tables. Like most of the rooms, there was a wall-wide window with a clear view of the moon above the castle, illuminating everything eerily.

“Flailing in a dark room will do nothing for you,” Saix started, bringing her to a table where a younger blonde member was playing his sitar, “You’ll join Demyx and go to Twilight Town. You two will be completing a task for me.” Demyx paused, a sour cord accenting his incredulity.

“What?” He whined.

“Yes, sir.” Alix nodded. Demyx tried to talk Saix into taking him out of the mission, but it was non-negotiable. His pleading ended with a weak glare and soft growling.

“There’s a Heartless rampaging. An important one. You must capture it,” Saix towered dangerously over the two, clasping the sitar to ensure silence, “DO. NOT. KILL. IT.”

“Yeah, I get it.” Demyx shoved his hand away, opening a portal beside the table. Its shadows licked at the air, looking for an escape. Alix peered into the darkness, hesitating as Demyx gestured her through the doorway.

“Ladies first.” He offered. Alix cautiously peered inside, jumping in with her eyes closed. The darkness engulfed her, spitting her out on the other side into a twilit area. She stumbled, precariously balancing atop the ledge of a clock tower. Demyx joined her shortly after, gazing over the golden sunbathed land for the lumbering dark beast Xemnas requested to be captured.

“Wait, he never told us what the Heartless loo-”

“Trouble with training then?” Demyx hummed. Alix blinked at his interruption. He nonchalantly eyed the streets below. He acted as if he hadn’t said anything, but expected an answer.

“Uh… Yeah. I had some trouble.” She answered, dismissing it. Demyx nodded, glad for any excuse to be distracted. “Why do you ask?” She laughed nervously, looking aside.

“Just noticed that you’re on a mission with me instead of training.” Demyx shrugged, smirking teasingly at her. Alix kicked the ground.

“I… don’t know why I asked…” She muttered, chagrinned.

The city below them was eerily quiet. People passed like ants marching through honey beams of light. Alix furrowed her brow, sitting on the ledge. Demyx pulled his sitar off his back and began to play. It was a slightly upbeat tune, though it didn’t feel sincere. She listened to his song, swaying her legs absently.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to find it if we actually got down there and swept the area?” She finally questioned, placing a hand on the strings of the sitar to stifle it. Demyx pursed his lips and swatted her hand away, leaning the sitar against the clock face.

“Probably would be, but why do any extra work? You have a keyblade, it’ll just come to us eventually. I say we stay up here ‘til it shows up, and as your superior,” He smirked, leaning beside the sitar and folding his arms behind his head, “you have to do what I say.” Alix frowned, sighing heavily and setting her chin on her hands.

“Yes, sir.” She huffed.

“Eh, don’t call me ‘sir’. Demyx is fine.” He waved a hand dismissively. He closed his eyes, making himself comfortable. Alix watched him pass out rather swiftly, studying the people below a while before desperately needing to fill her time with anything. She paced the ledge, tapping her foot at each turn, darting glances at Demyx and the city.

One of them had to do something eventually.

Alix stood in front of Demyx and prepared to wake him from his sleep when crashing wings and massive wind knocked her to her knees. She turned fast, backing up against Demyx’s legs and smacking him awake.

“Found it!” She called over the gusts. Demyx glared at her until he saw the large beast. It was entirely blackened with the darkness of the heart it spawned from, an emblem marked its chest in bright reds, almost shining. Several paper-thin wings spread from it’s back, sending gust after gust to keep the two Nobodies on their knees.

Demyx’s sitar started sliding past them, approaching the ledge quickly. He snatched it up and strummed a harsh cord. Water emanated from the sitar, slicing the gusts and breaking through two of its many wings. The creature faltered, clinging to the clocktower with its appendages, each ending with a spindly hand.

“How are we going to capture this thing!?” She shrieked, holding her keyblade shakily. He avoided her gaze and the creature’s sight, his mind was barely trickling thought enough to move.

“I-I don’t know. I didn’t think it would be this big. What was Saix thinking? I’m not equipped for this!” He rambled, plucking with every sentence, keeping a safe barrage between them and the heartless.

The creature shrilly screeched, placing its hands over the leaking gashes as its wings fell to the civilians, fading in the air. Alix took a breath and tightened her grip. While Demyx had it distracted, she could at least help. She ran up to it and chopped the remaining wings off. A black liquid spurt from it. It released another screech.

She stepped back and pushed Demyx ahead of her.

“Capture it!” She barked. He scrambled to figure out the correct chord and hastily opened a portal behind the monster. He sent aquatic copies of himself to the portal which took hold of the monster’s limbs and struggled to force it into the portal. The creature was powerful, but with all of its wings destroyed and with hundreds of open wounds, it faltered quickly.

The heartless fell through, a weak, pitiful cry echoing out. The water copies raised triumphant thumbs to Demyx before shaking each other’s hands and bursting into nothing. A breath of relief fell over the duo, Demyx bursting into nervous laughter.

“That was stressful!” Demyx laughed.

“... It shouldn’t have been. Why pair two incompetent assholes together instead of sending a trainee with a veteran?” Alix muttered childishly, turning on Demyx and pointing all the fingers. He raised his hands to back her off, still laughing. “Why are you laughing? You are a Nobody, you have no emotion.” She growled, avoiding his gaze.

“You sound exactly like him.” He snickered.

“Like who?” Her voice turned monotone, losing whatever personality she had retained.

“Ooh, now you’re going to pretend you don’t feel either?” He mocked her. Alix scoffed, stomping off to the portal left open and leaping into it. Demyx followed close after her, calling into the portal before he jumped, “Hey! Don’t be so emotional!”
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