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What's wrong With Me???

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I know you all hate me!! But that way you all would want to know what happens next!!! And I'm only doing this to get Jay jealous which will make the ending even better!!! So just read!

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Jay was heart broken!!! He didn't care about anything in the world right now then being with her! he knew what he did wrong, and he'd fix it. He'd go down to the damn underworld and scream her name so Zeus in the very skies could hear him. He had to do something..but what?


"Just turn this corner please" Theresa instructed Ryan.


"no prob"he replied.



Theresa had to get some thinking...she walked to the park.

It was quiet and dark and a few couples sat on the benches. She looked at them...What was true love? she asked the moment she was so confused.

Maybe she had been too hard on Jay.

But how could he not see I liked him? There must have been thousands of hints....

Did she really like Ryan? Sure he was kind, sweet...but what was really special about him...she knew there was no spark between them, she couldn't feel it...

not like the feeling she had with Jay...jay was just amazing...Has she not given him enough chances?

But was all he was thinking about...she waited too long..she had enough waiting. She was sick of it! But what was she thinking!!! Moving on???

She could neer move on and forget about Jay? She couldn't stay mad at him could she put it into words.

"Oh my god!!!"

She ran towards the Brownstone House.
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