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Jay sat on his boat...thinking.
He starred into the sky and the stars.

"Hello Jay"said a voice

He turned around.It was theresa.

"Jay, i'm--"she was interrupted


He grabbed her hand and brought her to the wheel and drove the boat.

The stars above we're so bright and beautiful! She was speechless.

"You don't have to apologize" He said softly.

She turned to him and kissed him. The kiss he had been waiting for.

They drove to land but on the other side. And ran off into the streets.

Jay was pulling Theresa arms with her laughing. They we're having so much fun running around acting like idiots, they we're running away from an angry chef who caught them sneaking in the restaurant. They finally stopped by a beautiful fountain. Jay pulled her closer to him. They looked in each others eyes and started dancing.

"There's no music" Theresa said.

Suddenly violinists came out from hiding behind buildings. And started playing a beautiful song. She giggled and smiled.

"Where'd they come from" theresa asked.

"I hired them..." replied Jay.


"I knew you would come to me" he said.

She smiled once more and layed her head on his shoulders. They danced the whole night long.

Then Jay took one step backwards and went to one of the violinists violin case with a rose in it. He took it out and bowed and gave it to Theresa.

"A rose! My favourite!"

She smelt it. It was so luxirious and beautiful. She touched it to feel the smoothness. So delicate...yet strong. The night was perfect in everyway. "Theresa will you forgive me?" Jay said

"Oh Jay what's to forgive! Please..forgive me"

They hugged and started rocking back and forth to the song.
They wanted there to be no tomorrow as if there we're no Cronus, no nothing. Just them and the world.

Sorry it's short but i hope you liked it!! That was for making up of Ryan and Theresa. Though this chapter was already going to happen. I made up like 4 stories before I even signed up on Ficwad!

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