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The Morning

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If you liked the last chapter, you'll like this one!!

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Theresa woke up. They had dance the whole night long!!

The violinists slept on the walls of the building and Jay and Theresa slept on the rim of the fountain. She woke up next to a sleepy Jay. She walked around and dissapeared.

A few minutes later Jay woke up.

"Just in time" Theresa said.

She was carrying two plates of waffles and syrup. Behind her was two chefs carrying a tray holder with many plates of breakfast on it.

"You did all this?"Jay asked.

"Yep, Chef Peterson's Place was the only early rising restaurant that serves breakfast at this time. I even got them to come out here"Theresa answered

Soon the violinists woke up.

"Thiis is all for you for making such a wonderful night and to you violinists by making even more special" Theresa said.

"Thanks you" said Jay.

One violinist came up to her and nodded because they didn't know how to speak English so that was their way of saying Thank you.

"How much did this cost?" Jay questioned.

"Ohh, about a hundred dollars.haha, but don't worry about it" Theresa exclaimed.

By the time they we're done and the two chefs had gone and gathered all the plates. The violinists dissapeared.

Jay and Theresa we're still there talking and sitting by the fountain.

"I don't want to" Jay asked.

"We don't have to" said Theresa.

"but..the others they'll wonder where we are..."

"No..I left them a note at the Brownstone." Theresa said. "Then I left to go find you...I knew you would be out looking at the stars"

They smiled at each other, knowing they we're choosen to be together...Forever.


Hoped you like that short chapter as well. But i'm not done yet!!!Please R+R
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