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What about school??

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Theresa and Jay now learned their mistakes...but what about Ryan???And Ashley???? What are they to do??

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They just sat there at the the fountain till Theresa realized.

"Jay..we have school...."

Jay sat there saying nothing...

"Let's skip school today"


They both just laughed. All they wanted to do was sspend the whole day together. Acting just like themselves, being themselves with each other.

"Where's Theresa and Jay?" Neil asked.

"Wait, here's a note" Archie said picking up the piece of paper and scanning over the words. He passed it to Atlanta.

She read it out loud

Atlanta, Archie, Herry, Odie and Neil.

I'm going to set things straight with Jay. Please don't worry about us. We'll be back as soon as possible.


"Where could they have possibly gone?" Herry asked.

"I don't know, but school starts pretty soon" Odie answered.

They sat there in the morning mist with the people now crowding the streets.

The air felt so warm and soothing. Just sitting there by the fountain felt like heaven.

"So what do you want to do?" Jay asked.

Theresa thought for a moment...

"I know!" She grabbed is arms and pulled him along.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see" She said giggling.



Everyone ran to their classrooms except the 7 heroes minus Jay and Theresa.

"I don't see em'>" Atlanta asked.

"No, we always meet here"Archie said.

"Theresa said not to worry...but i still am.." Atlanta said

"I think we should go look for them" herry said.

"But what if their not in trouble...then we'd be skipping school"Odie said.

"But you never know if Cronus has something to do with it.."Archie said.

"Well I think he'd want to take a break after what we did to him last time" Atlanta laughed remembering how she actually got one punch out of him. It felt good.

"Okay..but we should check right after school" Hery replied.

Theresa and Jay ran through the city laughing and Jay kept repeating over and over "Theresa where are we going? seriously"

Theresa would just laugh and giggle saying"You'll see you'll see now c'mon!"

The ran passed many streets and ran until they got to the park.

Theresa stopped by the pond."Finally you stop!" Jay said still laughing.

theresa laughed with him. "Haha, No! Just taking a break!"

"Oh no!" Then just continued laughing with her.

They ran passed the trees and the people in the park. They almost ran into a person riding his bike. They just couldn't stop laughing.

Then Theresa collapsed in the grassy field and starred in the sky with her flowing hair lying in the grass. Jay followed her and starred in the sky as well.

"You ran all this way just to look up in the sky?" he said still breathing from non-stop running.

"Haha, was just fun running around like that!" she said laughing one more time.

They looked up, "That one looks like Atlanta's boas" Jay said.

"Haha, yeah and that looks like Archie's whip" she said pointing the one next to the one jay pointed out.

"And your nun-chucks" He said with a smile.

"And your xiphos[sorry i don't know how to spell it]" Theresa added."Oh yeah and neil's mirror"

they started laughing again.

They stood up and ran again. "Where to now?"Jay asked.

"To get my car, we got alot of driving to do!"

"What for?"

"I wanna show you something!"Theresa replied.

Atlanta just sat in her English class wondering where on earth they could be. Then she looked at ryan who was in her class and she noticed how Theresa had been hanging with him yesturday and at the dance. We're they just friends??Or what??

"" atlanta whispered to Ryan.

"Uhh, yeah"

"Do you know where Theresa is?"

"No sorry"

"Where did you two go after the dance?"

"Well she wanted to leave but she told me to stop in the middle of the street by the park and left..i don't know why...why is she okay?"Ryan asked.

"I don't know, she left a letter at our house and said she'd be back, but i don't see her"Atlanta replied.

"Hope she'll be okay" Ryan said back.

" too" Atlanta didn't really trust this guy, she had no idea who he was..and Theresa and Jay we're missing.


"Mrs. Vetra" (who's really Artemis) was reading out the names in Socials class

Archie was in this class, so was Theresa.

"Theresa?" Mrs. Vetra asked.

"Theresa?" she repeated.

"Does anybody know where Theresa is?"

Nobody answered. Archie just sat there worried as heck.

Mrs. Vetra marked her schdeule as absent. Theresa was never late.

She left the room to bring it to the office. Soon the "secretary"

who was really Persephone, would be worrying.


Odie and Herry sat in his class thinking about Jay, who should be in Gym class right now.

"Mr. Anderson" Who was really Ares asked where Jay was and no one answered. he got really grumpy and stormed to the Office.

"Everybody practice the techniques i showed you the day before! And don't think of doing anything funny!!!" He shouted.


Artemis and Ares stormed to the Office where Persephone was sorting some paper's in her Office and fixing her orchid she had on her desk.

"You!" Artemis and Ares said at the same time. "They we're angry at each other from the last fight they had.

"Guys, guys..." Persephone started saying. "Calm down! Now tell why your here, don't you have a class to teach?"

"Theresa is not here today!" artemis said as Ares shouted "Jay is not in class, where in the name of Zeus can he be?"

"Wait a second, they're both absent?"Persephoen asked.

Hera came out when she heard this from her office.

"What!" she gasped.

"We could fear the worst!"

"We must find them!!"


Ooh, what's gonna happen??? and what is Theresa up to?
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