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My Aunt

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Where are jay and Theresa going? How will hera freeak out?

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Theresa was driving passed town into the road of farms, of green crops and grass.

She pulled into a farm. It was a big farm and very elegant to be a farm really. It had it's own vineyard to it. The farm had animals like Horses, dogs, chickens and other farm animals.

She parked into the driveway and closed the doors to the expensive car. She clicked the button two times and yellow lights flickered twice and the car made a large beep noise.

They walked up the stairs to the nice big shiny white door. She rang the bell.

"What are we doing here?" Jay asked.

Theresa smiled.

Then came a woman to the door.

"Theresa!!!!" She exclaimed. She hugged Theresa. She was a tall skinny person. She had short wavy dark brown hair and blue eyes.

"It's good to see you aunt Cheryl!" Theresa said.

"Good to see you too, honey...and who's this, your boyfriend?"

They blushed.

"I guess so...this is Jay, and Jay this is my Aunt Cheryl, my dad's sister"

"Nice to meet you" Jay said.

"Nice to meet you too young man" she answered.

"Please come in, make yourself at home and have a seat" She pointed to the comfy couches by the glass coffee table.

They sat. A dog came up to Jay and started sniffing him.

"Haha, Duke, don't bother our guest" Aunt Cheryl said.

But Duke just hopped up on Jay's lap and went to sleep.

"She's pain sometimes" she said.

"That's okay, she's a sweet multipoodle" Jay said back.

He was good with dogs. and Theresa noticed it. She stared lovingly at him.

"So honey, where's your father?"

"Oh he's. Not here." Theresa thought.

What was she going to say, her aunt couldn't find out about the prophecy, the gods and her being a hero.

"So what are you doing here?" she asked sweetly.

"We have a school trip here to Greece for one week, we've been ere two days so far." He answered quickly.

"Yeah" Theresa smiled.

Her aunt smiled to.

"I see"

"I thought I'd come and see you and see how the farm's doing."

"Would you like to see Molly? She's out on the field with some of the rest of the horses."

"Okay, Jay come on" She pulled his arms.

"Whoa!" And the dog slid off his lap and woke up surprised.

"haha! Oh Duky!" Her Aunt said.

She walked over to her shelf. She scanned the book and found an album she took it off and sat back down. She turned the pages. And there was a picture of herself.
It was her graduation at New Olympia High. She was standing next to two people.
Holding her Diploma. They weren't actually people. They we're Hera and Persephone....


Theresa ran to the barn and grabbed helmets and saddles she passed one to Jay.

"Let's go!" she said.

She ran across the field while putting on her helmet.

"Come on Jay!!!"

he ran after her. There we're 6 horses on the field.
One white one, one brown, one black, most we're beige.
Theresa walked to the brown one.

"Molly? You remember me girl?"

The horse turned around facing Theresa, she licked her shoulder.

"Your such a good girl baby? Did you miss me?"

The horse shook his head up and down.

"Haha, I taught her that whenever I ask a question."

She petted her chin and buckled on her saddle.

"Which horse you want Jay?"

Jay looked around. He spotted the Black Beauty.

"That one, the black one"

"That's Monique"

She whistled.

"Come here Monique that's a good girl!"

Horse turned around and galloped to her happily.

She petted her mane while stroking the back of Molly.

Jay looked at the Black beauty, so large and strong. Jay never rode before, but he wanted his first try a challenge!

"She likes to run fast!" Theresa explained to Jay.

"I'd like that" Jay said.

"She's good with new people, her and Molly love to race together."

Theresa helped Jay on his saddle and showed him how to get the horse starting by squeezing his legs on either side into the horse and how to turned them left and right. They didn't have that muzzle thing so they had to pat the left or right side of their neck so they would turn the direction they pointed out.

They galloped around the field. Other horses came up to Theresa and Molly wanting to be petted.

"Tye, Jules, Hansen, Austin!" Theresa said. They surrounded her.

"Did you miss me? Awww, You guys are sweet, such good behaved babies."

Jay saw how Theresa loved her aunt's farm and the horses. It was part of her heart. He loved watching her pet them and treasure them. He liked that about her.

Then Jay thought...I can't believe we're missing school to have such an amazing time just hanging with Theresa. He'd never skip school before. But then he wondered. What about Ryan?

The other 5 heroes we're excused from class to meet Hera.

They showed her the letter.

"When was the last time you saw them?"

"At the dance...but then Ryan said they left early and dropped her off at the park...that's what he told me himself" Atlanta said.

Artemis got a call from her phone from Hera.
She hung up and walked over to Ryan.

"The principal would like to ask you something" she said to him.

What was going on here? He wondered. Was Theresa in trouble?

He walked through the Office door.

"Ryan where did you and Theresa go yesterday after the dance?"

"Well, we danced to a song and then she said she needed to take a break, she came back and said she wanted to leave, I was driving her home when she said she wanted to be dropped off at the park. I didn't know why but she got out and we said bye and I left...Is she in trouble?"

Atlanta wanted to scream at him for letting her get in danger! She wanted to say None pf your business and go away, you got her in enough trouble. But the words didn't come out.

"Thank you Ryan you may go back now"

She walked out the door.

"What about Jay?" Archie asked.

"Wasn't he with the Ashley?" Herry asked.

"Whose Ashley?" Hera asked.

"She annoying, scary but hot" Neil said.

Hera scowled.

"Her name's Ashley Deckins" Atlanta said annoyed.

'Mr. Fern' got a call from Hera. (Really it's Dionysus)



"The Principal would like to ask you a question, would you mind going to the office please?"

"No sir" she stood up and left.

"Mrs. Waltz?" Ashley said. (Hera)

"Come in dear"

She opened the door and saw a folded arm Atlanta, a hands on hips Archie, a mirror looking Neil, a leaning Herry and a bit bored and slouched Odie.

"You wanted to see me?"

"When's the last time you saw Jay?"

"Oh! Yesterday! At the dance! That cutie left when I went to get a drink I guess he had something important to do, like hello...who would leave ME alone on the dance floor pa-lease!"

She continued talking. At first she kept completely quiet until the Queen of Annoyance was mentioned about Jay.

"Thank you Ashley, you may go back to class."

She was in the middle of saying something. "But then...oh..okay." She finished.

Man she scares me Atlanta thought.

"Okay children, I want you to search the city, I'll get Hermes to try to find them and contact them" Hera said.

"Okay guys let's go" Atlanta said.

"Hey who said you we're in charge!" Archie said.

They began an argument.

"Guys, guys!" Neil tried to break them up. "I'll make it fair here. Since once I was in charge I probably got the most skills so I'll lead, How's that?"

"No!" They continued.

"Guys!" Herry said. "We're running out if time now let's go!"

They argued as they ran.

Herry saw there was no point on talking with Archie and Atlanta so he turned to Odie.

"Where could they possibly be?" he asked.

"I don't know...she left to the park right? Let's check there the the Brownstone. So...Theresa left and Jay. He followed her right? Theresa came back angry and Jay didn't come back he disappeared then Theresa left with Ryan...."

"You don't think Ryan's up to anything right? Remember the last new kid...Pan?"

"I know I'm getting suspicious.... Do you really think they're why would they miss school?"

Okay that's enough for today. I did a lot of writing though it doesn't seem that way. I was almost done writin this chapter with lots of s=description and talking going on and then I pressed something and it all erased! So then I did it again. Then I pressed another button accidentally so the window closed! I got angry so I wrote it on Microsoft word and pasted it on here.

Sorry if it's not much for you. I got sick of writing.
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