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Back Home

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Theresa and jay leave the farm and go back to the brownstone, will everyone find out that they're okay?

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Theresa and Jay had rode through the farm and vineyard for many hours all that time where the rest of the heroes and gods have been looking for them...

Archie was really worried the only benefit he got out of this was spending time with Atlanta.

They searched everywhere for the passed hours.

The gods we're getting very worried too.

Atlanta couldn't stand it anymore she had to check the Brownstone again.

"Guys," atlanta said to Archie and Neil. They we're splitted up together.

"Let's go back to the Brownstone, they might have came back."

They agreed.

Odie tried contacting them on they're PMR but they didn't have it on. It was the first time Jay had his off.

"Let's check the docks." Odie said.

Herry agreed.

Atlanta Archie and Neil got to the Brownstone. Archie and Neil called their names several times and checked throughout the whole house.

Atlanta went to go check outside.

Hmmm, she thought she walked over to the garage.

Her car was missing!!!

"Archie!! Neil!!!"

They ran outside.

"What is it Atlanta?" archie asked.

"Theresa's car! It's gone!"

"Let's call Odie"

Odie and Herry checked the docks, Jay's sail boat was no where to be found.

"They must have taken off somewhere...But where? Where's there to go?" Odie asked.

"hey looked on the other side of the island there's more boats maybe there" Herry pointed out.

"Let's go!"

They took a taxi to get to the other side. The boat was there but no Jay nor Theresa. They got a call.

It was archie.

"Odie, herry, we went back to the brownstone but Theresa's car is gone."

"And jay's boat is not where he usually parks it, it's now on the other side of the island! Look!" Odie moved the PMR screen the where the boats we're.

"Do you think they drove off together? or alone?"Atlanta asked.

"I have no idea, but now it's almost sundown and they still haven't came back!"


"Goodbye, Auntie!!" Theresa yelled from her car.

"Goodbye!!!" She said back. Then she said to herself, "See you later my..Fighter...and...leader." She said with a smile then picked up Duke and waved some more.

"The others will prabably be getting back from school now." said Jay.


The we're silent for a moment.

"So...Theresa, what about..uh..Ryan?"

"Oh..." That was true..what about Ryan.....she liked hhim..but Jay was the one for her. She knew he liked her but it was more of just a crush...nothing really.....and we just went to the dance together but he was new and he'd go alone and that would not be a nice start for one of his first days there at New Olympia High.

She stopped the car in between bushes of a farm.

"What are you doing?" Jay asked.

Theresa looked down looking sad.

"I can't drive right now, I can't think...I feel so stupid and like i did everything wrong.." she looked to him starred at his lips she moved closer and closer until they touch. They felt a spark like it was they we're connection knwoing they we're ment for each other no one else..they knew it...with their whole heart they knew it they knew it in their hearts.


"They must be in city somewhere..or with cronus..."

"Let's go pay ryan a visit!"

The five heroes waltz up ti his house, Neil saw his address in the computer when they had a meeting with Hera.

Herry knicked furiously. Ryan came at the door.

"Where's Jay and Theresa!! We know who your working for now tell us where they are or I'll break you like a toothpick!" He shouted.

Ryan got s frightened. What was going on?

"Wait please!!! I don't know I'm just as worried as you are....but what could I do?? I'm so confused...please don't knwo what's going on!!!"

"herry let him go!" Atlanta said.

She knew Herry was getting fustrated and couldn't take it anymore but what if Ryan was telling the truth?? And what if we let out our secret because we got so angry?

"Please" she walked over to Ryan, "Do you swear you don't know where she is?"

"Yes!" He said trying to catch his breath.

"man, how do you work out like that?" he said still breathing.

"Can i come with you? i want to help?"

They would let him but what if he saw Cronus??

"It's okay Ryan, i think your in too much shock and we scared you home" Archie said.

They went to go see how Hera and Hermes we're doing.

Theresa and Jay broke apart.

"Wow...uhh" he said blushing.

"I want you Jay your the one for me" she smiled at him


They finally got to the Brownstone. No one was home.

"They're prabably looking for us since we haven't came back after a day!!" They laughed.

They walked to the school.

They went to Hera's office with the rest of the 5 heroes and Hera and Hermes standing in the room.

"There they are!!" They all shouted.

"Man I'm going to kill you for worrying us like that!!!" said Archie.

"Where the hell did you guys go?"Atlanta asjed

"Was it Cronus?" Odie asked.

"Dudes!! You scared us like heck, we worried about you all day!! Man, why we're you gone for so long?"

"Guys! Because of you two I couldn't have a shower, buck-o there wouldn't let me" Neil pointed to Atlanta.

She gave hima a look.

"Sorry..we uh.."

"Theresa and Jay, i'd lke to speak to you for a moment!" Hera said looking like she had a heart attack and very angry.

"Yes Miss Hera" said Jay and Theresa,

The rest of the gang left the room.

"Do you know how much trouble you cost us? We would never know where you too have gone and we worried that Cronus might have taken you!!! Explain your disresponsibility!"Hera said angry.

"sorry miss Hera, it's actually quite personal.."

"Don't let iyt happen again, please your excused."

She sat down with Hermes trying to cool her down.

The walked out the door.

The 5 threw questions at them.

"Guys, it was nothing we just.." They explained everything.

They made smiles when they talked about th restaurant and the music and the boat ride.

"Man, you guys made us worry so much!!"They repeated.

"Haha, we know"


I'm not done!!!!!!!
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