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At School again

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Theresa and Jay go back to school. See how Ryan and Ashlet take this,

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Theresa got ready to go to school. She put her hair into a braid and wore a purple halter top and jean skirt. She wanted to impress Jay again.

She got out of her room and into the kitchen.

"Well...what do you think?" Theresa swirled around in front of Jay.

"Nice." kay replied.

They linked arms and headed for herry's truck.

They knew when they got to school it would be hard to break it to ryan and Ashley that they were now dating.

They walked through the hallways laughing together.

Then they saw the back of the head of Ryan.

Theresa and Jay looked ta each other they knew this was the time.

"Ryan I uhh. Have something to tell you." theresa said.

'Yeah me too" he turned around holding flowers.

Now Theresa felt guilty.

"Oh..I uhh."

Ashley came up next to ryan.

"I have something important to tell you Jay." Ashley said.

'And me too" ryan said.

Oh great! This was going to be super hard in front of both of them!!!

ryan put his arm around Ashley.

"Were dating now...if you don't mind...I thought I'd tell you today. Both our parents knew each other and had a party we started talking to each other nad now were a couple."

Theresa and Jay's mouths opened.

"And both our families are moving to the states." Ryan said.

"See you!" AShley said.

Ryan handed his flowers to Ashley.

"Aww how sweet!"

They walked away.

Theresa and Jay looked at each other stunned.. then laughed their heads off.

Archie, Atlanta, herry, odie and Neil walked up to them. they watced the whole thing.

they joined in.

Anmd they all stood there laughing their heads off as the rest of the school watched them.


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