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HumanStella x FemReader (AU): Studying

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Stella needs help with her studying.

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In this au Stella doesn’t know any of the winx girls and there are no fairies whatsoever which means no magic or other such things just normal humans okay?

I was at my house helping a classmate with her homework which wasn’t going as well as I would have liked it too. No matter how many times I told her or in how many ways I tried to explain it she wasn’t getting it and it was low-key driving me crazy.

I was really trying not to show it cause I honestly really did want to help her with her grades and I felt that her seeing how annoyed I was getting would only disencourage her. As I was trying to teach her I could tell her mind was on something else which I wish I had noticed it sooner.

“Stella are you okay?” Her eyes snapped from her school work to mines in a slightly widen state before going to normal as a fake smile came to her face.

“Why of course, why wouldn’t it?” She looked a little tense as she replied and swirled the chair around to face me.

“Well you seem to have your mind on something else instead of what I’m trying to tutor you on” I explained as I pointed to the book.

Her eyes glanced at it for a bit before shaking her head and waving her hand in a dismissive way. “That’s barely anything darling, as you probably know I’m not much into studying” 

“I’m just a little bored is all but I’m sure that I’ll learn this no problem” She said as she span around in circles in the chair before stopping, facing the desk. 

“Are you sure cause it’s almost time for you to go home and the test is due tomorrow and you barely learned anything…like at all” She perked up in a panicky way before shoving the book in my face.

“Whaaa? Hurry up and teach me this” I sighed and grabbed the book, and tried teaching her and surprisingly she got it all in time which just proves that there was something obviously bothering her but I  just didn’t know what and before I could consider prying into her personal business and asking her she had already gathered up all of her stuff and left.

I  watched as she hopped into the limo that was sitting there for hours as I were teaching her and I knew the poor guy was sitting in it the whole time cause I never once heard the car drive off which left me feeling bad for him for having to wait so long to take her home.

~Next day~

I was walking off to my next class when I heard someone screaming from excitement and loud footsteps rushing in from my rear, raising a brow I turned around to see what who it was out of curiosity but all I saw was a blur before falling onto the ground due to the body weight from who I can only guess to be the blonde I was tutoring.

“Ow” Was what I was barely able to squeeze out from my lips due to something crashing me in what I  could only guess was a death hold til she finally  let me go and I was able to breathe properly again.

But the relief for that was short-lived when paper was shoved in my face. “Look I got a good grade, see, see?” I gently pushed it back so I could see it clearly. 

And it was definitely better than what I’ve heard that she normally gets. “That’s great, now could you get off of me?” She did just that as she held me up then did a little dance with her grade.

Once she was done dancing she stopped and looked at me with bright eyes. “Hey why don’t I treat you for helping me?” Before I could decline she grabbed me by the arm and rushed off with me and took me to her limo.

“Wa-” As I was ever so kindly ‘placed’ Inside she had her driver take us to a very pricy looking cake shop and lead me inside were she’s ordered two cakes for us.

As I reluctantly ate it before confidently eating more and as it started to become less cake and more plate with crumbs the two of us talked and it was very pleasant despite the constant talk about me needing to update my wardrobe.

And it wasn’t long before that one treat as thanks turned into her taking me shopping, probably shouldn't have told her that I wasn't willing to spend any of the cash I have on high priced clothes though most of the stuff she got was for her but she was able to convince me into letting her get me  a shirt or two but that was it. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with people buying me stuff, I don’t know why but it never felt right to me so besides special events I pretty much just turned down any time it was offered.


As time passed it was now time to call it a day she dropped me off home. “It was fun spending time with you _______” I nodded and agreed.

“Yeah it was”  Her smile widened.

“We should do it again sometime and don’t think I’ll take no for an answer” She said as she saw that I was about to turn it down. 

“Alright I won’t” She nodded happily before telling her driver to go as they drove off she waved to me until she was out of sight or so I assume she stopped once I was out of view it would be pretty weird otherwise.

I  walked inside my house and took off my shoes before heading to my room to call up my cousin to apologize for missing out on our little online chess matches the two of us would do from time to time. She understood especially when I explained the cause.

"Sounds like she's a bit of a handful" I laughed. 

"That's a understatement" I replied back to her previous statement.  

"I better get going I have a experiment that needs working on" She said as I nodded and we said our goodbyes. I leaned back in my chair as I thought back to Stella and I thought about how she was acting now compared to yesterday.

"I don't know maybe she was having a off day" I said to myself before catching up on some extra schoolwork, I just hope it was an off day. 

Short sorry about that but I couldn’t think of what else to do.
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