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Sky x FemReader: This Can't Last

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You and Sky are in an affair.

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I watched as Sky and Diaspro be wed while feeling a bit jealous but not because I'm not marrying him heavens no. Marriage was never something that I was into especially to a Prince, I do not want that kind of responsibility.

What I was jealous over was how Diaspro all over him which you know was to be expected with them being married now and all but I had comfort in the thought that despite their relationship status, it was me that Sky loved and that was enough.

Yes it's wrong for me to be doing what I was doing but I didn't really care much, the way I feel for him couldn’t just be placed in a box then buried somewhere in some damn hole.

He had tried to called the marriage off before but his parents insisted it's what's best for their people so he should stop seeing me and focus on his fiance.

We did just that for a few months before we met up and couldn’t hold back our feelings anymore, we might have went a bit out of hand when we saw each other again but that time apart showed us that we loved one another too much to just see other people so we decided to keep what we have a secret.

He could go and marry Diaspro and do what's best for his people so long as we were still with one another even if it's to forever be in secret or as long as something like this could stay a secret I mean let's be realistic here nothing stays a secret for long... I know that better than anyone.

They did the dance that the Bride and Groom were supposed to, gracefully they moved across the dance floor in each other's arms as the crowd watched.

When they finished they did all the usual wedding stuff before it was time to leave and it came time the couple left for their honeymoon, every now and then Sky managed to call via hologram.

Some were quick sweet calls of I love yous and others were sexual in nature it really made me miss him when they finally returned he and I wasted no time in finding some alone time which wasn’t too hard since I knew some pretty handy spells that helped greatly.

"I missed you" I said as I broke from the kiss, a soft smile came on his face as he caressed my face lovingly.

"I missed you too, I did not enjoy the time apart"  He replied as he pulled me closer and we hugged. I lost track of how long we spent embracing in one another's arms. 

Once we were done he went back to doing his kingly duty while I went back to my work surprisingly Flora had showed up and she looked troubled feeling concern for her I walked over to her and asked what was bothering her.

"Flora what's wrong?" She avoided eye contact for a bit before facing me trying her best to look confident in what she's about to say.

"____ I know about your and Sky's affair" I stepped back from shock while trying to think of an excuse but she continued. "And I do not approve of it one bit" 

"Flora you don't understand-" I couldn’t finish due to her interrupting as she took a step forward frowning in disapproval. 

"He's married ____, it's not right and do you know what could happen if you are found out? What could happen when this is found out? Or how much this could ruin the both of you?" She paused briefly waiting for an response but I was feeling ashamed realizing just how selfish I was being.

If Sky was found having an affair he would get in a lot of trouble and despite knowing this I decided to just try and force myself into believing that we could go on like this and no one would know.

I foolishly push aside any thoughts of how wrong this was in favor of the joy and pleasure I get from just being around him but it's time I act responsibly and call it off. Taking a breath I looked Flora in the eyes and completely agreed.

"You're right Flora, I'm so sorry" I fought back the tears and tried to remain calm. "I know that what I was doing was wrong and I'm ashamed of myself for letting it go on for so long....I'll call it off right away" Her face and body language soften as she nodded.

"Good...I know how you and Sky feel for one another but it's for the best" I nodded slowly as I felt my composure slowly crumble, knowing this she gently pulled me close and hugged me. "Hun it's going to be okay you are doing the right thing" not being able to hold it I broke down crying.


~Sky's P.O.V~

After finishing my work I went off to go meet up with _____ in our schedule place when I arrived I didn't see her anywhere, growing a bit worried I called out for her but she didn't reply back making me more worried and that’s when a 3 inch thick round thing flew in front of me.

I grabbed it and press the button causing a hologram of ____ to appear from the looks of it, it was pre recorded and she looked depressed.

"Sky I really don’t like doing this but I'm calling off our's not right what the two of us are doing, we will get in a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out" I wanted to say something against it, like no one will found out but I knew it that there would be no point in saying it especially when I'm the only one hearing it.

"So it's best we end it now before anyone finds out, while you're reputation isn't ruined" I could tell she was fighting back her tears as was I but it was getting harder the more the realization of us not being together anymore dawn on me.

"Well I think I've said enough....n-no point in dragging this on farewell Sky" Just as the recording ended I caught just a split second of her breaking down.

I didn't feel like going back just yet as I stood there holding the hologram projector, feeling broken much like how I felt the first time we broke up but unlike then I don't think we'll be getting back together this time..... it's over for good this time.


I don’t think I nailed Sky's character at all so I'm going over to the corner of shame, come to think of it this Fanfic didn't come out right either so double the shame I guess. In the double corner of shame feeling disgust with myself
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