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Sky x Reader: Can't Last Years Later

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You have moved on with your life from Sky and met a nice man Named Steve and had a kid together.

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I couldn't think of anything else to title this.


It's been years since I broke it off with Sky and moved on with my life, we never got back in touch with one another obviously cause if we had I know for a fact neither of us would be strong enough to resist the other, and I was serious when I told Flora that I would break it off and I meant it.

Even now that I am much older and with another person, I still wouldn't be able to kind of sad right? And wrong to the person I'm with... Steve; a kind, well-meaning man who has been nothing but good to me and I love him, maybe not like I did Sky but it's there and it's enough. 

And so far we've been good, I have a child with him, he is about 7 and a pretty happy little boy. I love him more than anything in this world which is funny because I never thought that I would love anyone more than Sky but to be fair the love I have is Motherly love so maybe that's not a good comparison?

As for Sky, I don't know I tried to avoid anything to do with him even the news because it was just too painful seeing him and thinking about how it could have been us if things went differently but they didn't and now we live separate lives with different people.

I was cooking while I waited for Sora to get back from his school trip, Steve was helping me set up which I told him he didn't have to but he did it regardless. 

I smiled softly feeling happy with my life and how things are going so far, it may not have been how I thought that it would be but it was good enough and considering how things went it feels like more than I deserved.

I still feel guilty about the whole affair, Diaspro may not have been the nicest person but she didn't deserve to be lied to and cheated on. I'm just glad she doesn't know, ignorance is bliss and she should have that not because I don't want anyone to know, I couldn't really care less if they thought poorly of me but it would hurt her and bad. It would ruin Sky, it would do all the things that I didn't want which is why I left.

I was almost finished when I received a call but Steve was the one to answer it since I was too busy when the call ended he looked concern which was worrying me. "Steve, what's wrong?"

"They lost Sora..." My eyes widen as the things I was holding up with my magic came crashing down as we immediately went to where the trip took place. We searched like crazy trying to find him like the worried parents we were.

It took me a while till we wised up and tracked him down using a tracking spell, it took some time but we finally found him. He was chatting away with some girl around his age. As we rushed over to him shouting his name, he looked shocked.

"Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?" He hopped off of the fountain, taking a few steps over to us but not all the way since we did that for him.

"What were you thinking!? Breaking off from the group like that" I semi-shouted with worry dripping from every word falling from my lips.

He looked slightly ashamed as he rubbed his elbow but before he could apologize to the girl he was with got up and spoke for the first time since we arrived. Her blonde locks following after her, her blues eyes shining with sincerity.

"I am truly sorry for the trouble I caused, you see it was my fault, we bumped into one another and he had mentioned how it was his first time being here and I just had to show him all the wonderful things his tour was missing out on, I didn't mean for him to be gone for so long" I stared at her wondering where have I seen her from before, she looked familiar but I'm pretty sure this is our first meeting.

"I uh" I wasn't sure how to react I mean she genuinely seemed like she just wanted to show him around and that's not too bad but breaking him off from the group was just wrong and reckless but how can I really blame what a six or seven-year-old child? When the teachers should have kept a better eye on the two.

I sighed while trying to smile but I don't think I did a good job at it."It's fine well not really but I'll let it slide just don't do it again..?" She smiled happily as she got why I paused seemly happy to introduce herself.

" Lilola Amorea" She curtsy as she said her name still with a smile gracing her lips.

I frowned cause I don't remember Sora having any classmates with that name while she did mention that they bumped into one another but I assumed that still meant she was part of the tour? Well, it still could but the best way to find out is to ask.

"Are you in Sora's class?" She shook her head.

"No ma'am I just happen to be here on a trip with my family" I looked around trying to spot them but found no one that looked like they could be related to her.

"Where are they" She placed a hand over her mouth, blocking it from view.

"I may have ditched them in favor of spending time with Sora" She glanced off to the left.

"You real-" Steve was interrupted as he was about to speak but a very familiar voice, one I never wanted to hear again for as longed as I lived interrupted.

"Liola! Why did you run off? We were worried sick" He said and with each word, he was stepping closer and closer until he finally made it by the young woman's side as she smiled not looking guilty in the slightest over her actions.

"Hello daddy, I would like you to meet my new friend Sora" She placed her hand onto Sora's shoulder Sky looked over to him and had a similar look that I had when I looked at his daughter so I'm guessing he's noticing some similarities that Sora has to me though he mostly looks like his Father, he does share some of my aspects.

I quickly hid behind my boyfriend Steve trying not to draw any attention to myself but let's face it when you moved as fast as I did and are now hiding behind someone that's pretty attention-grabbing.

He looked over to me confused as I tried avoiding his field of vision."Uh is there a reason you are hiding Mrs?"

"I think she's just a little nervous seeing a king is all" Steve kindly spoke to Sky for me.

"She shouldn't be, I know it's cliche but I'm really not all that different and I would like it if we could act like regular people," He said all of this with such genuine meaning behind his words and I knew he meant it for obvious reasons.

But I still couldn't show myself to him I just don't want things to go downhill, I'm not sure what he will do, would he ask me to take him back?

I would do so if he did, in a heartbeat and I couldn't bear doing that to Steve.

I shook my head which I was sure he could see and I heard him sigh and I could tell he had a disappointed look but was still trying to hold up a smile on his face, "Well if that's what you wish, let's go Lilola Your Mother is worried sick about you" I heard the girl's heels click as she moved closer to her Father.

"Okay Daddy, farewell Sora I hope to see you again sometime soon" I peaked and saw her waving to my son happy as he returned the gesture and from the corner of my eye I thought I saw for a split second Sky tensing up but when I shift a little to get a better look, checking to see if it was my imagination he looked normal as he smiled a close eye smile as the pair walked off.

"Alright buddy let's get you back home," Steve said taking hold of our son who cheerfully asked what we were having for dinner.

"Well, your Mother just learned an earth recipe from your Aunt Bloom and she wanted to try it out though I can't remember what it was called" Sora seemed to take interest in it when he learned about it being an earth meal and excitedly claim how he couldn't wait to try it.

While we were walking to the transport I couldn't help but look back to where Sky once was, was it my imagination? Did Sky really tense up? I really hope I was just seeing things I would hate to think that while I peaked out he might have seen me?

Well even if he did thankfully he didn't do anything about it so everything should be fine, I can go back to just living my life with my family.

Since I couldn't find anything on that name I'm pretty sure I made it up why? because I had a hard time finding a name that meant lost love so I took Lilo which is suppose to mean lost and Amore which means love and just combined the fuck out of them, was that a good idea? Probably not but since they live in a magical realm with multiple worlds and shit let's just say it's a legit name k? 
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