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Chapter 14- Should Have Known I'd End Up Alone

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It's not really what you think i liek the ending. I came up with it in, ironicaly, yearbook.

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"That one kind of looks like an octopus eating the Titanic,"

I laughed as I looked up at the clear blue sky, puffy white clouds blanketing it slightly. Patrick chuckled next to me and suddenly we were laughing at nothing, just rolling slightly, my ribs aching and eyes closed tight until I heard him sigh as I rolled over to face him. I opened my eyes with a bright smile and smirked.

"What?" I asked and Patrick shook his head, looking back up at the sky.

"I'm going to miss that smile," I breathed in and shuffled closer, resting my head on his chest.

"It's only a couple of months, it'll all be over before you know it," Patrick took a deep breath and sighed again.

"Touring, more recording, I'm kinda scared," I tilted my head up and laughed.

"You scared? I'm scared. I hate being on my own. And Adi is going to her mom's house while you guys are gone..." Patrick looked back up at the sky and his hand went to my short brown hair.

"We want it to be done by May, but you know," I smirked.

"I never know," Patrick took a deep breath again and the clouds moved to cover up the sun, clouding us in shade, a dark shade that didn't move. Patrick's breathing steadied and I looked up to see him pretty much asleep.

"Patrick," I whispered and nudged him. A discomforting look appeared on his face and he opened one eye.

"What?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Never mind," I whispered and put my head down again. "Massage my head while we wait," Patrick smirked again and his hand went to my hair where I felt my hair part and his fingertips massage my scalp.

"Another hour," he whispered and I hummed before closing my eyes and dozing off.


"Calm before the storm, and the sun burnt out tonight" It's the last lyric Pete wrote, and...well, it's amazing. We're finally getting somewhere. And as a whole, more than individually, we miss you like hell. Hugs and Kisses, if that's your fancy.

I smiled and exited out of the screen to see my desktop, a picture from freshman homecoming, before I met Patrick and it was just Joe, Pete and us. Us as in Ashley and I.

When we were so young...

My phone started to ring and I literally jumped to catch it in my hands, answering it.

"Hello?" I asked and I heard a low chuckle.


"Hi Jenny," I smiled and my heart raced as I leaned against the kitchen counter.

"What's up?" I asked and Pete laughed again.

"Well, it's cold, and I'm enjoying watching Patrick sleeping with the music notebook on his chest. Oh, and it's almost Patrick's birthday," I sighed, remembering.

"The big nineteen," Pete smirked.

"Just think about it, he's almost as old as me," I laughed lightly.

"Pete, your turning 24 in a few months, give it up, old man," Pete gasped before laughing.

"So, you coming up or not, we want you here when we push his face into the cake!" I sighed and shuffled the phone to the other ear.

"I...I suppose...I want to listen to what you guys have finished," Pete swallowed and I heard a shuffling.

"We'll see what we have done," I bit my lip.

"So when can I come out?" I asked and Pete laughed hysterically.

"What?" I asked and he cooed.

"Patrick's snores. You put up with that?" I laughed to myself and Pete sighed. "Come...this weekend, see us in action,"


We made sure that Patrick opened the door to their apartment, so when he opened it to see who it was, I smashed the one piece of cake I had in his face.

"What the hell?" he blurted and I laughed as the other guys brought him back, his hand flying to his face to fling the cake away from his face, clearing his eyes to see me smiling, showing a peace sign. A smile crept to his face and Joe handed him a napkin before sweeping me into a hug and my feet lift from the ground and my breath disappearing.

"You're here!" He screamed and I giggled, landing back onto the carpet and literally being pulled back up into another pair of arms, with something I didn't realize.

"Tattoos?" I asked and I looked up to see Pete nodding, smiling.

"Yeah, want one, our friend we met got us for free, except Patrick cause he's a wuss," I turned to see Patrick wiping his face, smiling as I ran my finger through the frosting and tasted it. Patrick smirked and wiped the rest off before picking me up into a hug as well.

"Aw, even on your birthday? Live a little, let's go have some fun!" I laughed and Pete shook his head.

"How bout we go to the studio instead, we're actually finished, well, pretty much," he commented and I shrugged.

"It's late," I said and Andy laughed.

"That never stopped us before, Jenny," I smiled evilly and bit my lip.

"Let's go...sneak in?" I asked and Pete rubbed his hands together, laughing.

Cynical Bastard.


"Listen," with one press of a button on the sound board the room was filled with a rather powerful song.

"It's one we thought you might like," I listened close, my vision focusing one thing, pinpointing every note.

"...the sun burnt out tonight..."

I listened more as it finished, a powerful scream I presumed belonged to Pete and he stopped it, waiting for my approval. I looked up and smiled brightly, happy tears in my eyes.

"You's so amazing," I whispered and shook my head, amazed. Pete sat down next to me on the couch and spread out, head in my lap, my hands going to push his new found emo bangs away from his face. He smiled and made a kiss face.

"Now tell me how much you love me, I worked hard on those lyrics," I laughed as Andy groaned and leaned on the back of the couch smirking as Pete glared but then closed his eyes, a satisfied smile on his face as I massaged his head like we all liked.

"Hey, isn't that my trend?" Joe asked, falling next to me on the couch, making Pete make a disgusted face as he tilted some of the wait towards him. I smirked.

"I guess, but only because it used to be us," Pete peeked one eye and looked at Andy and Patrick.

"And then you guys came along," he couldn't keep it serious for long as he burst out laughing, making me giggle slightly at Patrick's annoyed face.

"I've had to deal with this for two months, you know," he mentioned in a monotone voice.

"Oh, poor Patty," he glared even more and his hand attacked my neck where I was most ticklish, and I crunched his hand with my cheek, laughing and clenching my teeth as Pete slightly sat up, chuckling as he saw my disoriented face.

"Ak! I can't breath!" I yelped and the boys started to laugh as he attacked both sides of my neck, laughing along as I slightly fell down on the couch, Patrick standing up from his chair to hover over me as I laughed harder, Pete slipping off the couch and attacking my sides.

"Ahh!" I yelped and my hands went there to try and stop the tickling. And then the rest started to join in. I screamed and yelled and sighed, as they all receded and closed my eyes, panting.

"Patrick, what did you do? Bang her senseless?" I peeked one eye to see the lightest of blush appear on Patrick's face as he lowered his hat, smiling to himself.

"Whooo," I breathed out and rolled over, closing my eyes again and gulping. "Can we go home now?"

And home we went.


I was in the room that Pete and Patrick shared, Pete pushing the two twin beds together so we could all fit on them respectively. I stood from the little chair they had in there and crossed it to the desk by the closet, observing the thick blue and white striped book under a pile of paper.

I shimmied it out and smirked, finding it to be our yearbook. Inside were multiple sticky notes, holding pages that I assumed were favorites. I turned to the first one and my eyes caught first glance of the main reason it was marked.


I smiled at seeing a fantastic shot of Patrick carrying me, my arms in the air and legs in a pose, like I had literally jumped into them. A mock surprised expression was on Patrick's face and I saw the overly bright smile on mine. I looked at the credits on the page.


Pete smirked from behind me and I saw his arm stretch around me to point at the bigger picture, the more formal one of the dance picture, you know, the one where the guy has their arms around the girl, her back turned into his chest.

Yeah, that picture.

"When I first saw this, I told Pete you guys should have used that hotel room," I turned my head to gawk at Pete and he lightly chuckled before placing one hand on my shoulder and resting his head on my shoulder as he brought me down to sit on his lap, the book still open.

"Thanks a lot, Pete," I mumbled and he laughed a little before sighing.

"But then he saw me looking at it again and I got all sentimental on his ass and told him you guys made the perfect couple," A slight blush rose to my cheeks and I bit my lip.

My eyes danced across the pictures of that night, mostly of us two and what we were doing throughout the night and I bit my lip, thinking about it. I saw Patrick enter the room and glance over to see what we were looking at.

"Oh, /that/," he chuckled before grabbing his t-shirt and slipping it on over his head and yawning.

I glanced down at the picture as my hand poised to turn the page and I parted my lips, realizing something. It was weird, but it was like this undefined force that was telling me something.

And for a minute I thought it was Ashley, but then a slight breeze from somewhere brought the page out of my grip, turning it to see an extended page of the homecoming, a middle picture with Patrick and I dancing, rather romantically if I do say so myself.

Quoted at the bottom was the caption.

"Mrs. And Mr. Stump, future high school sweethearts of the class of 2002?"

-Ashley 'Chaotic'.
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