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Too Sexy

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What happens when Mahad thinks he's too sexy for his shirt.

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Author's note: Sitting up late on the computer last night, talking to LightningFlash... yeah, this is what came out. Enjoy! ^^


Too Sexy

Mahad was bored. Again. It was always boring on Puerto Angel. Luckily, Cheng had found some music on his computer, and left Mahad with it. Being very bored, and having nothing better to do, Mahad was finding the music pretty entertaining.

"I'm too sexy for me shirt!" he sang.

"Mahad, give it a rest, you really can't sing!" said Lena, rolling her eyes.

"Mmm... well fine then. So maybe singing's not my strong point. But there's more than one way to sell yourself..."

Mahad proceeded to remove his shirt and swing it around his head. "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt!"

"Mahad!" exclaimed Lena, and buried her face in her hands.

At that moment Dahlia walked in. "Mahad, Cortes wants..." and trailed off as she observed Mahad, standing on a chair with no shirt on.

"Ah..." said Mahad. For a moment he seemed embarrassed, but then he grinned. "Hey, Dahlia!" he said, and kept on swinging his shirt around.

"What the hell are you doing, Mahad?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Being an idiot. Get down from there, Cortes is running a check of all the ships. You need to check the Hyperion and see it doesn't need any new parts or repairs or anything."

"It's working fine. Besides, I've found a new skill..." He jumped down from the chair and started swinging his hips along with the shirt. The whole movement ended up looking very uncoordinated.

"Urgh... what are you planning on doing, joining a strip show?"

"No! But you know you want it..."

"Yeah right, grow up, Mahad."

Dahlia shoved Mahad as he started getting too close for her comfort. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of one of his very uncoordinated shirt swings, and the sleeve wrapped around Dahlia's arm. She'd already shoved Mahad, however, and the momentum sent them both tumbling onto the floor, entangled in each other.

At that moment Cortes walked in through the door. "Dahlia, have you found..." and trailed off as he saw them both lying on the floor. And Mahad was not wearing his shirt.

Lena looked between all of them, and then buried her face in her hands again.

"I guess you did..." Cortes said, seemingly unable to think of anything else to say. "... in my cabin..." he added.

"It's not..." started Dahlia.

"Girls!" exclaimed Mahad. "They just want you so bad they start pulling your clothes off!"


"Right... when I come back in here you're both going to be off the floor with all your clothes on..." Cortes said, and left quickly through the door.

"You're an idiot!" growled Dahlia, and got off Mahad.

"I didn't jump on /you/." He started pulling his shirt back on, without really looking at what he was doing.

When Cortes came back in, Dahlia was standing there patiently. Mahad was halfway into his shirt with the collar stuck halfway down his face and an arm stuck halfway down one of the sleeves. "Hanfponf!" he said when he saw Cortes.

Cortes walked back out the door.
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