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Chapter 1- Eda and Veronica

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Sorry guys, this is long, but the introductions to Harvest Moon games are always long, so please keep powering through and we’ll get to the good stuff soon!

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I return to present day as I approach a handsome oak door. Taking a deep breath, I knock. After a few seconds, I hear a voice chirp “Please come in.” I reach out to turn the doorknob, but it opens from the inside. In front of me stands a middle-aged woman with rose gold hair and a turquoise gown. She smiles.

“Ah, you must be the applicant for the vacant farmer position. Er, Holly, was it?” She says sheepishly. I nod.

“Welcome to Oak Tree Town. We’re so glad you decided to come. I am Veronica, the Guild Master. It’s a pleasure to meet you. The Guild office manages the day to day operation of Oak Tree Town. We handle a multitude of duties here, such as running town events and posting job openings. It’s also our job to welcome you as our towns newest farmer. We received many applications, but of course we only had one opening. We kept coming back to your application because we could feel the honesty and passion you possess. Eventually, we decided you would be the best fit.” I smile and nod again, taking in all she said.

“I know you’ve come a long way to start your new life as a farmer… but I’m afraid we’ve still got some work to do setting up your farm. So, until the farm is ready for you to move into, I’m going to have you stay with another farmer for training. Don’t worry. She’s the nicest, gentlest old lady you could ever meet. Any questions?”

“I don’t think so.” I reply. “Well, then, allow me to walk you to her farm.” “Okay,” I say, and we leave the Guild.

“The farm where you’ll be staying is four blocks up the mountain. It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s really a very pleasant place. Shall we be going?”

We’re about to enter a meadow on the edge of town when Veronica stops. “Isn’t this a lovely town? It may be a bit small, but I think it adds to its charm. We enjoy the prosperity we do thanks to everyone’s hard work and good attitude. As Guild Master, I’m very proud of our town and everyone who calls it home. I hope that someday you’ll come to love it as much as I do, Holly.”

“I like it already.” I say happily as I look out on the buildings. She laughs gently. “I’m glad to hear you say so. Well then, let’s make our way up the mountains.

We reach the outskirts of town and stop again. “Plenty of people live in town, but set foot outside it and you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush forests and rivers. The richness of the natural world around us is one of the best things about living here. Would you mind if we made a small detour?”

“Not at all.” I say eagerly, hoping to see more lush fields like the one we were in. We walk a little further to a stream and look over it on a bridge. “Isn’t this a beautiful river? This clear water and the rich soil nourish the crops our farmers grow.” I reach down and let the water run through my fingers.

“Farming aside, isn’t it relaxing to sit and listen to the quiet rush of the water? Well then, let’s continue to the farm. This way, Holly.”

We walk a little further until we reach a farm. “All right, Holly. Here is where you’ll learn all about what it takes to be a farmer.”

“My, my! Why hello there, Miss Veronica.” A voice says behind me. “And who is this you’ve brought with you?” “This is the new farmer we talked about last week” Veronica explains to a white-haired lady with a bonnet and a smile.

“Oh! And such a spry looking youth, too!” She quips. Veronica turns to me. “Holly, allow me to introduce you. This is Madam Eda. She has run this farm for many years, and you’ll benefit greatly from her guidance and experience. The milk from her farm has swept up blue ribbons from a hundred country fairs.” Eda laughs. “Flattery will get you everywhere, Veronica. Holly, was it? It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Veronica turns to me.

“Now then, Holly. Madam Eda will instruct you in the finer points of raising crops, tending to the animals and all the other chores that come with being a farmer. This is just until your own farm is ready. That should be in about a week. Until then, Madam Eda has has graciously offered to let you stay as a guest in her house.

“I’d be glad to have you, Holly.” Eda says kindly. “Now, I’m afraid I have other work to attend to. May I leave the rest in your hands, Madam?” Veronica asks.

“Of course.” Eda says. “Holly, Madam Eda has been a farmer for decades, so be sure to take advantage of all her knowledge.” I laugh. “I’ll be sure to learn her ways. All of them” I add as an afterthought. “Okay, I’m going to get going. Should you need any other help, or assistance with getting settled, you’re welcome to come by the Guild anytime. Now, if you’ll excuse me…” Veronica leaves the farm as Eda turns to me.

“Well then, what kind of host would I be to leave you standing out here? Would you like to come in?” “Ooh, yes please!” I answer. Eda smiles. “Excellent! Come in, come in!”
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