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you would have never guessed...

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More of the wedding. And in the reception! And a little surprise!!

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"I don't believe it! Jay actually popped the question and now he's married!" exclaimed Herry.

"I know!" said Archie.

"Well better get ready for the Reception tonight!" Odie said.

Odie, Neil and Herry went into Herry's truck(He's still got's it!). And Archie and atlanta the two love birds drove in Archie's car.

"So where do you want to go now?" Archie asked.

"I would love to go see where Theresa and Jay are going, but we better just let them go alone. They're now married!..sorry I just had to say that again!" Atlanta laughed.

Archie laughed with her.


Jay and Theresa rode on the beach laughing and riding as fast as they could to see who went faster. Theresa won.

"I loved horseback riding as a kid, i even learned side-saddle."Theresa said.

"You're pretty good."Said Jay.


Now it had been sunset. "I can't wait for the reception." Theresa exclaimed.

"me too..This is our first alone time as being two married couples" jay said with a smile on his face.

Theresa let out tears. She was thinking about the rest of her life with Jay. it made her happy.

Jay moved his horse closer to her and dried her tears.

She smiled at him. And took off and rode towards the garden again.

Everyoen had gathered again at the tent where the two had been married and now we're having their reception. The people dined in the tent and the larger table was for Theresa, Jay, Atlanta, Odie, Theresa's dad and Jay's parents.

They could all hear the rushing of the ocean.

Theresa had changed into a long skinny purple strapless dress.
people had given her gifts of gold! And wore them as she ate her dinner. The traddition was that they would entertain guests by playing games so The Bride and The Groom would kiss.

Herry, Odie and Neil had sang a song and sounded pretty funny.

Archie had told a story about the two and Theresa's sister had answered questions about them. Like How did Jay and Theresa meet? What's Their Favourite hobbies. She had choices like A) Go sailing B) Go horseback riding C) saving each other from an evil god D) Or showing off their Kung-fu moves

Theresa's sister had answered all of the above and it was correct. JAy and Theresa had prabably given each other kisses 50 times! Mny people wanted to come up and do different things.

Then they had to take off their shoes. They each held Theresa's shoe and jay's shoe. They had to answer questions like "If you we're in a fight, who would apologize first" And Theresa lifted up Jay's shoe . And Jay lifted up Theresa's shoe. Everyone laughed.

Then it was tiemm to cut the cake! Many pictures we're taken and everyone crowded around to see them cut the amazing designed cake. It had three layers and had fake vines around it.

Then! It was time for theresa to throw her extra bouquet. And PPersephoen had caught it. After that, jay tried to get Theresa's garnet and and threw it out into the crowd. Archie had caught it.

Everyone was almost done their dinner when Jay had an anoucement to make.

"Hello everyone I would like to thank you all for coming on this special day I would like to say to my new bride that..I love every single way..and promise her..That i will protect you..will all my heart" He choked down the words with tears as he spoke. Theresa just sat there with more tears in her eyes as she came over and gave him a kiss.

Then everyone had to look at a preswentation..a powerpoint done by Atlanta and Archie. Everyone looked at the screen. The song "isn't she lovely" came on. Theresa's pictures as a a little girl. Who loved to pose and take a kid who loved horeback riding and martial a grown teenagager...Many pictures with her dad, her sister, friends from her old schools, Atanta, Jay, and the rest of the gang came on as well. Now she was a grown women with many people she loved around her.

After the presentation of theresa with her growing up came Jay. The song" The Colours of the rainbow" was on. Pictures of him being born in his mothers eyes...brang tears to his parents eyes...and him as a kid learning how to sail and his many trips to the beach. Lots of pictures with him and his mom looking at the stars and him learning how to handle a sword. Then, him with the gang...and one with Theresa on his back and laughing away. Now he was a grown man.

That night had been filled with tears and laughter.

Archei grabbed the microphone" Now it's time for Theresa and Jay to have their first dance as a couple!!!"

JAy pulled Theresa to the Beach as blue lights from the tent came on. Everyone gathered around and watched them.

Their favourite romantic song " My Heart Will go On" ame on. It made them feel special...

Theresa put her forehead on Jay's as they starred in each other eyes as they danced on the sandy beach with the water just touching they're feet. Theresa wrapped her arm around Jay's neck as they rocked back and forth to the song. They had taken dance lessons for this special day, and it paid off by making the night more special.

"I never want to let you go" said Jay to Theresa

"Me too" she said back.

Everyone starred and smiled. Archie's arms we're around Atlanta's shoulders and her arms by his chest. Tears we're in their eyes too. The song had finnished and Jay and Theresa came back to the tent. Everyone had cheered and clapped and hollered then Archie stood on the stage and put on some music and "Everyone I have a special anoucement to make..." everuone listened. "Atlanta..." atlanta starred at him withg confused eyes...wanting to know what her boyfriend had to say.

"Atlanta...Will you marry me?"

She let out a cry of relief and hopped up on stage.

Everyone gasped. As Atlanta hugged archie and cried out " Yes! Yes! Yes Archie I will!!!!" Everyoen cheered and hollered once more!!

Jay and Theresa cried out and cheered and hugged and kissed.

The day was truely special.

Archie and atlanta are getting married!!! Just like i promised!!! ohh i'm excited to write this one!!!!! Please R+R
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