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I just wanna be, by your side... (part one)

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Everyone finds out/back to the future

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Title: "Save Me" - Hanson

"You're fucking joking right?" Spencer said, walking around his bed to his dresser to get a new shirt for the day. His girlfriend, Holly, was sitting on his bed staring at Ryan, mouth agape.

"No. I wish I was though. I really like her and all, but I don't know her. Plus, no one is going to want her around all the time. Don't pregnant chicks get like, super mood swings? Like we need another Brendon around," Ryan said, using his dry sarcasm.

"Ryan...what are you going to do? Are you going to stay with her or not?" Holly questioned him. Ryan looked down at the carpet, still on the fence about the whole situation. He wanted to love Tinsley, he really did, but after she left him banging on her front door for an hour and didn't let him explain why he said what he said, he wasn't feeling particularly warm toward her. Interrupting his thoughts, before he could answer Holly's question, his phone began ringing and the ID said Tinsley. He took a deep breath.

"Hey," he replied gently. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to hold her.

"Ryan, whatever Brendon says, tell him to suck it. Don't let him get between us. I'm not going to lie to you, I almost slept with him but I was just trying to get even. I'm really sorry," Tinsley spat out, almost in one breath. Ryan felt his face flush. Why did Brendon always need to do this?

"Same old dog, same old tricks," Ryan said to her calmly.

"I need to see you, we need to get serious about figuring something out. We only have a few days. I want to talk to everyone and tell them. It's important," she said sternly. Ryan stood up from Spencer's bed, walked to his bathroom, and sat down on the counter.

"I told Spencer," he admitted. Tinsley sighed.

"Brendon knows," she began," I'm sorry, i shouldn't have said anything. That's what got him so pissed in the first place. He really thought I would just sleep with him. He acused me of being a slut. I'll admit I've had my share, but I'm not a slut."

"Don't worry about Brendon, he'll get over it, he always does," Ryan said reassuringly. Tinsley smiled to herself on the other end of the phone. She really liked this guy, he was undeniably loyal. Ryan was silently thinking of a good way tell Tinsley he wanted her badly right at that moment, but the bathroom door suddenly swung open and hit the wall with a loud bang, Brendon standing in the doorway, apparently having one of his random freak-outs. Ryan quickly pressed end on his call, ultimately hanging up on Tinsley with a goodbye.

"Brendon! Calm the fuck down. You're gonna wake my parents!" Spencer said to him. Brendon turned and stared at Spencer, letting him know he really couldn't care less.

"You know that bitch you knocked up? I think you should tell her to fuck off and to stay away from us. She's just trouble," Brendon said loudly at Ryan. Ryan just looked at him.

"i think you're the one who needs to fuck off. I'm going to do everything I can to help her and to be with her. You're just going to have to deal with it, all of it. The fact that she's with me, the fact that she's carrying my child and the fact that she is probably not leaving any of our sights for a long time," Ryan said. Brent poked his bed head around the corner, looking into Spencer's bathroom with a look of confusion.

"What's with the banging and yelling and shit. It's 11 am for christ sakes. I'm trying to sleep," everyone turned and started at him. Holly hopped of the bed from where she had been, observing the strange event taking place in front of her.

"Ryan's going to be a dad, Brendon is jealous and I'm leaving. You are all insane," she said, walking down the steps with Spencer close behind, Brent stared at Ryan and Brendon, feeling a little lost for words, which wasn't really saying much, anyway.

"You knocked up some chick? Shit, dude. Is she hot at least?" he asked. Ryan smiled lightly and nodded.

"A Pussycat Doll, dude," he said, his grin getting wider. Brent nodded approvingly and shuffled back to the spare room to sleep until three. Brendon walked into the bathroom further, getting face to face with Ryan.

"I can't believe this shit. You're picking some bitch over your boys? That's such bullshit," he said, obviously annoyed.

"To be honest, Brendon. I don't give a flying fuck what you think," Ryan said sternly as his stood up and strode out of the bathroom, leaving Brendon alone to stew.
Three months later, a visibly pregnant Tinsley, napped uncomfortably on a couch on board the boys' very first tour bus. She was dreaming about the baby, but not those good dreams, bad ones, about her child being viciously ripped from her womb and taken away from her forever, because she was in a loveless, pointless, uncaring relationship with herself and her baby's father. She awoke with a jump. It simply wasn't true, she tried to convince herself. While her and Ryan had begun a sort of awkward courtship, he seemed highly uninterested in her fat ass, which was rapidly getting fatter she thought gloomily, and more interested in the girls who willingly ripped their clothes off for him at the slightest hint of sexual interest. If she wasn't so sore and Ryan didn't seem so scared of her, she would be ripping her clothes off too. Honestly, she had never been so horny in her whole life, but found no opportunities to let Ryan, or anyone know. It seemed that her only friends these days were Holly and Dirty, which wasn't saying much. She had struck up a friendly relationship with some of the other guys on the touring bill, but Fall Out Boy and the Academy Is... just weren't really feeling like getting too close to 'Ryan's pregnant chick'.

Tinsley sighed. She wondered solemnly what happened to her amazing, glamorous life. She was an enviable woman a few months ago and now she would've traded her life for almost anyone else's. She heard a curtain move, then a door open and feet coming toward where she was laying. She didn't bother looking at who it was, because most people ignored her anyway. The person sat down in the couch across from her and sighed.

"I want to talk. I feel like I haven't talked to you in weeks," the voice said. Tinsley grinned.

"Ryan, I miss you," she said, wanting to let everything in her mind go. He looked at her and then stared at her belly, sticking out from the bottom of her sweatshirt. He stood up and sat down next to her, placing his hand lovingly on her belly. Tinsley almost moaned at the feeling of his hand on her. They hadn't been intimate in way over a month and she wanted Ryan to know she needed him immensely.

"I miss you too. I want to apologize for being so distant these past few months. I'm just so overwhelmed with all of this. You, the band, touring," he said, leaning down and gently kissing their baby. Tinsley suddenly found herself gushing with emotion. That was sweetest thing he's done the whole time they had been together. It was probably the hormones, but Tinsley reached up, grabbed Ryan by the front of his shirt and pulled him to her, forcing a rough kiss. Ryan responded immediately, wrapping his arms around her, helping her sit up slowly, while still entangled in a passionate kiss.
"I fucking need you Tinsley," he gasped as he placed kisses on her neck, then sucking and biting.

"Then take me," she said softly, running her hand through his hair...
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