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another day alone is more than i can take...(part 2 of

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Sex is good.

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AN: Has anyone heard the Exclusive ITunes Live sessions of Panic? Brendon sings the songs so low, I can hardly recognize his voice. They reminded me of musical theater versions of "I write sins", "Lying", and "but it's better", like if anyone were to make a musical review of "Fever" for Broadway, they would use these versions. The songs are good, different and interesting, just...unexpected? Yeah, good term. But, worth hearing and at $2.95? No sweat. Anyway, as usual, enjoy and review!!

Title: "Save Me" - Hanson


Moments later Tinsley was on top of Ryan in the back room, hastily unbuckling his belt and trying in vain to pull his pants off. He arched his back and slid his jeans over his bony hips; hips which Tinsley found oddly arousing. Tinsley uncomfortably pulled off her sweatshirt and tank top, realizing that while pregnant, sex might actually be work. She leaned down and began kissing Ryan's neck, giving him a small hickie, while he groaned.

"You're so beautiful. It's sad that I'd almost forgotten," he whispered in her ear. His breath sent shivers up her spine and she was suddenly overcome with a burning desire to get married. Enough to presumably kill the mood, she shook that thought from her mind and gently leaned in and kissed Ryan's lips.

"Just tell me if I'm hurting you or you're uncomfortable, okay?" Ryan asked Tinsley quietly. She nodded and waited with baited breath as Ryan reached back and unhooked her bra, leaning in to suck her nipples gently. Tinsley groaned loudly at the sensation and wondered how she went so long without any sexual contact. While straddling Ryan and trying her best to work around her bump, she reached in Ryan's boxers to slowly jerk him off. Ryan began moaning into her chest and let his hands roam underneath her sweatpants and panties, fingering her gently. Ryan wasn't sure why, but he suddenly felt like he could say I love you to Tinsley and not be lying. However, he decided to chalk it up to the moment and began kissing up Tinsley's neck, hearing hear moaning from his fingers and the sensation on his kisses on her neck.

"Enough," Tinsley said sharply, pushing Ryan's hands away from her. She laid on her back and pulled off her panties. "Just fuck me," she told Ryan. He looked down at her and was overcome with confusion. He blushed.

"H-how?" he said softly. Tinsley laughed sympathetically.

"What do you mean, how? Like you normally do; I won't break and neither will the baby, I promise." Ryan nodded, still not sure if it was okay to do this. It wasn't something he recalled learning a lot about in high school, or from anybody. Ryan carefully positioned himself over Tinsley's body, checking down at her growing belly to make sure he wasn't squishing her or something.

"Ryan, it's okay, go ahead" Tinsley urged him gently, brushing his bangs out of his eyes, but desperately wanting to feel him inside her. He smiled at her and gently pushed himself inside Tinsley.

"Holy fuck!" Tinsley gasped loudly as he slid in dick into her slowly. Ryan moaned a similar reaction, feeling his pulse escalate quickly. He started out slow, the incredible sensations torturing the both of them, until Tinsley grabbed his hips and forced him into her deeper.

"Oh, shit," Ryan mumbled, loving Tinsley being in control. He pumped her quicker for a while, every now and then placing his hand on the baby, although he wasn't sure why. He pulled out of her after a few minutes and told her to get on top. Tinsley eagerly crawled on top of Ryan and slid him inside. They both found this position easier to manage and it brought Tinsley to her orgasm quicker, as it did for Ryan and he slowly found himself developing a pregnant girl fetish, or maybe it was simply because pregnancy looked so amazing on Tinsley at that exact moment. Ryan felt his body tighten as Tinsley's sounds of ecstasy got louder and they both came together in an earth shattering orgasm. Tinsley sat still, panting with Ryan still deep inside her. Ryan closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath, enjoying this rare moment he got alone with her.

Slowly, Tinsley climbed off of Ryan and lay down beside him. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, holding on as tight as he could. Even in her moment of post-orgasmic joy, she couldn't help but wonder why it couldn't feel like this with Ryan all the time. She soon felt his arms feeling heavy around her stomach, and noticed he was fast asleep. She gently got out of the bed and half-sprinted to the bathroom, because she had to pee extremely bad. As she stepped out of the bathroom, Brendon caught her eye, but quickly looked back at his laptop, pretending like he didn't see her. She sighed. The animosity between Ryan and Brendon had almost been feeling unnatural. They were such a team that them not speaking but a few words seemed wrong. Feeling a sharp pain suddenly pulse through her abdomen, Tinsley stood still and groaned, wondering what the hell that was. Brendon looked up at her when she groaned and got concerned. She stood there rubbing her belly and taking deep breaths, knowing that she shouldn't be feeling like this at 5 months. A shadow overtook her body and she looked straight into those eyes, the ones that made her feel unsure about anything.

"Are you okay? Do you want help sitting?" Brendon asked her carefully, fully aware that they weren't exactly friends right now. She nodded, grateful that someone was actually around to be concerned for her. She secretly hoped Ryan would wake up soon; she didn't really want to be alone with Brendon, not sure why she felt funny when he touched her arm to help guide her to the sofa. She plopped down and took one last deep breath as the pain subsided.

"Are you okay?" Brendon asked again, his forehead wrinkled in concern and his eyes sparkling with interest. Tinsley nodded, feeling a little overwhelmed by the sudden pain and being in the presence of those eyes.

"I'm fine. Probably just a little stress pain," she said, trying to also reassure herself. Brendon nodded, leaning back against the sofa next to her.

"I'm sorry," he said after a few minutes. Tinsley looked over at him, and he turned his head to look at her. "I mean it, I was wrong, and as poor as he is at showing most of the time, Ryan loves you. He has to. I think I know my friend well enough to know when he's really into a girl. He's just scared. We all are," he added. Tinsley scoffed.

"No shit," she replied, subconsciously rubbing her belly. Brendon couldn't help but stare it at. When had she gotten so big? "It's only going to get bigger, so stop staring," she quipped. Brendon looked away with a quick sorry.
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