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And you are by my side..

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Do you love me?

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I slid down the wall and pulled my knees up into my chest again. In the distance I could hear my cell phone ringing like no tomorrow. I pulled myself together long enough to walk back to the living room to see who was in such desperate need to get a hold of me at this hour in the morning. I was dead tired and heartbroken, but better yet determined to be strong. I picked up my cell phone, not recognizing the number on the screen. Immediately when I flipped open my phone, my heart skipped a beat.

"Katiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!" A very drunken slur emerged from the other end of the phone. I immediately recognized the voice. The voice that I thought I had almost forgotten a bit ago. I started to flash back to just a few months ago when Zacky started off being my knight in shinning armor.
"Hey you," I smiled through my teeth. "Drunk much?" I stood with my arm over my chest.
"How's it goin' darlin?" I could tell he was completely trashed. He always called when he decided that he was drunk enough to talk to me again.
"Same ole' Zack, just like everytime you call me at this hour." I tried not to let irritation be clearly evident in my voice.
I heard some background noise and it sounded like the phone was being wrestled away from Zack. It sounded like something had fallen and then I heard another voice on the phone.
"Hello?" It was Matt. He never liked me since day one, and I really never knew what I did to set him off.
"Hi." I squeaked out softly.
There was dead silence and I decided that I wasn't going to be the one to say anything to Matt since he never really had a reason to hate me, he just thought it was his job, or you know, something to that affect. Matt decided not to say anything but I could hear Zacky in the background arguing with Matt to give the phone back to him. Matt, unfortunately for Zack, was being the reasonable one out of the whole situation. Matt started telling Zacky off about 'how he didn't need someone like me in his life to begin with and that clearly Zack was so much better without me over the passed couple of months then ever before.' I sighed, it wasn't supposed to hurt, but it did. It was secretly tearing me apart. I snapped my phone shut and set it back down on the table turning it onto silent mode so that I didn't have to deal with any more drama tonight.

I turned around and without knowing it, I bumped directly into Pete. He was freshly showered with soaken wet hair and no make up on his face. He was wearing his pajama pants and was looking at me like a lost little puppy dog. I ran a hair through my long hair and sighed, avoiding his eyes because I knew exactly what he was doing, again.

"Zack?" Pete spoke softly, taking a step towards me. I took a slight step back and looked at my cell phone now on the table. There was light illuminating from underneath it. I knew exactly who it was and from the look on Pete's face he knew exactly who it was as well. He reached for my cell phone and I stepped in front of the table where my cell phone rested. His brows furrowed and he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at me directly with a look that could kill.
"As if you're acting this way, Peter." I used his whole name this time. I wasn't ready to make nice with a boy who is trying to turn the tables around on me to look like I've been doing wrong the whole time, when infact it was him.
"It's been him all along hasn't it? He is why you can't say 'yes' to me!" Pete's voice was getting louder now, and he was throwing obsenities around like a ball. I shook my head, grabbing my cell phone off of the table and I started to walk upstairs. Pete grabbed my arm and turned around and looked at him. The audasity of a the boy standing in front of me was starting to get me angry.
"Pete, For christ sakes! Why don't you just go run off with one of your tweleve year old sluts. Im so sick of this Pete, you always do this! No matter what the situation is, it's always my fault, you fuck up and its my fault! This isn't fair and it hasn't ever been Pete, you can't just make up some fucking fake engagment about how you see yourself with me for the rest of your life and expect me to be happy go lucky with you." I took a deep breath, as much as I didn't want to be yelling at Pete right now, I felt it was needed to get my point accross. "AND! How dare you even fathom the idea that I would cheat on you! You are out of your mind Pete." The next thing I knew my hand was contacting with the side of his face and then leaving an extremely red hand print on his left cheek.

I was shocked myself. My hand immediately covered my mouth and then I went to touch the side of his face. Pete swatted my hand away. I stood there shocked at myself before walking away from Pete. He didn't know what hit him and quite frankly I hoped it knocked some sense into him. I looked down at my cell phone and there was eight missed calls. I checked my call log while I stepped into my bedroom. Patrick, Zacky, Zacky, Syn, Zacky, Patrick, Zacky, Matt. Matt? What the hell was he doing calling my cell phone? Puzzled, I looked at my voicemails. 5 new voicemails. I sighed, laying down on the bed I flipped open my phone and text messaged Patrick.

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