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Don't You Fake It.

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Do you love me?

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'I hate him!' I text messaged Patrick.
'What happened?'
'His excuses, Zacky, my hand, his face. I'm so done with him Patty. So done.'
'I love you?' I smiled a bit.
'I love you too.'
'Get some rest, you two will work it out in the morning.'
'Im being serious Pat, no more working it out. Night.'

Patrick always knew the way to make me feel a little bit better about any situation. It actually surprised me a lot why he wasn't taken by some amazing girl. Whoever ended up with Pat was seriously going to be the luckiest girl alive. If he was a fairytale, he would play Prince Charming to a tee. I set my phone down on the night stand beside the bed and rolled over and looked at the clock. It was almost five in the morning. I sighed. The bottom of my stomach felt like an endless pit and I felt like at any second I would throw up. This whole situation had gotten completely out of control and ironically, all I wanted to do was see Zacky again. Everytime he called, it was pretty much a given that I would get all my feelings back for him that I once had. He was that type of boy, and Pete knew exactly how I felt about Zacky. I still remember the moments that led up to Pete and I getting back together the last time. My stomach started turning thinking of it.

It was warped tour, and I was on tour with Zacky. He was a really good friend of mine and I always thought that there may have been more to us than I wanted to admit, but never did I overly think the whole situation. I knew that going on this tour would probably end up in some drama one way or another, seeing as Fall Out Boy were just added to the tour, but in the end, I had decided that even if I did run into Pete, I would stand my ground and tell him there would be no more and that I was moving on. The day that I did see him though I was with Zacky. We were laying in the grass underneathe a tree basking in the shade. I had my one arm behind my head, sunglasses on my face and Zack's head was laying on my stomach. I was running my free hand through his hair absentmindedly. It was perfect weather out, not too hot, not too cold. I was enjoying the company and the relaxation time that I had with Zacky because when eleven oclock hit there would be no turning back and it would be god knows how long until we'd have another enjoyable moment like this. We were laying there peacefully until Patrick and Joe were walking by and Patrick almost died choking on water when he realised who he was looking at laying together. Joe was on his cell phone talking with Pete when he heard Patrick start choking then finally getting over his choking spell and then screamed my name. Joe's head snapped around at the sound of my name as well.

I snapped up immediately recognizing Patricks voice. As smile played on my lips as I jumped up leaving Zacky to stand up on his own and brush the grass off of his pants. I jumped on Patrick nearly knocking him over. He smiled and returned the hug. It was comfortable, that's how it had always been with Patrick and I. I finally let go of Patrick and looked back at Zacky who had awkwardly shoved his hands into his pockets and was looking rather quite uncomfortable. I smiled and removed my sunglasses. All attempts to introduce Zacky and Patrick failed miserably. Patrick had politely extended his hand and Zacky just kept his hands by his side and shook his head. I knew that nothing good was going to come of this but kept smiling anyways. Zacky would have to become comfortable with this whole situation since I looked up to Patrick for everything. Joe stepped forward and I smiled at him. He snapped his cell phone shut and uttered the words that I knew were probably coming sooner or later. Minutes later Pete showed up with a flustered look on his face. It was all down hill from there. Patrick was innocently trying to explain that Zacky and I were laying in the grass together enjoying the company of each other and I could see it all happening in slow motion. Pete was slowly getting more and more jealous as Patrick went on and told the story. I watched it unfold in my eyes as Zacky went ahead and grabbed my hand when standing beside me. Pete lost it. In the end, Zacky ended up with a busted lip and Pete ended up needed four stitches above his left eye.

After the tour had ended Zacky and I had stayed somewhat close, talking through emails whenever he and I could, late night phone calls. Even a few visits here and there. I would invite him over for dinner, but at the same time, I had to make sure that Pete wasn't around or scheduled to be around. After Pete had lost it on Zacky I had told him that I wanted nothing to do with him at all. Pete still made the occasional drop by and phone call to see how I was or when Patrick came around, Pete would be right there. Anything to see me. It was flattering, every girl liked to be chased, and that's what was going on with me right now. Pete finally showed up on my doorstep one night with a bouquet of flowers one night. It was a complete shock and nevertheless, it made me think that somehow the obsessive, overly jealous Pete that I once knew, was gone. Pete's little serenade with flowers made me almost forget that I had a guest already in the house. That guest would be Pete's number one enemy - Zacky. The look I got when I looked at Zacky that night was a look that I will never ever forget. It was if I ripped out his heart and stepped on it while he watched me. It was the feeling of just getting slapped in the face. Zacky left that night and ever since then all I've been getting was drunken late night, early morning phone calls. It wasn't ever going to be the same between Zacky and I.

I sighed thinking of the moment. The momemnt between Zacky and I was something that I still wish I could have. There was something about the atmosphere that when I was with him, it made me feel one hundred percent safe. I loved that feeling. I had it in the beginning with Pete, but only lasted for so long until it started to get uncomfortable. I started feeling more and more like a possession rather than a companion to another human being. I would have never even thought about hurtin Pete in any way, but the more I was accused to being with another guy, the more I just wanted to break it off, but then it seemed like every time I thought about breaking it off, he would do something that would make it all better. Like before he left a rose, and today, who knows what it would be. The sun was shinning through my blinds and my cell phone was beeping letting me know that there was more new voice messages on my phone. I sighed, rolling over I grabbed my phone. It was a text message from Zacky.

'I love you, and I know you love me too. Meet me at the Park around 6 tonight. You know which one.'

My heart caught in my throat and I swear I must have stopped breathing. What the hell was going on?
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