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You'll Thank Me

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Aphrodite see's that Archie likes Atlanta and so does Jay and Theresa. But she works on them first. (the sequel will be about Jay and Theresa this one is about A/A!!!Like i Promised!!!)

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2006-09-20 - Updated: 2006-09-21 - 225 words

Aphrodite watched the four teens carefully. She could see the romance..and she loved it!!! But she had to get them together! There was a lovely love story here to be made and it was all up to her.

She called Neil in her solitarium.

"Neil dear!! May i see you?"

Neil walked into her solitaruim.

"Yes Miss Aphrodite?" he took off his MP3.

"What do you know about Archie. Atlanta, Jay and Theresa?"

"haha! well first of all! Archioe's totally into Atlanta but she totally doesn't know and he's like wayyy to afraid to tell her. And Jay and Theresa...Jay totally likes her but makes it really hard to see but i can tell, Theresa totally likes him too, have you noticed how she's always right behind him? And Jay's usually the first one to come to her aid? And Archie totally cares for Atlanta and I think Atlanta may have a tiny soft spot for him, but i say archie just has to confess"

"uhh, thank you may go" It was really funny when he spoke too fast sometimes.

She had to come up with an idea for Archie and atlanta to get together....but how???

"That's it!!!" she snapped. And ran off to go see Dyonisus.

haha, hoped you like it so far. What's aphridite up to??
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