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Aphrodite's Spell get's to the Test.

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What's aphrodite doing?

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Aphrodite walked to Dyonisus's solatarium.

"Dyonisus!!!I need you to do a favour for me" she startled him

"Ah! Oh yes, what is it Aphrodite?"

"Remember the cupid potion? I need you to create it again" She said gleefully.


Archie and Atlanta had gone for a jog in the park.

"Hey Archie your going to eat my dust!!!!"Atlanta shouted as she ran passed people in the park.

"Not if I can help it!!!!" Arcie yelled back.

They we're racing to the Brownstone house.
Atlanta was winning (Again). Archie was not that far behind...
He was catching up, Atlanta glanced over her shoulder at him.
She took whole speed forward.

"Ha! And I win again!!!!"Atlanta yelled.

Archie was huffing and puffing.

"Best..3 out...of four...."Archie exclaimed. Well trying to....

"Arch, last time you said best two out of three, and i won..haha...three out of three"Atlanta said proudfully.

"Fine, I need a break anyway"Archie walked through the door and plumped on the couch.

"Went for another jog?" JAy cam ein through the door.

"Yeah and i totally smoked him!" Atlanta exclaimed.

"Well it's no my got super speed"Archie said still huffing and puffing a bit.

Jay and Atlanta laughed.

Then Theresa came in. "What's so funny here?"she asked.

"Haha, nothing I just beat Archie again"Atlanta said.

"Oh, haha, hey I'm going to see Persephone, see you later!" Theresa said picking up her bag about to head out the door, Jay stopped her.

"i uhh, I'll come with you!" Jay said, then turned around and looked at archie smiling.

"Yeah, I'm going to take a shower" Archie said.

"Well see you later guys!" Theresa and Jay said then headed towards Theresa's car.

"So do you mind me driving for once?" Jay asked still with smile on his face.

"Nice try" Theresa said back with a smile on her face.

They hopped in. "So what you up to?"Theresa asked.

"Huh?" JAy said. Was it abvious he liked her and just wanted to be wit her?

Theresa rolled her eyes. "Why do you need to go to the school? You have an appointment with Hera?"

"Uh, yeah!" Jay said.

"Haha, okay"She put the key in the ignition and drove off.

He loved the way she drived...How her hair blew in the air how she stomped her feet on the petal. She parked at the back of the school.

They walked in the door and got to the janitor's closet. Jay put his madallion in the slot, it turned around and the door opened.

They walked in a the door closed they pulld the string and came the blue portal. They walked through it.

Jay had no idea what he was going to do while Theresa went to go see Persephone..he just wanted to spend time with her.


Atlanta came back from her shower and plumped her body on the couch.
She turned on the TV and flipped through the channels.

"No, No, No WAY!, Not this, definitely not that!" Atlanta said while she flipped and saw all lame channels.

Then grumbled and just shut the TV off. She pouted and put her arms across her chest. Then Archie came in with jeans and a white T-shirt and drying off his hair wiyth a white towel. he swung the towel on his shoulder showing his purple hair.

"What's a matter?" He saw the look on Atlanta's face.

"Huh?..oh nothing." she stood up and walked the the kitchen and grabbed a banana.

Archie followed her and sat down at the table.

"Well..." archie said.

Atlanta just starred at him, chewing her banana.

"Odie, Herry, and Neil went to go the movies, Jay and Theresa are at the school...What do you want to do for the day?" Archie asked.

Atlanta swallowed the bite she took from her banana.
"I don't know" she said. "What do you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't know I was asking you."

"Oh, well do you want to go..."Atlanta was thinking.

Archie sat there starring at her. He had the whole day with her...she was soo beautiful the way she looked puzzled or whenever she was thinking...And soo cute..when she was mad.

"what?" she said.

"Oh" he blushed. "Nothing..just waiting for a response" he said.

she laughed. "Okay"


Jay walked Theresa to Persephone's solatarium.

"Well see you" he said with a smile.

"Yeah, see you" she smiled back and waved good-bye and walked into her room. "Theresa!" Jay could hear persephone say as the door shut.

Jay walked around the school until he got to Dyonisus's office. He heard him and Aphrodite talking.

They had mention, his name, Theresa's , Archie and Atlanta's.

He peeked through a bit. He made a little noise by stepping on a rocking wood in the ground.

Uh oh he thought he ran to the gym. Aphrodite and Dyonisus looked outside. Then shrugged.

Jay walked back to see if they we're still looking. He had tp hear what they had to say. He knew he was being nosy but he just had to hear. Then once he was about to peek through the door until Aphrodite came out. "Ah! Jay!" she said.

She jad something in her hands. She put it behind her back.

"What are you doing here at the school?"

"Theresa had a meeting with Persephone and I just thought I'd walk her here" he said kind of blushing.

Aprodite smiled.

"Come in my office" she said.

He followed her. "Please..sit" she said.

He sat on one of her cushions.

She turned around and opened the bottle of the potion Dyonisus had made and put it in a cup of tea.

"Would you like some tea?" she asked.

"Oh, sure" she gave it to one of the assistants and told her to add sugar and milk in it.

"Jay?" she asked.

"yes miss aphrodite?"

"Tell me, Do you like Theresa?"

He blushed. He knew Aphrodite could tell, she was the goddess of love.

"Um yes" she said blushing rapidly.

She let out a smile.

"do you want herto like you?"

"Well, i don't want her to force her to like me, i'd like her to like me on my own, as a friend or.."

"a crush?" she said with a smile.

"Yeah..that" He grew even darker.

Her assistant handed her the tea.

"Thank you"

And she passed it to jay. "Thanks" he said.

"Your welcome dear, Now I have to see my beloved Hephaetus so please excuse me" she said as she left the room. "Please, make yourself feel at home" she said. then left.

"Thank Miss Aphrodite"

He sipped it once more and started to feel a bit strange. He left her solatarium. It was prabably all the sweet scents she had in her room was making him feel a bit sick.

Archie and Atlanta decided to just roam around the city. They took a walk and came to the school.

"Hey want to just..see what go inside..we have nothing better to do" Archie said.

"Sure" They walked inside.

"Let's go see what Hephaetus is up to...he might have made something new that's cool lately"

"yeah let's go" Atlanta replied.

They walked down the stairs to hephaetus' office.

Miss aphrodite was there. "Ah, Children, your here as well!" she said.

"Yeah, we just came by to see what cool new inventions Hephaetus had made." Atlanta said.

"Well I'm working on this new video game I thought Odie would like to try."Hephaetus said.

he knew what Aphrodite was up to. And thought he'd help put the potion on them.

"would you guys like to try it?" he asked.

"Sure" they both said.

"here put on these" Heph. said.

They put on these helmets just like the one Odie had.

Then Aphrodite put some of the potion into the device.

Archie and Atlanta we're competing each other on the game Dragon Slayer(just made it up, hope it actually doesn't exist)

Until they felt a bit weird.


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