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Almost complete

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What will happen to Archie and Atlanta??!!!!

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Atlanta felt dizzy....everything in the videogame was blurry. She blinked...

She couldn't take it, she felt like she was going to faint.

She took off the helmet.

Archie did the same.

Archie and Atlanta shook their heads.

"Whhoa...Hephaetus...I think you need to fix something?" Atlanta said still trying to adjust her eyes.


"Ah yeah, Atlanta did you feel that?"

He looked up at her.

She looked up at him.

For some reason Archie looked much different to Atlanta...

What was it about him? Was he a magnet?

"Atlanta? Hello? You okay?" Archie said.

She had this dreamy look on her face.

Archie felt a bit different too...he couldn't put his finger on it...

"Heph? Aphrodite?" Achie said, Atlanta was acting a bit strange...

"Shh...his treatment still needs to adjust a bit, see look at her." Aphrodite whispered to Hephaetus.

"Wonder where they went?..." Archie wondered.

"Atlanta!? Snap out of it!"

"Yeah...I'm sorry...are you a god?" She asked him.

"Huh?Atlanta what are you talking about?"

"Archie...I have to admit something..."

"What is it? Did you play a prank? Did you ask Heph and Aphrodite to go with it? Seriously...this is not funny!"


"What is it then?"

"Oh...never mind." She stood up.

" do you know where Hephaetus and Aphrodite went?" He wondered how many times he had asked that already.

"Don't know, prabably had to go see Hera. Come on let's go upstairs."

What was that all about? Archie wondered.


Jay felt a bit dizzy now...he had to sit down.

He sat down on the steps of the stairs just outside of Persephone's solitarium.

He saw Aphrodite and Hephaetus pass him. / Wasn't she just in the solitarium? /He didn't understand the gods. Aphrodite sounded excited about something. She said good-bye to Hephaetus and walked towards Persephone's office to where Theresa was being taught at the very moment.

"Oh hello Jay? You waiting for Theresa? It may take awhile..." Aphrodite exclaimed. It was all going accord to plan. Soon Theresa would drink the potion once she entered the room to give them tea.

"That's okay." Jay said, he really needed to rest anyway.

"Okay dear."

She walked in.

"Hey girls! I brought you some tea? Would you like some?" Aphrodite asked.

"Yes please." Theresa said. Mrs. Aphrodite handed her the left cup.

Jay watched as the door slowly closed.

He waited feeling very dizzy for 10 minutes soon the feeling died down a bit.

He always wished to see how Persephone taught Theresa...being physic was pretty cool...but he did not know that right now...ever sip Theresa drank drained a bit of Jay's dizziness.


oohhh, can u wonder what Theresa's and Atlanta's potion does? And what about Jay's and Archie's? oh yeah and just if ya wondering by Shh..look his treatment still needs to adjust a bit, see look at her. I really meant his and her. So try to figure it out! Suspicion...hmmm.

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