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The day arrives

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AN: I believe this story is coming to a close. I say that now, but I might be wrong. Enjoy this chapter anyway, I know you all will!

Title: "Someday I Will Understand" - Britney Spears


With the baby due any day now, Ryan sat at the breakfast bar with his laptop, making sure Tinsley never left his eye sight. She was lying on the couch, groaning. Her more painful contractions started a few days ago and would come and go with many hours in between them. Only today were her contractions happening more frequently. Ryan looked at her carefully; she was really keeping him on his toes with all this.

"I'm hungry!" Tinsley whined from her spot on the couch. Ryan stood up and asked her what she wanted.

"I don't know. I'd have to look. Help me up," she said. Ryan walked over and grabbed her hands and helped her slowly stand up. He couldn't believe how big so got so fast. Tinsley stretched when she got to her feet, and then slowly made her way to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and saw nothing that sparked her interest. So she made her way to the snack cabinets and reached up. As she stretched her arms out, she felt like she had suddenly just peed all over herself. She looked down at her sweatpants and saw they were soaked. She felt embarrassed but then a surge of pain went through her stomach and she grasped her belly, feeling a hard contraction. Trying to concentrate on her breathing, she yelled,

"Ryan! I think my water just broke!" Within seconds Ryan was by her side. He held her hand and rubbed her back. He yelled upstairs where the guys were, playing those fucking video games, and Spencer came down only to wish someone else would have.

"Can you grab that bag off Tinsley's bed?" he said, then glanced at her soaked sweatpants. "And maybe another pair of pants?" Tinsley nodded, wincing between the surges of pain.

Spencer quickly grabbed the bag off the bed and Holly off the floor. He told the guys that today was the day and said he'd meet them at the hospital later. Ryan had already taken Tinsley to the car and was feeling extremely anxious. The minute the door shut behind Spencer, Ryan pressed the gas and was headed to the hospital. Tinsley couldn't believe. She had never felt so unprepared in her life. She was scared out of her mind and she looked over at Ryan to try and find some comfort, but only saw fear on his face as well. Tinsley moaned and tried to breathe through the pain she was feeling. Holly reached forward to Tinsley and rubbed her arm, trying her best to be some sort of comfort during what was probably the most painful time of Tinsley's life. They arrived at the hospital twenty painful minutes later for Tinsley. Ryan and Spencer jumped out the car and ran inside to find someone to help her into the building.


Tinsley screamed out, the pain was just too much. She was squeezing Ryan's hand so tightly that his fingers were beginning to turn blue.

"Breathe and keep pushing, Tinsley! You're doing great," the doctor said trying her best to encourage Tinsley. Tinsley shook her head, she just couldn't continue. She felt so tired and worn. It was not unlike the dreams she had been having, the ones where it felt like her son was being ripped from her body. Ryan peaked over the cover that was covering Tinsley's legs and saw nothing. He sighed, the urge to hold his son was overwhelming, he just wanted to see him and touch him. Ryan reached over brushed Tinsley damp hair away from her face. She looked so tired. He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"You can do this," he whispered to her. She shook her head.

"I can't! It hurts too much," she replied. The doctor ordered her to push again but Tinsley felt like giving up. Ryan giving her hand a hopeful squeeze.

"Yes, you can. It'll be worth it, I promise," he added. Tinsley looked over at Ryan and he smiled at her cheerfully. Tinsley looked back down at the doctor who told her she needed to push now, or they were going to have to perform a C-section. Determined to make Ryan happy and to finally put this pain behind her, Tinsley gritted her teeth and pushed with all her might.

"Good! I see the head! A few more like that and you'll be all done!" the doctor replied. Tinsley nodded and pushed just as hard. For the next 15 minutes she continued, feeling like she was on the verge of passing out until she heard it the tiny crying sounds of a newborn baby.


Brendon and Brent waited outside impatiently with Spencer and Holly, all of whom were unable to hear anything that was going on in the room. Holly rested her head on Spencer when a jingle played over the intercom in the hospital. The jingle signaled the birth of a new baby.


Tinsley sat up a little and gazed down at her son. He had stopped crying and was just lying in her arms. He turned out to be seven pounds, twelve ounces and twenty one inches long. Reluctantly, she held the baby up for Ryan. Carefully, Ryan placed his arms underneath his son and felt like a huge void in his heart was suddenly filled. His ran his finger down his son's arm, stopping at the five tiny fingers, which wrapped themselves around one of his. They named him Brody George Ross.

"I love you, Brody," Ryan said softly, kissing his son on his small forehead. Brody tightened his grip on Ryan's fingers. "And I love you too, Tinsley. Thank you." Tinsley smiled.

"I love you too. Both of you," she felt so amazing just at that moment. The two men she loved most in this world were right in front of her. The look on Ryan's face was enough to make her want this moment to last the rest of their lives. And although she knew that the road ahead of them was going to belong and was guaranteed to be hard, she couldn't have wished for a better family.
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