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Brothers best friend

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Kate goes to boarding school. Does she get with noah or not?

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Chapter one Seeing Noah again

"Katie wake up you are going to be late. So get your ass out of that bed right now! Your brother is waiting for you at the school. Make sure you put the last of your boxes in the car." I heard my mother say when I was about to go back to sleep.

"OKAY I'M GETTING UP!" I yelled to my mom. So i did my usual morning routine. Which is I get my clothes for the day take a shower with my watermelon shampoo that is good for my curly hair. Use my watermelon body wash. When I was getting out of the shower I was thinking about my brother. I haven't saw him in a years. Because he goes to a high school that is private and my old middle school isn't. So yeah. Then i heard a bang on the door that got me out of my thoughts

"KATIE HURRY THE FUCK UP!" My mom yelled
"OKAY!" I yelled so i hurried up and got dressed. I don't know why my mom wants me to go to private school. But it will be good because i get to be with my best friend Stormy Rain I still don't know why her adopted parents named her that. Also, i get to be with my brother Jackson and his best friend Noah so they can protect me again like they used to do in middle school.

So I am already and i am carrying my last box to the car. I give my mom one last hug goodbye because i wont see her till i graduate which is stupid i know.

"I love you mom. Are you going to be okay being on your own."
"Yes, sweetie and i love you too now don't keep your brother waiting "

So i am at the school and i see Stormy, Jackson and Noah. Okay he has gotten hotter in a year. When i looked at him i remembered that I have had a crush on Noah for the longest time and never stopped liking him.

I pull the car up in front of Jackson Stormy and Noah. I got out and ran to Jackson and gave him the biggest hug in the would when I heard. "Bitch i am your best friend and you don't give me hugs like that." stormy said
"Slut jealous much and i do so give you same hugs everyday because we haven't seen each other in 9 hours no come here bitch. Oh and hi Noah. Now are ya'll gonna help me carry my shit to me and Stormy's dorm or what."
"Yeah about that they put you with Noah and i have no idea why but don't you dare get any ideas about touching him because he is my best friend n' you know our code and plus i know you have a crush on him little sis."
"oh and JACKSON no one knew that but you ugh bitch" I hear laughing and i realized the Noah and Stormy are laughing their asses off because me and Jackson always acted like this but we never did in front of them. And they didn't know i liked Noah. That's when i heard Noah say "I knew it pretty obvious I have known since we were five" "Yeah Kate its pretty obvious and i even knew because you never dated anyone. And plus when you day dreamed at the middles school you always wrote Noah's name in hearts. Shit did i just say that Katie i'm so sorry."

"No its fine since its already out there. Okay lets just move my stuff in me and Noah room i guess. Wait Stormy who are you rooming with then."
When i asked that she started to blush and be shy. No No No not with Jackson i was thinking
"Sorry Kate but she is my roommate." i heard my brother say as i was carrying my last box to my room/Noah's room.
"shit did i say that out loud." "yes Katie-Kate you did." Aw Noah's still using my nick name.

Noah POV

When I call Katie her nickname i gave her when she was ten she blushed like a red tomato. I always knew she had a crush on me and i have had a crush on her too. But her an her brother have a stupid code where they don't date each others best friends. I wish they never made that code or me and her would be together. All last year Jackson kept on talking about Stormy and he told me he had a huge crush on her. But he couldn't date her because she was best friends with Katie-Kate. I never told him i had a crush on his sister tho because he would of beat my ass.

So everyone left Katie and mine's room. "Katie i need to tell you something."
"LIKE What Noah that my best friend is sending my brother fucking googly eyes like i'm not here and him doing the same fucking thing and now their sharing A FUCKING room and i bet he is gonna break our fucking code. Even tho it is so hard for me to not touch you or kiss you or tell you that i love you while he is off having fun with my fucking best friend." She yelled at me but when she realized she said she loved me she started to walk out of the door so i grabbed her wrist.
"Don't go Katie."
"I shouldn't have said that now let go of me." I didn't let go and that's when I kissed her after two seconds she realized that I was kissing her she kissed back and that's when i felt sparks. Then she pulled back. "you shouldn't have kissed me and i shouldn't have kissed you back I'm sorry." And she left. I don’t know what to think. I love Kate and the fact she told me that she loved me and then tried to take it back hurts.

Kates POV:

I went to my brother’s dorm room. To tell him that I broke our code because I feel really bad because I don’t do stuff like that. So I knocked on his door. And Stormy answered “I really need to talk to Jackson alone plz Stormy you know I would do it front of you if it really wasn’t important.” “yeah sure bestie” Stormy walked out and I shut the door.
I started crying once I saw Jackson. “I am so sorry Jackson. Noah Kissed me and I kissed him back” I saw fist clench and unclenched over and over again while I was telling him. “But after I realized what we were doing I pulled back and ran here. Jackson I love him but our code keeps me from having him because I don’t want to hurt your friendship. I am a horrible sister and I am so sorry.” I broke down more when he hugged me noted the reaction, I thought he was going to have.
“Sis I knew it was going to happen. He loves you too. I can tell. I can’t be mad at you anyways because I just kissed stormy before you knocked.” I got out of his arms and had this shocked face on my face. “You what!! You kissed my best friend and didn’t say anything right when I told you me and Noah kissed you just clenched you fist. That is a dick move brother.” sigh “I can’t be mad at you anyways. So, what do we do now.”
“Well I guess we date each other’s best friend. Little sis I mean we both like them why not. But if he hurts you I will kill him” “And If you hurt stormy I will beat you up got it.” “Yes ma’ma when did you get all tough.” “Well after I didn’t have the protect of you and Noah in eighth grade I decided to take fighting classes and in eighth grade I was the most feared girl and whoever was my friends. That’s how”
“Did mom approve” “yes she did. She is the one who signed the papers. She said it’s a good thing I am wanting to learn how to protect myself. Big bro” I punched his arm laughing
“OWWW! That hurt I guess you did learn a thing or two.” “Yeah yeah I did now go get your girl bro and ill get my guy. I love you and I missed this.” “I love you too and I missed this too little sis now go get your guy.”
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