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Getting hurt

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Will Noah want to date Kate or not?

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I was running back to Noah’s and I room because I wanted to tell him that me and him can finally be together. As I am opening the door I am saying “Noah Jacksssooon What is this.” I saw Noah kissing someone that looks like a slut so she probably is. “Kate it’s not what it looks like.” “Yeah suuurrreee Noah so you where the fuck boy everyone was warning me about!! Noah, I came to tell you that Jackson said we can be together but clearly when you kissed me and I ran you had to find someone else to fuck with their feeling too huh. Noah Get The Fucking Slut Out Of My Fucking Room Now And You With Her!!!!!” “Kate please….” I put my hand up to stop him while shaking my head “Just go Noah please.” “Fine!” he said while leaving the room and slammed the door.
That’s when I broke down on my bed. I felt like my whole world came down crashing on me all at once. I keep on replaying the kiss in my head then the conversation with my brother to that fight. Is it bad that all I want is Noah to comfort me when he did this to me? I don’t know if I should have snapped but he was with that slut. Idk anymore. He has broken me and it hurts. Is this what a heartbreak feels like? After crying for an hour, I fell asleep.
I woke up to someone cry. So, I turned over to see who it was and it was Noah on the phone. “I don’t know why you would think I would hurt her on purpose. I love her Jackson. Brittany told me if I didn’t kiss her, she would hurt your sister so me being in love with your sister. I kissed Brittany the she walked in and we had a fight. What should I do bro.” I heard silence for a couple minutes “sure thing and thanks for not killing me… Yeah... Yeah ik it won’t happen again and if it does I will not do it to her. I am looking at her rn and I could she cried herself to sleep. It hurts me to know I hurt the once girl I wanted since it was 6 Jackson…Yeah you get some sleep okay see you tomorrow.” I turned over and acted like I was asleep so he doesn’t think I heard that conversation. But all I could think is that he loves me.
Then I hear him walk over to my bed and I can feel is sink and then I hear. “I know your awake my princess.” “Noah you really hurt me just so you know.”
Noah POV:
“Noah you really hurt me just so you know.” When I heard that I felt broken I feel really bad about kissing Brittany but she said if I didn’t, she would kill Kate and I couldn’t have that so I kissed her. “Yes I know I hurt you and I am so sorry princess. But I did it so you didn’t get killed or anything. I did it to protect you.” “Noah I love you and everything but its going to take me awhile to forgive you. I need you to be patient with not saying I would never date you or anything. But can we just take this slow.” “yes, anything for you my princess. Now get some sleep you and I got class.” I told her. I bend down and kissed her on her forehead. And I seen the smile that I love seeing. “I love you too my princess.” Was the last thing I said to her before she fell asleep. I went to my bed and tried to sleep but couldn’t.
I can’t believe my dad told Brittany to kill the love of my life. Why was he a gang leader and why do I have to take over when I graduate high school. And the thing is he wants me to marry Brittany and I want to marry Kate but I don’t want to put her in danger. Brittany told me that my dad wants me to take over in three years when was supposed to be in five years. By now I have been tossing and turning when my alarm went off. And I knew it was time to get up. I look up an I see Kate over my face with a smile on her face.
“Good morning princess.” Was all could say before she attacked my lips. I felt sparks like I have never felt before. She opened her mouth a little and that when I took my chance and I put my tongue in her mouth and started to explore it. She put her tongue in my mouth. So now we are fighting for dominance. After two minutes I won. After a while we pull apart. Not because we wanted to because I need air and so did my princess. I see her blushing and smiling. I start smirking. “What?” “I thought you said you wanted to take it slow.” “Well the alarm went off and I seen how cute you were and I wanted to kiss you Bae.” “I need to tell you something.”
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