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Chapter 4

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 4

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Alright ^^ after awhile, returned with new chapters. So, this time, vampire Kyo encounters familiar redhead hunter. Now it's up to this vampire how this meeting end...

Back to presence~ Almost a month has passed until new full-moon has risen once again. It was a night when Kyo supposed to see the redhead vampire hunter again, however, he decided to not to. Not after being so utterly defeated…or at least, until he regains a little more strength. He was simply too weak even to face even a pesky human. Besides, who knows, whenever it was a plan to lure this vampire into a trap, if so, it was too obvious trick. So, too bad if this foolish human going to wait and freeze to death, because this brunette ain’t going anywhere today or at least anywhere close to that abandoned chapel. Surely, just who does he think is he to make fun of this vampire? However, he would have his revenge…somehow? Or so though this brunette while he was on his way to cemetery.

After awhile, he reached cemetery. It was such a calm evening, only the rustle of tree leaves disturbed peace here. Not a single living spirit in sight, just this vampire chilling out by leaning against on some unknown solder’s grave. Just a sound of crumpled piece of this gray stone returned this vampire to the earth. After he shakes off the dirt from his hand, he looks around and panics for second. That person looked familiar and right now this vampire wanted to leave as fast as he could. Even if this foolish human might didn’t noticed him yet, it was much wiser not to wait for until it happen.

However, when Kyo turned around, he accidentally stepped on old crunchy branch. Now he closed his yes and hoped that this foolish human didn’t heard that. Humans don’t have such a good hearing, do they? So, he should be fine, right? Though this vampire. But now he jolted when heard voice behind him ‘‘Stop right here.’’. Now Kyo slowly turned back and while pretending like fool and pointing finger at him self, asked innocently ‘‘Eh? Are you talking to me? I think that you mistaken me for someone else, mister.’’ and the redhead hunter approached him closer, but Kyo took a step back. He wore the same outfit like on their first encounter - long dark red leather coat with white crescent moon on the back, same color pants, black color biker gloves.

This vampire continued his acting, hoping that this pester leave him alone ‘‘Hey, mister, are you lost? You know, it’s dangerous to walk here alone. Someone might attack or kill you~’’. However, this redhead hunter kept his poker-face on and answered ‘‘Like you did last time, vampire? ’’ these words surprised this brunette and indignantly said ‘‘Oi, watch your mouth, human! Be grateful that now I am still in good mood or else-’’, but he was interrupted by this redhead speech with slight mockery ‘‘Or else you will taste my whip again. You sure bark loud, but barely can bite back, vampire.’’.

That’s it, this brunette won’t stand any longer being taunted by this arrogant bastard. Now he putted his hands into jeans’ pocket and took a closer step to vampire hunter. After he thrusts his chest, Kyo replied ‘‘Don’t act so though just because you defeat me once. It was a first and the last time.’’ after he with-draws his chest, this vampire asks ‘‘But you come here not just to mock me, did you? What do you want from me, Mister Vampire Hunter?’’. After this redhead fixed his redcoat’s collar, he cracked a smile and replied ‘‘It was rather you, who insulted me with your poor skills. Listen closely, vampire. I need information from you.’’.

However, this brunette walked through him and when he was behind this hunter’s back, turned his head and replied ‘‘What if I don’t tell you?~ I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is that all? then I hope that we won’t meet again.’’ and now this vampire continued to walk on his way. But after awhile, he suddenly stopped and widened his eyes.

Something small and so fast flied through his face. He didn’t even had time to move or react and now he felt that some kind of liquid was running down on his cheek. After he wiped his cheek with one hand, he looked and noticed that his palm was bloody. This vampire whispered in higher pitch voice ‘‘What a hell?’’ now he gritted his teeth. When he turned around, he noticed that this redhead’s coat exposed his pants on which there was a belt. On it’s left side there was attached a small leather bag with five or six knives inside. He was also holding a small knife and was ready to launch it at any time. Vampire hunter replied in stricter tone ‘‘It was only a warning, you can’t just leave yet. Next time I won’t miss it. So, why don’t you answer couple of my questions and then I may let you go. ’’. Kyo only rised one of his eye-brows and suspiciously stared at this redhead.

What is inside this human’s mind? He surely doesn’t look trustful yet this vampire tested his luck by approaching vampire hunter closer. Maybe it was mistake, but he felt that it wasn’t a good idea to test how much patience has this person. Now this redhead with-draws his knife and puts back into knife bag. It seems that this creature is smarter than he looks like, or so hoped vampire hunter. Besides, it would a huge waste to even one of sub-weapons, after all, they weren’t so cheap and it was also more than annoying to get them.

However, this redhead now also was proven that this brunette wasn’t just some annoying brat, who asks for trouble. This brunette’s wounded cheek has slowly healed in front of him and now he asked, despise that he looked upset ‘‘What do want, human?’’. This redhead now opened his coat and was looking for something on his inner chest pockets. After brief time, he took couple of slightly ruffled papers and shown them to Kyo, who now gave him a questioning look. But now this vampire hunter said in serious tone ‘‘These are reports from the next day since our last meeting.’’ Kyo just cracked a smile and asked ‘‘And what do I have to do with this? Don’t tell me that you’re accusing me for someone else foolishness. Besides, whatever it was, don’t you think that is a little bit too late to change anything? You’re too slow, Mister Vampire Hunter~’’ after he mockingly swooshed his hair, he waited how does this redhead will react.

It seems that the vampire hunter still remain as calm and unaffected as before and he simply replied ‘‘Well, it should concern you more than you expect, vampire.’’ after short pause he continued ‘‘Answer my question. There was a murder and the victim looked like it barely resembled a human being anymore - it was only a wrinkled skin bag… Aside that, on victim’s neck there were two spots like it was bitten one of your kind. Do you know or heard anything about it?’’.

Kyo lowered his gaze for a second and looked slightly guilty, but after awhile, he looked at the vampire hunter and confidently replied ‘‘Oh, you meant that stupid woman? Yeah, she was okay, I guess. So, what is all about?’’. This redhead didn’t expected such a honest answer, however, this vampire still wanted to finish his speech and now with more mockery in his voice ‘‘Was it your girlfriend or something? If so, you can only blame yourself and next time try to be more careful~’’. This brunette started to walk around the vampire hunter so freely and lightly. After one good circle, he stopped just observe how this vampire hunter going to react.

However, such a carefree behavior of this vampire started to irritate him, so, through his gritted teeth he said ‘‘I told you to behave. That also includes keeping yourself from a trouble, vampire.’’ and Kyo’s smug look was immediately wiped from his face, he took a closer to vampire hunter and replied ‘‘Are you telling me that you gonna forbid me from having food?! Not only that I already been starving for days, but now you shown up and beat shit out of me. Of course, I would needed more energy!…’’ this vampire’s hands were already shaking and now he lowers his head.

After shakes his head, he returns his gaze to this redhead and tried to continue in slightly calmer tone ‘‘Human, don’t act so high, you might regret it. Food is food, no matter how you look at it. Besides, you humans do hunt and kill for food too. So, why we are worse? You are no better or worse than any animal yet you act like you’re on top of this chain. So, when you kill it’s okay. As long as your own comforted ass is okay you don’t seem to be so bothered. However, when someone else hunts you for same reason, you simply can’t stand it…No, you go for even worse punishments…Listen human, even if I didn’t had done what I’ve already done, that woman would had a worse fate than death. Do you know what she did?’’

This vampire hunter didn’t said a word just continued to listen to that long speech ‘‘After I managed to stand up, I desperately seek for anyone just to get enough energy at least for healing wounds. Fortunately, I felt a presence of couple people in a forest. However, after taking a better look, I saw only one person standing in same spot and it looked like crying and holding something down too. After I closely looked, I noticed that this woman was holding a long bloody knife. These blades were still dripping some blood, so, maybe that other energy belonged to the person, whom she killed. I could still hear through sobbing that she was apologizing to someone. Heck, now I had to act quickly, that woman was about kill herself with that knife!’’

Kyo looked concerned while he was telling his story ‘‘Do you have any idea what kind of waste it would been? So much of value food could gone for nothing! I couldn’t let it happen…who knows, how long I would still lasted without energy. However, maybe the luck was on my side, after all. This foolish human accidentally noticed me yet now looked at me with those sad and lifeless eyes. However, she was still holding that bloody blade so close to her throat, but somehow I managed to hit that knife from her hands. Now that woman just looked at me dumb-folded yet was ready to burst into tears again.’’

Now this brunette face-palmed and looked back vampire hunter ‘‘What I supposed to do? I…I was too hungry and exhausted, so, my instincts took over me after I sank my fangs into that woman’s neck and…that’s all I can remember...After I returned to senses, I found that she was lying dead like this.’’. After couple minute of pause this brunette asked ‘‘So, what are you going to do by knowing this?’’ but this redhead’s poker-face was broken when he cracked a smile yet tried not to loose his patience.

Finally, he spoke up, but remain that stricter tone ‘‘You want to say that you could still save this person yet you killed her just because of your primal instincts?…You sure are lucky that you weren’t spotted…’’ this vampire replied with mocking look on his face ‘‘Hmph! Are you saying that I should have spared one person’s life for hundreds of people? ’’ now this redhead gave him questioning look, however, Kyo continued ‘‘Are you sure that you’re not just wannabe? Because you vampire hunters should know it about your target better or else you may die~…’’.

This brunette lowered his gaze for a second ‘‘You see, feeling physical pain is one thing. It came and it went off eventually. The same thing with wounds…However, there is something worse than any pain. If vampire can’t satisfy their hunger for long time, then vampire’s mind can be taken over by how you humans call - instincts. It happens slowly tho. But when it happens…’’ this vampire now has paused for awhile ‘‘You cannot redo the damage or return back to your senses. After this stage, nothing can help. I saw it once and even if that vampire had gentle and calm nature…’’ he couldn’t finish this sentence, the words just simply stuck in his throat.

Kyo just clenched his fists and eventually relax his palms. Maybe this redhead accidentally triggered some of unwanted memories for this vampire, who knows, but then, he shouldn’t feel bad for his possible target, or so thought this redhead. However, despise that this vampire continued, but this time with slight melancholy ‘‘Hey, Mister Vampire Hunter, don’t you call this selfishness? You would let hundreds of people die for one person, who can kill themselves at any second…Funny, isn’t it? I was near on edge of being taken over by that dark voice and my head ached so badly that I wanted to smash it so that I could still die with having my own mind. Fuck that, if my body was giving up on me or could like any second! It wasn’t as bad as dealing with that demon…Although, even if I had lost my senses, we would may still have encountered, human. However - ’’

This vampire surely got the attention of this redhead, who couldn’t remove his gaze from him and just listened without any interruptions ‘‘You would be fighting an empty shell fueled with nothing just pure instincts…Probably other hunters would have been already finished me before you-’’ that was the last drop of this vampire hunter’s patience. Now he roughly grabbed vampire’s hand and now started to drag him to some kind small stone building, which wasn’t too far from them. After this redhead violently opens the door and when they were both inside, he slammed the door behind them. Kyo barely even had time to understand what’s happening right now.
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