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Demon in the Church part 1/4

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 6: Demon in the Church part 1

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Okay, guess who finally shown up? You can say, once in hundred years Mina brings better(?) quality content....So, yeah, after dealing with unexpected one-shot projects, it means that I have time to on this project again (Yayyy~) This time decided to give incubus!Orochi his own arc. So, yeah, during this backstory arc, expect a lil backstory, more characters and brief info about Hunter guild in which there is one certain redhead ^^ . Anyway, like always, enjoy and have a nice time~

Month has passed and it seems that even the attack of one certain vampire, life in church was pretty calm. Aside one young priest named Shingo, no one had even the slightest idea that it happened in a very first place. No matter how you look at it, he didn’t looked suspicious and to this very day continued accomplish his duties as priest. Even his daily routine may seem too boring for any ordinary person. However, it can’t be said about one demon, who never ceased to be entertained by observing this human. That’s right, this incubus always keep his eyes on this brunette and making sure that he is safe and sound. After all, even if Shingo looked peaceful and calm person, probably a bit honest too, but he has committed a huge crime. Because of that he may not only could be dismissed from priest duties, but also put this silver-haired demon’s life in danger or rather his doom.

It happen about a year ago when one exhausted stranger asked for temporary shelter in the church. There was no way that Shingo would drive him away from this sacred place, he felt that it would be too cruel and it just object to what he was taught. Besides, this young man was so exhausted that he passed out when Shingo letted him in. After Shingo carried him to his room, he wanted to check if this young man with fluffy silver hair is not wounded or hurt. So, this brunette removed this silverhead’s black turtle-neck long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. It seems that the pendant with small purple stone caught the attention of this priest. Maybe it was only his imagination, but he felt a radiating weak demonic energy from this pendant. However, this brunette decide to ignore this and putted this silverhead into his bed while he decided to rest on floor.

The dawn of new day was breaking. After Shingo woke up, he firstly checked how was this stranger - it seems that he was still deeply sleeping. However, he wanted him to rest as much as he needed. So, when Shingo was prepared, he started another day by completing his duties. When he had more free time on afternoon, he decided to check how does this stranger was doing. It seems that this person was finally awake and just sitted on Shingo’s bed while crossing his legs. Later this stranger tells his story and from what this innocent looking silver-haired young man told, it appears that he just arrived into whole new place to him and wanted to start a new life here. So, he just temporary needs shelter until finds a job.

Week has passed and Shingo was kept feed with this tale, but he patiently waited until the day when this person would have enough confidence and leave. However, now this silver-haired man’s behavior started to worry this brunette. So-called ‘Orochi’ guy or so that’s how he introduced to this brunette later, not even touched the food or any drinks, which Shingo offered to him. When Orochi was asked why doesn't he wants anything, he simply replies that he appreciates the kindness of this young priest, but he shouldn’t worry about it. At the beginning, this brunette thought that maybe this Orochi guy was just a picky eater and maybe he had food outside the church. Or so, he tried to find reasonable explanation for this silverhead’s behavior. Aside this, nothing seemed to caught this priest eye.

Everything else looked fine, however, if there wasn’t for one small detail, Orochi is almost at sight of Shingo or at least most of time. This silverhead most of the time was innocently following this brunette. He didn’t really minded this, but Shingo tried to convince himself that at least this young man does not cause any trouble. But even so, he started to sense more powerful dark energy around this guest. Maybe by mistake he obtained a cursed pendant? Right now Shingo wanted to talk about this with Orochi.

It was a calm evening and like usually when this brunette returns, he is always greeted with seeing Orochi in his room. This time he was reading a book on Shingo’s arm-chair while rested his head on his hand and crossed his legs, but as soon as he heard how this brunette enters the room, he lifts his gaze to him. Now he asks this brunette ‘‘Shingo, you look so worried, did anything happened?’’, now he putted book away on coffee table next to him and waits for this brunette’s answer. This brunette tried his best by not clenching his hands into a fist and replied in soft yet slightly concerned tone ‘‘I wanted to talk with you about one thing.’’

This silverhead only rised one of his eye-brows and listened what this brunette wants to say ‘‘That pendant…It’s a tool of occultism. So, I want you to get rid of it. Otherwise, your soul might be corrupted by the devil.’’, however, this silver-haired young man chuckled and replied ‘‘Is that so? What if it is an old family's relic? Your god cannot do anything about it even if it is possessed by wicked spirits.’’ now Orochi gave him a smug look, but Shingo replied while trying not to loose his patience ‘‘You poor child…then your family didn’t realized that this small stone radiates a dark energy and it gets stronger day by day. I understand how you value this pendant, but for your own sake, destroy it before it’s too late.’’

This young priest was surprised that this young man voluntary removed the necklace with oh-so-cursed stone and now after he approached Shingo, tells in more playful tone ‘‘If that’s so, then I’ll entrust it into the hands of this faithful god’s servant’s hands~’’ now he gently took this brunette’s hand into his hands and after placing pendant, he closes Shingo’s palm gently saying ‘‘Please, take care of it, Shingo~’’ and before he left the room, this brunette was left speechless, but this silverhead replied in gently tone ‘‘Don’t worry, I’ll be fine and return as soon as I can~ I just need to take care of some business.’’

When this young man left the room, Shingo still remained at same spot while carefully holds this pendant. Now he places that hand near his heart and lowers his gaze. Strange, but he didn’t felt any dark aura around it anymore. It was like any other item in this room. More important, how did this person, knew what he planned to ask? Maybe, this brunette was more predictable than he though. He just murmured ‘‘No, I just got too tired…’’. Instead of going to sleep, he decided to wait until this person returns safely on his armchair. However, after good hour he didn’t noticed how he fell asleep. When Shingo awake, he felt that something was around his shoulders, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he noticed that there was a blanket placed on him. Later he notices that Orochi already returned, but now deeply sleeping. Just when did he returned last night? But the very little he know that soon he will see the true face of this guest.
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