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Demon in the Church part 4/4

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 9: Demon in the Church part 4

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Aaaah~ and finally the 4th part aka the conclusion of this arc. Fun fact, this whole arc was inspired by one of my favorite songs called - Alluring Secret~Black Vow~ . sigh and 96neko's version still very best to this very day ^~^ Anyway, like usual, thank you for your support! ^^ And enjoy~

It was a nearly midnight, this brunette was so deeply asleep in his bed that it seemed that nothing could ever disturb his slumber. So innocent and calm, like there was no worries or threat, without realizing about upcoming his own death. Even the moonlight through his window made appearance just say ‘good-bye’ to this young priest. However, he is just an ordinary human and should be treated as any other prey or so was thinking this young man with silver hair.

As he takes a deep breath, he rises his hand in the air while making a fist. Slowly he closes his eyes. When he exhales and slowly lowers his right arm, he releases his fist and began to change and reveal his true form. Where finger tips were brushing near him in the air, the horizontal line of white line was surrounding and scamming downwards. His silver fluffy hair was rustled and now this demon opens his bright red eyes. Black turtle-neck shirt now was changing to black leather open chest vest which was held together by big cross stitches, his trousers become body-stocking, same color and material, but open on each outer side of thighs and stitched in same wide cross pattern. His nails now were dyed in ebony and as he fully opens his palm, he shakes-off the light line, which now scattered into tiny glittering dust, which dimmed as their settled down on floor.

Now demon slowly approaches this brunette, who was still sleeping. After sitting next the priest on bed, Orochi leans closer to his face and gently brushes his palm against his cheek. It was the fault of that blue-haired huntress and her appearance here. She already suspects and probably know who was this silver demon and just waits to attack him. All he needed is more time to fully recover his true power and then this boy in front of him would be still alive. Maybe later on Orochi would have repaid this brunette's kindness for sheltering him for such a long time. After all, this unfortunate boy could simply kicked him out but he did not, instead that, he patiently waited until this silver-haired young man would feel confident enough and be ready to leave on his own. In the end, the time spent in the church with this priest surely was great plus now he started to enjoy observing and learning more about human beings, not as simple prey to satisfy his hunger.

However, now it was different than he expected or wanted to be. The more he though, the more he started to hesitate and finish this priest like any other victim of his. If he gets life force from Shingo, then facing this huntress shouldn't be any problem and eventually getting revenge on same human who betrayed him. Yet this seems too difficult now and in the end, he can't kill this human. So, after gently ruffling this brunette's head, he took a better look how calmly asleep this servant of god. When Orochi left the bed and when he was getting closer to the window, he was stopped by a concerned voice behind him ‘‘Who are you? What are you doing here?’’ as he looked behind, this demon notices that Shingo was fully awake yet looked shocked ‘‘A demon?! H-how did you…’’ but after realizing who is this person, this brunette gets up and step by step approaches this demon. Now this brunette was still in denial yet he told with concern in his voice "...Wait. You. You are Orochi, right? That energy. It is the same. No doubt that you are him...But then, why?...Why didn't you told this?".

This silver-kind demon now cracked a smile and mockingly gazed ‘‘Fufufu~ You foolish human, you work for church - I am a demon. Therefore, I wouldn’t trust a human being, who will perish the sinner souls like mine. You humans are more cold-hearted killers and brutal than any living beast. Any other species than yours already a horrific monster to you no matter what - even live peacefully and you ready to back-stab and declare your ‘holy justice’ upon us. Disgusting. Unforgivable! Yet you church people are the worst! You can slay in so-called god’s name and justify your actions remaining so pure and kind to people. You are nothing than just sinners yet acting like saint…’’ after short pause this demon gets serious and continues ‘‘However, even after living for hundreds of years in this world, maybe you humans did changed a bit.’’.

Now Orochi leans against the wall and hold his arm, then he started to confess ‘‘ After a long and exhausting fight against one of your kind, I was utterly defeated. That’s why I wanted to have my revenge at least feasting on one of you. However, I was too weak and couldn't even lay a finger on you when we first met...As time went on, while I was hunting for food at same time I observed and waited until you finally realize who I am. Maybe then, it would be a worthy revenge when a priest would shiver in fear and terror after making a terrible mistake by taking a demon under his care. However, even so, you had understanding who I was, I know you did, I could read your mind so easily, yet you pretended like nothing happened and treated me the same as before. Why? That what I wanted to know.

After continuing observe you, I gave up on killing you, because you seemed too pure, naive and kind. Shingo, even if you know who I am you still do not carry any hatred upon me. You do not need to read mind for that, it is written on your face. That’s why I cannot put you in danger any longer.’’ now he turned to windows side and climbed on windowsill. Before taking his leave, Orochi turned back for the last time but now with sadness on his face and said in bitter-sweet tone ‘‘Farewell. We won’t meet again.’’, even if this priest tried to reach for the demon, it was already too late. With the sound of flapping wings demon left…There was no time even to get upset about the sudden revelation and departure.

Second later, Shingo heard the sound of this incubus gasping and then crashing into the ground. He didn’t hesitated and rushed downstairs to check what happened. Demon or not, it didn’t mattered, this person maybe in danger, so, he had to act quick. God may still forgive him for helping this cursed kind. After all, demons were once an angels, but they just got strayed away from all-mighty lord and that’s why they were perished from heaven, or so this brunette recalls right now. So, maybe if he helps this demon to get into right path, then this demon’s soul would be saved too.

When Shingo arrived and trying to regain his breath, he was alerted that this silver-demon was kneeling on one knee and while lowered his head hardly panting. His one hand was on his chest and holds something bloody. While through groaning Orochi rises his head, he addresses to the blue-hair huntress, who was standing in front of him ‘‘…You little-…How dare you to cowardly attack me? You going to regret this, pesky child…’’. After he slowly stands up, with one sudden movement, he pulls out knife and tossed it on grass. The hole on his chest already started to heal and now he gave ice-cold gaze with filled hatred for this lady. However, Leona kept her poker-face and stands still yet in defensive pose. So, she was right, it was no mistake, it is the same demon, who terrorizes people.

There were now enormous amount of dark energy around this demon, whose irises shrank like snakes and watching down upon his unfortunate victim. With sweet menace in his voice, incubus said ‘‘What’s the matter, huntress? Did you bitten more than you can swallow?~’’ he just delightfully closed his eyes and after opening, he continues ‘‘So, this how it is…What an unfortunate creature are you~ Too bad that I am your first target. But please, entertain me, my beautiful huntress. So, come!’’ and now he cracked a smile.

After the silver demon charged at this huntress, he pulled razor sharp long nails to slash his opponent into pieces with one arm. Yet Leona instinctively rolled to the left and dodged this attack. However, this demon didn't letted this huntress take a breath and now slashed with his other arm. Another dodged attack yet this time, the sharp nails bruised this lady’s arm. Poor huntress could only kneel while covering her wounded upper arm. This demon only chuckled and now while looking from above, he told ‘‘What’s the matter? Is it the best you can do? You just running like a little mouse…’’

Meanwhile Shingo’s knees already gave up on him and he could just silently observe. Even if it was wiser not to interface, as simple human, he wouldn’t able to help plus this demon didn’t cared about anything else rather than killing. Yet he naively believed that demon would be stopped before it’s too late.

While this huntress starred at this incubus and looking so serious and calm, deep inside that blazing spirit to defeat this demon become even brighter. So, while Orochi letted guard down for brief moment, Leona reached a bottle of holy water behind her back and with no hesitation launched at this him and at same time jumps back. Fortunately, this silver-being manged to block this ambush attack with his crossed arms. However, now he gritted his teeth and hissed. The glass shards of the bottle were nothing compared to the corrosive as strong acids holy water. Where this forsaken liquid splashed, it left ebony deep burns up to the elbows.

Even so, now Leona pushed one knee forward and bends. With one sudden move, she draws her two blades and charges at demon. Once she faces the demon, she sends high kick into the face yet Orochi quickly blocks with elbow. Another followed kick from another side - same block. However, each time time it was more painful and Orochi felt like sooner or later his arms won’t listen. After another couple times like this and blue-haired huntress started to feel exhausted yet she didn’t gave up.

It was time to put the shining blades to use. Leona shown no mercy upon her enemy and while demon hardly panted, she crossed her arms and with both blades unleashed x-shaped slashing wave. Surely, it would be enough to finish demon and bring his head to the guild…

The sound of spread and flapped leather wings and torn skin echoed on this battlefield. Orochi managed to spread his both wings and used them as shield. The flesh of ebony wings was ripped and barely there were left any remains of them. Even the visible bones of wings were torn apart either broken. This incubus was barely standing but still refused to admit his defeat. However, it seems that something was wrong…

All of sudden Orochi felt an omnious aura near him, once he looks up, he notices the source of it. Now he chuckles in deeper tone and mockingly says ‘‘So, this how it is? Neither belong in human world nor in ours. A Wicked Child. To think that I would meet such a rare creature…You finally shown your true colors yet you already consumed by the power of our kind. That’s so unfortunate~’’. It was no secret that despise it was silent metamorphosis, but aside dark energy around this huntress, her left eye was glowing in bloody glowing crimson. Yet it seems that the consciousness of blue-haired huntress faded, but her body tried to fight with power of demon inside her. No, it was rather a rejection reaction…

She was all shaking and just covered her forehead with one palm which still holds one of knives. It was too painful for her. However, Orochi used this suffering on his advance and now as he rises his arm and slowly stands up, he lifts huntress into air by telekinesis. Right now, Leona was like being crushed by invisible force and barely could move. Demon only sadistically smiles "Don't misunderstand me, human. Even if I can't use all my powers, it's enough to finish your pathetic and miserable life~". When it seemed such a desperate situation, this lady managed to move one her arm - one sudden move and huntress throws her knife to pierce incubus' heart.

The victim of this battlefield has fallen. Huntress was released from demon grasp but managed to land on feet. Drops of unfortunate creature has splashed on this maiden's pale face. It seems that now Leona returned to her senses too.

Blue-haired huntress could hear her own heartbeat. Her eyes were now filled terror and suddenly she fell on her knees, dropping her weapons. That blood…it wasn’t demon’s, her knife was now stained with blood of young priest. This young man finally lowered his spreaded arms for shielding incubus from huntress’ cold-hearted judgment. Even if Orochi was in shock as well, he catches Shingo in his arms. Poor brunette was leaning against demon’s chest and hardly panting. The blade still remained inside the right shoulder as young priest outfit now was dyed in red. Despise being like this, Shingo smiles and weak voice tells ‘‘What a relieve…at least, you back to normal, Oro-…’’, however, this brunette couldn’t finish his sentence as he closes his eyes.

For the first time this demon was afraid about human’s life and how fragile it is. It takes just a little and it may dim as candle in the wind, so fast by just mere touch…Despise that mankind’s fate is bitter and hard yet these pathetic creatures aim to find their happiness either for themselves, either by selflessly living for sake of others, relieving their suffering.

This demon lived long enough in this world to see the true colors of humans and how all of them are rotten to the core - even the most innocent look can hide such a twisted and disgusting nature deep inside. Their appearance and behavior - it doesn’t really mattered. They all desire the same - fortune, wealth, power, huge influence…this incubus could satisfy all these needs on one night for such a little price as part of their life force. However, that mankind’s nature, it is what take their lives away by this demon. Humans are too greedy and ready to let their souls devoured by him just for that temporally but ultimate blissful moment.

However, right now not everything is lost...It seems that this brunette only fainted yet Orochi wanted to save the life of this poor young man, even if he was one of the kind, which this demon despised the most. The demon looked at huntress with sorrowful yet mixed with anger gaze and almost growled at her ‘‘Hurry up…’’. Leona was frozen in shock after nearly killing someone, however, Orochi said in more clearly ‘‘What are you waiting for? There is no time. This human will die!…Save him.’’.

He perfectly knew about the justice of this world and how it’s working. That’s why he cannot risk this poor boy’s life. Even if he would have good intentions, humans first would let out all hatred on him and execute demon rather than saving this priest. This silver demon didn’t want to admit, but in the end, he had to entrust this brunette’s safety to blue-haired huntress. After Orochi stands up while supporting unconscious Shingo, he carefully hands-over him to Leona and now while he lowered his head, tried to sound calm ‘‘You can still make it in time, huntress. Hospital shouldn’t be too far. Good luck…’’. Before her leave, Leona looked back and nodded.

Two weeks has passed after encounter with demon. However, along that people in the city could finally take breath too. After all, there were no news about the mysterious murderer or it’s further victims. It seems that a familiar huntress didn’t had any purpose to stay any longer and now she would need to return to the guild. However, before departure, she decided to at least visit Shingo. From what she heard, this priest was nearly recovered and soon will be dismissed from hospital. After the fight against the demon, she was curious about the well-being of this brunette. Not every day you would see how a human sacrifices life for a demon or monster. So, she wanted to know the reason for this behaviour. Besides, she felt like during the same visiting it would be nice to apologize for injuring an innocent person.

However, once she entered through the room, she nearly dropped the bought fruits for this priest and was alerted. Apparently, a certain demon was sitting on chair next to Shingo, who was asleep in his bed. Aside that Orochi was in his human form and wearing his casual outfit, he was holding this priest hand in both of his hands and observing this priest. Once this silver-haired young man noticed the huntress presence, he frowned a bit as he look at her side and in slightly grumpy tone said ‘‘What is it, huntress?…Rest assure, I came here with no intention to harm this boy. If I wanted, he would been finished even before our encounter. So, there is no need to to draw your weapons.’’.

It seems that Shingo began to awake and now when he was half sitting. He asked this demon in still sleepy tone ‘‘Orochi, what is going on? And how long did I slept?’’. This silver demon chuckled and kind tone replied ‘‘Nothing really. However, it seems that you have also another visitor today~’’ Shingo followed the gaze of this demon and now noticed a familiar face.

This priest now smiled and said ‘‘What a lovely surprise. It’s so nice to see that you came visit me. Why don’t you join us instead of standing all alone?’’. However, this huntress only come closer just to put the basket of fruits on table and just remained standing. Without waiting, she wanted to get straight to the point and asked this priest ‘‘It’s good to see that you’re recovering, sir. However, why did you save this demon? Did he done anything wrong to you…or could it be, he controlled your mind?’’.

Surely, this unexpected question made this brunette dumb-folded for a second, but later, he looked down and when he returned gaze to Leona replied with slight unsure tone ‘‘…I’m not sure either. Well, to be honest, my body did moved without realizing, but I felt like it was right thing to do…I know that what I did may be unforgivable, but Orochi didn’t deserved to die either. It’s not his fault to be born like this or asked for this fate…I saw it by myself, you cannot made it up such a things.’’ after short pause this priest continued, but with more confident voice ‘‘I understand that he did something terrible in the past, but during his stay in the church, he proved that he could return to rightful path. ’’.

Even this fluffy silver-haired young man was speechless how honest and determinant Shingo was, however, this brunette seriously requested ‘‘Dear huntress, please, let me lead this demon to rightful path! I believe that despise who he is, he can still repent for his sins by being under the roof of our lord and by doing good deeds. I’ll take full responsibility for his actions, even if it mean to fell by your blade.’’. This human…why? Why does he have to act like this? No, it’s better not to read the mind of this boy, though Orochi. Maybe for now he could wait and see how this will turns out. Being betrayed or not, he decided to let it be like it is. For now, he want to have such a thing called as ‘faith’ and protect this brunette from any vile or threat.

Leona only cracked a smile and now before taking her leave, she turned her gaze towards this demon and told ‘‘Very well. There is nothing what I can do, if this boy so blindly believes in you. Butt I’ll wait to that day when you fall and then I won’t be so merciful. Farewell…’’ with that blue-haired huntress left the room. Even if this huntress returns with empty hands, but this experience proved that she still needs more training and it may be a long path becoming stronger to defeating that demon inside her. Yet she was grateful to met this priest, who helped to return to her senses and gave the naive hope that someday demons and humans can co-exist in this world together without a fear.

And thus this is a tale of demon, who protects the church and one certain priest at any cost.

A/N: So, this the conclusion for the Demon in the Church arc ^^ And after it's over it means one thing - time to return to main arc and see what awaits this vampire!Kyo next. But before that, I need to work for one-shot project for 12/12. That's right, what kind of present would receive this Kusanagi boy? Hmm, let's see... So, until then and - See you next time~
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