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Unreachable Sin part 1

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 10: Unreachable Sin part 1

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Alright~ sigh It's so nice to return to this project after awhile ^^ So, this continuing where story takes place after 5th chapter. Oh, and that's right! Now bringing a new arc - Unreachable Sin. Well, in this arc planning to introduce new characters and further explore the lore of this au. Maybe this arc could be a beginning of something nice. Well, let's see as this story goes on ^^ So, thank you for you patience and support. Enjoy your stay here!
And of course, opening with suitable soundtrack for this whole arc : Kawamoto Makoto - Half (Hibun no Ichi).

Back to presence~ A nearly couple of weeks passed since Kyo has tasted the blood of vampire hunter. That taste…it’s still tingle his tongue to this very day yet it is not enough. Surely, it may enough to satisfy his hunger, but something has changed inside of him. However, he can’t really put a finger on it. He was never really fan of hunting down prey unless he felt hungry, but now even if he attacked a human being, now the blood lost most of it’s flavor no matter that this person’s blood was nutritious and according this vampire’s standards ‘decent quality’. Or probably, his prey was one of that kind, which, could satisfy his hunger, but not very best tasted.

Maybe he was just imaging things, this brunette hoped. Recently he started feel another side-effects. When accidentally brushed his hand against his skin, he felt a sharp pain like it was tearing apart on left side of his chest. After opening his eyes, he noticed that his left side was bleeding and there were left marks like he was scratched by some wild beast. This brunette just lifted his hand and now observed how along his finger tips were dyed in dark crimson there were a sharpened nails.

What’s more caught his attention was that these scratches healed a bit more faster than usual. Even the small surface wounds took around nearly good five minutes. And this one? Just barely a minute. This never happened before and even before losing to that bastard demon. Yet one thing for sure, he needed to tell this about it to that weird hunter. So, this vampire picked a pack of wet tissues and took couple of them to the bathroom. After wiping his bloody palm and previously wounded chest, he throws away tissues to trash can.

Strangely, the scar, which was left after that fight against the demon, was still here. The white scar in the middle of his chest, it perfectly reminded that moment when this vampire’s pride and power were stripped away. That circle shaped scar as same size as clenched incubus’ fist - it was like a mark of his failure and arrogance. Just glaring at it in mirror, made him feel that unbearable pain of humiliation once again. But enough of that, or so he though as he turned away from mirror.

One might say, how vampire can see their reflection? Yet there was a simple answer. There are still some mirrors, which to this day will not show an image of unholy creature as vampire. However, those are made from silver and even Kyo disliked them. There was no bigger inconvenience than not being able to see yourself in the mirror. Nevertheless, vampires were intelligent creatures and could find solution to most of problems by living in modern human society. And this issue was solved as quickly as it appeared. It seems only a pure metal as silver has declined these noble beings of the night. The other metals could perfectly show their reflection, so, as alternative vampires used aluminium mirrors. Besides, nowadays even these foolish humans don’t use mirrors with silver. Firstly, it was expensive pleasure, second, it was not worth.

However, the water? It was absolutely different problem. Even so, being in his human form, Kyo disliked water because how it quickly irritates his skin, so, he had to use one of more tolerable methods of cleaning after himself. Therefore, as time went on, he managed to better alternatives to water. That's right, and these wet tissues are one of them. However, there cases where that won't cut-off. Heck, he wasn't like these dirty dogs, or so, this brunette called werewolves, who could enjoy the water at their full heart content. Vampires are noble and superior species, huh?

What kind of nonsense is that? Always thinks Kyo. Yes, vampires might be most powerful and fearful rulers of all monsters, but only during the night. Even these human nerds could be as equal as vampires! Cannot go outside, limited food, which maybe not the best but even so, on limited time as well, lastly, pure water...However, whenever this vampire wanted to admit or not, but if he wanted stay clean, he had to use it. Fortunately, humans are smarter than they look like.

One thing about Kyo was grateful are ethereal oils. Just mixing it with water and it was such a relief. Even staying in shower for longer time becomes enjoyable. Plus, some herbs have a such a nice scent, which either leaves his body slightly energized, or relaxed even nerves. It depends, what kind of oils this vampire uses.

In any case, tonight this brunette will seek out for the vampire hunter. After he returned from bathroom, he fixed his jacket. However, this brunette felt a sharp pain through his all fingertips. Right now he closed his eyes and was deeply breathing and felt how his hands were shaking. After awhile, this brunette slowly opened his eyes, he needed to see it by himself whenever he wanted or not. That’s right, just when he checked his both hands, Kyo noticed that his long sharp nails once again returned back to human ones, but around the stings of nails, he was bleeding. Now he thrown away his white jacket, which was now dyed in bright red stripes and clench his hands into fists.

Just what a hell going on with his body? Kyo didn’t liked these new changes at all, they are so sudden and this never happened even before the encounter with that twisted demon. Yes, it wouldn’t surprise, if he was using his awaken vampire form, but now? Is this vampire hunter’s blood have such a strong effect? However, this vampire now bitten his lower lip and cursed his human form. Apparently, when this creature of the night could use his true/awaken form, his senses of pain were nearly completely numb and his healing process was quiet quick. It perfectly served in battle field where even slightest self-distraction could even cost a life.

On other hand, his human form… It was like a two edged sword…There was a balance for everything - same for vampire and human form. When pure-blood vampire have to stay in human form, they could live among human beings, if they use it wisely. However, a vampire has to accept their human form for what is. It means, that all their senses are much more sharper than any ordinary person. That’s right, in best case, it could be even up to three times. Yes, this vampire’s senses are as sharp as that. For better or worse, he didn’t really cared.

At least, sharpened smell sense was useful to track down a potential prey of this brunette and it was easy to tell, who is more nutritious and has better taste. Yet as vampire, Kyo have no need for human food, it’s simply tasteless and his body can’t digest it. Basically, it was as good as for carnivorous beast a grass. Yes, he learned that in hard way during one time in the past when he was treated by one human being. Of course, this vampire didn’t wanted to be rude, so, he politely accepted the food. However, after that evening ended, he rushed to throw out all that. His body simply rejects it.

There is a saying if you feel pain, you know that you are alive. For humans it was like self-protective body triggered reaction to dangerous factors. However, while being more sensitive to pain, it’s only worse for this unfortunate vampire. Sometimes after more serious injury Kyo could only lie down and do nothing, because of how pain so deeply has soaked to brain. Yet he was much more sensitive to any physical contact as well. At most of the times it makes him helluva discomforted and irritated.

So, that’s about how works human form for a vampire. As for now, Kyo went to bathroom to wash his bloody palms. It wasn’t very pleasant experience, but after that he rubbed his hands with hand-antiseptic. His fingertips were like burning yet the urge to know what was happening was more important. That Yagami person surely should know at least something. In any case, it was his fault, so, this stupid hunter owns him answers.

Besides, this vampire didn’t cause any troubles, or so, he though. So, at least having drink from direct source of that amaretto scented liquid sounded pretty reasonable. That’s right, as apology, this redhead hunter should be more than willing to offer suck from his neck this time. However, because of these thoughts, Kyo’s eyes began to glow in bright crimson red and he swallowed his saliva.

And so, while trying to calm himself, this brunette changed into another white jacket, but this one had multiple of pockets on front side and sleeves. At least, his dark blue jeans were fine. One more last time before his leave, he check his nails - the left wounds around nail stings were healed. However, to think off, he barely knew this hunter, so, it can’t be helped that he has no idea where to look for him. Yet couple days ago there was a murder in one of bankrupted bars. The victim’s head was torn apart from body, which was scratched by probably a wild beast, or so, heard this brunette.

Of course, that stupid hunter might suspect one of this vampire’s kind, so, he might here as well. It can’t be otherwise! At least this what this brunette knows for sure. So, it’s decided! A bar then. And so, with bright determination in his eyes, Kyo departs while with his hands in his jeans’s pockets.

A/N: 'Right, tomorrow gonna start a new chapter. So, yeah, sometimes things goes not exactly as you plan. At least this what I can say for now. Buuut! One thing for sure ''You know I had to do it to 'im...'' xD Until then and see you next time!~
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