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Superman: At Sayton's End

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After Superman needs more work to do, he decides to leave Earth. After Belt Ave threatens to destroy the planet of Sayton a strange man Earth calls Superman appears to rescue the people of Sayton.

Category: Superman - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Sci-fi - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2021-02-14 - 503 words

Superman kicked John in the face.
"You should know by now, that I will stop at nothing to bring justice to this world." Superman said this with all of his heart, he would stop at nothing.
John Such looked at him with his skin peeling off his face, and he smiled.
"Clark," John said. "You forget that this world already has enough heroes."

Clark Kent awoke from his dream. He felt nervous, though it is not like he had not considered that anything within the dream. Never in 30 years did he flay a human with his foot.
I need to eat.
Following his motive as a distraction, he walked over to his fridge.
Inside was a bomb.
"Who the hell!" Clark shouted.
He was tense, always ever since Diana had died.
The bomb exploded.
Clark did not even bother moving. He just let the impact take him down.

Superman landed at Wayne Manor, crushing tulips as he did.
"Bruce! I need to speak to you!"
Superman waited, waited, and waited.
Finally, Bruce Wayne walked out the front doors.
"I would rather not think of you or anything related to my past," Bruce said.
"You are still a hero, Bruce," Superman said. "I just need to talk to you, it is about the present not the past."
Bruce stared at him, almost a glare, but he then he just turned away sadly.
"Do you understand that I am redundant?" Bruce asked. "That is an understatement, I am just deadweight at this point."
"I too am redundant," Superman said. "Ever since that day nothing globally dangerous calls for my intervention. You are not deadweight, Bruce, you never were. You saved me. You can save me again. I need to know if I should leave Earth."
Bruce stared at Superman in shock.
"You love this place," Bruce said. "You really think this world doesn't need you anymore?"
"I know we are fewer, Bruce," Superman said. "I however believe my skills are needed elsewhere. You saved Gotham countless of times, and even became Mayor once. You are proof that I have overstayed my welcome. As long as no aliens attack I am of no use here."
"The Green Lantern Corps and The Titans can't fend off the kinds of creatures only you can defeat," Bruce said. "What if another Doomsday comes here?"
"For years I have stayed here, doing nothing important but write articles about people that don't need my help. Bruce, I am empty."
Bruce looked sadly at Superman. Bruce looked so old now, he wasn't the same guy that lifted a helicopter after seeing his son under it, but in so many ways he still was.
"Superman," Bruce said. "You are going to need much more than my words to feel whole again. Do you know how many worlds have a sun like this?"
"There should be another, there must be," Superman said.
"Come inside," Bruce said, in a welcoming albeit a bit tired tone. "We should think of everything before you decide to leave."
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