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Superman Leaves

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Superman leaves Earth.

Category: Superman - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Sci-fi - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2021-02-15 - 431 words

Superman launched into the air.
It was like he always did, except this time he was in a rocket, the second most sophisticated one Earth. The President's radar had detected nothing in the way. Superman was ready.
Superman thought of Damian, who's son now protected Gotham, and how Damian and Bruce had to destroy an entire space station together in order to save the residents; no lives were lost despite all odds. The non-binary genius who controlled the station was not physically hurt, but the link attached to the stationer and the station was severed and so was The Jetliner born. The Jetliner was trying to turn the alien station to a safe home for humans, but many things went wrong.
You need me, Orca said to Bruce once. Without me a storm would be brewing inside you.
Superman forgot the details, but that station needed to switch from operational to destroyed. Damian and Bruce saved everyone, including Sen Surva, the stationer, The Jetliner, the genius who killed Barry.

"Why didn't you save us!" Lois, Diana, and Lana said.
Superman stood on a mountain, looking down in horror at the bloody corpses of the three women.
Superman opened his mouth to speak, but he was too late, always was.
Hal Jordan flew over and slammed his fist into Superman's stomach.
"I could have helped, but you killed me!" Hal screamed these words with such anguish that Superman believed them.

Superman was awoken by a beep on the dashboard.
Superman at first didn't register what the beep meant. He was confused, he did not kill Hal Jordan, did he?
Superman noticed the beep getting louder, the radar was picking up a yellow star.
Superman stared ahead, and as the rocket got nearer he could vaguely make out two planets, two moons, and one yellow star.

Superman landed the rocket on the surface of this green and blue world. Superman looked around, he felt rejuvenated.
Superman wasn't sure with there was life on this planet, but already he was home.

Superman took off his suit, and put on a robe. He flew to the nearest river and bathed in it. Life felt good.
Hours had passed, and a voice spoke.
"Krytonian, do you wish to serve this world's people?"
Superman looked around, but no one was there.
Superman then said, "Yes, I have claimed this world as one I must protect."
"Then," the voice spoke. "We are enemies."
Silence then came over, and Superman was left thinking again.
"Damian, Bruce, Dixie, and Bruce," Superman said to himself. "I have found a new purpose."
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