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God In Making, Fraud Instigating

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Superman has no friends, but what he does is what he must is what he says. Should he be believed?

Category: Superman - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Sci-fi - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2021-02-16 - 363 words

A bird flew on top of Superman's tent.
Superman smiled at the bird, this was why he chose the outside to sleep in. He needed life, not Kryptonite shoved into his neck and down his esophagus.
Superman waited as he ate a sweet yet salty fruit. Superman wondered how that could be. Moist fruit usually have no salt.
They will come, Superman thought.
Superman looked at the pile of burnt stick, which was six times its size than it was now. His heat vision upon the surface of those sticks spread quickly and arose smoke high enough to warrant attention.
Superman waited.
Nightfall began, and the old superhero wondered if he should try a different method.
Then, movement.
"Do you need that spear?" Superman asked.
The movement stopped, but then forward was it in progress.
"You," said an old brusque voice. "You speak my language?"
Superman could vaguely make out an old man with a spear. Superman, under the notion that the old man could see him, raised a book.
"I found this book in the forest," Superman said. "I read it. It had all the words I needed to make sense of your language, and I now know you have a problem with the vapid Belt Ave. A problem I can fix for you."
"Stranger, your accent is weird and you start smokes the size akin to volcanos," the old man said. "You though, seem like Master Ave in the sense of being the only other person with a metal dragon. Maybe you can help us, but will you?"
Superman smiled and flew gracefully towards the old man.
"I was born for this!" Superman vibrantly announced.
The old man seemed wary still, but now more relaxed. "You, sir, are in need of teachings."

Belt Ave crashed down upon the golem.
"You soldiers have no home, you fight for nothing!" Belt Ave plunged his words and fist into golem's heart. No hero survived on Sayton.
Belt Ave stood on the empty husk, and looked at the scorched land.
"Superman still lives, outside my perimeters," Belt Ave said. "Once he arrives I will kill him and finally have enough power to leave this wasteland!"
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