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Unreachable Sin part 5

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 14: Unreachable Sin part 5

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'Right, returning with another chapter ^^ sigh maybe short one, but took longer because had to deal with Feelings tm x'D (yet during proof-reading, face-palmed as usual...) Come on, this the second time having it when working on something... One thing is writing action or more gory scenes, but this...urgh, sir or ma'am, it's difficult before getting a bit more emotional. Anyhoo, as always, enjoy!

After leaving the hut, this ebony-haired woman leads the hunter behind it. It seems that this building was bigger than expected, because rest of it at least three times as spacey as the shop. Once they were near the door, this witch picked a key from one of tunic’s pockets. However, just when she inserted it into keyhole, she turn her head towards this redhead’s side and gives an easing smile.

It seems that he was alerted how someone else noticed Kyo’s behaviour towards him. That’s right, intentionally or not, but this vampire all the way kept this acting. Is he truly a vampire and not a nekomata instead? Yet he knew that if this brunette was a one, then he would act much more different. So, no split tail into two or triangle cat ears when he shows stronger emotions. In any case, Yagami didn’t wanted to encounter with these yokai since they were normal cats, but because of cruel people’s behavior become into nekomatas. As for this brunette, he was a vampire despite being in weaken form.

For now, this redhead irritatingly asked ‘‘What do you want? It’s nothing like I asked for this.’’. The witch just calmly replies ‘‘As a hunter, you should already know that vampires are very sensitive creatures. In this case, he simply sensed that you might be stressed. However, despite being unaware of his actions, he may trust you enough. That’s why he unconsciously tries to calm you like his primal instincts tells him.’’.

Surely, no matter how hard it was to admit, but Yagami felt less stiff because of these hypnotic rhythm of weak vibrating noises made by Kyo. That stupid vampire…Right now Iori just turned his gaze away from this witch, like heck, he would openly admit that. She only sighs ‘‘You shouldn’t be ashamed of that, hunter.’’ now this ebony-haired woman twist the key and while slowly opens the door, continues ‘‘Vampires like any other creatures do also have the same need of wanting to comfort and being cared or loved. Humans like you may never been taught about such a simple thing, but it’s not your fault…Anyway, let’s go.’’.

After this woman enter the dark room, she turns the nearest switch and now the room was lighten up in warmly light orange color light. It was a moderate room from which left side had small kitchen table and couple chairs, from right side along the wall was placed a single person sized bed and night table close to head. It seems that this room maybe used only for restless or wounded wanderers to stay overnight, because there was another door not so far from the front side of the bed. Maybe behind the door was the room where where stays this witch.

However, now this sorceress asked the hunter ‘‘Don’t just stand here and help me to put him into bed.’’. Without any hesitation this redhead carefully laid this brunette to bed. Of course, he later he received some of the notes from the witch "At least remove his shoes and jacket or are you planning to wash the sheets as well?’’. This woman keep constantly irritating Yagami yet he didn’t argued and just did what he was asked. Unfortunately, it is not easy as it seems and one thing is remove shoes - it’s not that hard and this redhead managed that pretty well.

Another thing was removing his jacket. The hunter hoped that Kyo not putting an acting on purpose, otherwise, someone really missed the taste of leather whip. Hopefully, this stupid vampire is not aware how Iori was struggling with such a task. Plus, he never felt this embarrassed, because this whole process was probably silently judged by that witch, who now wanted to lend a hand, but this redhead’s pride didn’t allowed that. Once he managed to half sit this brunette, he finally managed to take off this piece of clothing and now let this unfortunate soul to lay down.

Right now Yagami silently observed this vampire, who looked so peaceful during his rest like nothing happened in the first place. It seems that his fangs disappeared as well. However, this ebony woman was about to open the door of the mysterious room, but she was stopped by hunter’s question in serious tone ‘‘Where are you going? What if he starts to freak out again?’’ and now she turns back towards this redhead’s side and calmly explains ‘‘Rest assure, hunter. This vampire already went trough the worst. So now he is simply exhausted and need time to restore the energy. It may take a week or two of resting, in worst case - even more than month. During that time, we have to make sure that he would avoid even the smallest sunlight beam.’’.

This redhead persistently attack this woman with another set of questions ‘‘And you going to leave as simple as that to doze out? How can you be not so sure how long it will take for him to recover?’’, the ebony-haired woman only sighs and decides to put this curious fellow into his place ‘‘As a hunter, you sure seem too much care about your target. I’m not asking right now what kind of relationship you have with him or your motives. It can wait until another day. For now, I would just ask your name, because may already tired of being called ‘you’ . In return, you should know my name - Kagura Chizuru. ’’.

At first, Yagami was doubtful whenever he should tell his name, but it seems maybe this woman seemed to be trustworthy, after all, she could simply trick him or cast a deadly curse on him. Yet while still being suspicious and self-aware, he decided to see how this going to turn out. When both introduced themselves and even telling this brunette’s name, Chizuru explained that she just need now to write down everything what happened and about the condition of this vampire in her journal. That’s why she doesn’t want to be disturbed in the study room. After that Iori was left alone with this vampire and waiting until he wakes up from his slumber.

If this Kagura person was right, then there was nothing left to do at the moment. Besides, this redhead started to feel tired as well, so, after dimming the lights, he sits on ground next to the bed where this brunette rest. Yet that woman mentioned earlier that vampires are more sensitive, so, probably this thin blanket wouldn’t be enough for this idiot, or so wondered the hunter. More important, these curtains would barely protect this stupid vampire from sunlight as well. Or so, he thought.

That’s why this redhead decided to use his coat. Besides, it is warm and long enough to cover up this vampire. After removing his coat, it was visible that he wore white plain long sleeved shirt yet he still had wore a dark sturdy leather vest on top of it. So, it should be still warm enough, this what he told to himself in mind.

Now he gently placed his coat on Kyo and made sure it was also wrapped around his head yet leaving his face uncovered. Just who knows if this stupid vampire would try to roll on sides. It can’t be helped that it was this hunter’s first time taking care of this kind. Of course, he has no experience! Heck, this vampire does not realize that he is so peacefully resting near a potential enemy, isn’t he? He was too vulnerable and if it was another person, he may be already dead.

Just looking this brunette alone made this hunter feel bad for him. What a hell he went trough? How could this vampire let his guard-off so easily? - this what Iori thought yet it was useless to get these answers. Yet after awhile observing Kyo in this state, this redhead even started feel guilty over being too late. However, for now Yagami sits down and leans against the bed where this reckless fool resting. Despite feeling tired from all this mess, he just continues to observe this brunette and now just sighs.

After all, it was such a relieve that this vampire was still alive and not taken away by someone else. Even so, matter how you look at it, it was rather ironic - a vampire killer saves a life of the kind, which are feared and despised by humanity. Yagami perfectly understood that, but it wasn’t his style to finish off a weaklings, unless there was a need for accomplishing bounties. However, this brunette was another case.

He didn’t shown any signs of being a threat or had super-natural strength. Heck, the only thing that he was gifted so far - attracting the trouble, yet for his head was offered such a generous bounty. Of course, this redhead wants to see by himself the true potential and the power of this vampire. That’s why no matter what it takes, he is ready for any sacrifice. Maybe then Iori could give his best and then finishing this vampire would be something satisfying.

But for now, Kyo barely could protect himself, that’s why for beginning, he needs to learn even the most basic self-defense and maybe have a better weapon. Heck, this stupid vampire better do not disappoint him, ‘cos if he knew how much this redhead already invested into this one so desired fight then…It’s not important what happens next - now this brunette was the main priority. That’s why this hunter has to keep the eye on him and make sure nothing would happen to him.

However, Iori was snapped back to reality once he noticed how without even realizing his palm was brushing against Kyo's cheek. It was like he was drawn closer to this vampire. All of sudden he with-draws his hand like it was burnt. Yet this vampire wasn’t so cold as expected, contrariwise, the touched skin was warm and smooth. Nevertheless, no reaction from this brunette - not a single move or sound, nothing. He remained looking so calm, peaceful…and innocent? No, it must be in nature of this vampire to be alluring, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to catch a prey - or so, this how this redhead tried explain his own unexpected behaviour.

In any case, Yagami was more curious because, if this vampire can hypnotize while he is asleep, then what he could do once he fully awaken… ‘‘ Just get better soon, you idiot.’’ this hunter murmured and went to turn off the lights. Once he return, Iori returns to same spot and for last time checks this vampire before eventually falling asleep next to him.

It was still same night, but hunter’s instincts woke him up. Now he immediately placed his hand on neck and checked whenever this vampire was awaken and tried to use him in advance as a food. Fortunately, his worries were for nothing - this vampire was asleep. Like he was lying in same position, he remained so. Yet it seems that this brunette unconsciously shown his fangs during the sleep and started to silently let out chattering noises. However, as soon as he started, he finished. Kyo’s fangs slowly disappeared as well. What was that all about? Murmured this redhead before returning to his sleep.

Thus, time from time this redhead was waking up and struggling all night with no restlessly. Fortunately, by the dawn of the new day, this hunter finally dozen up until next evening.

sigh I know I promised not that, but couldn't just sit calm, that's why wanted to work on at least on this chapter before another hiatus x'D So, now need to work on other projects as well(although, noticed that people maybe most interested in sci-fi au, but that need to wait cos need to plan what to do with it. Have idea, but need proper planning). Anyway, small update, but hey, better than being in hiatus. So, see you until then...
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