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Unreachable Sin part 6

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 15: Unreachable Sin part 6

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Okay, so after awhile returning with new chapter. Well, took longer, cos this chapter is so far one of longest I've been working on. However, thanks for Akumajo Dracula Pachislot I-III OSTs and M&K Company's Castlevania remixes, enjoyed working on this chapter much more than expected, plus added things, which may didn't planned (again xD) So, like always, thank you for your support and enjoy!

This redhead began to slowly open his eyes. It was simply too bright. What kind time of the day is right now? How long did he dozen out? However, right now he felt how something warm was wrapped around him. Once Iori looked around him, he noticed that it is already late evening and that someone placed a warm blanket on him. Another thing, which caught his eye is that there were no visible trace of that annoying woman. Was she gone? Like it is matters right now, or so thought this redhead.

Now he tried to turn his head to see how this vampire was doing. Unfortunately, even one slightest movement and now he felt how badly his nape was in pain. Not to mention when he leaned forward, his back was in pain as well. Yet this hunter ignored it and still stands up through silent groaning. Once he was on feet, he placed his hand on his nape and began to rub it. Well, it’s no one’s fault that he fell asleep in such a place or position yet it’s been really awhile since he slept that well. Maybe he was more tired than he though.

Nevertheless, Yagami decided to check how is this stupid vampire. The hunter only sighs - Kyo was still in his slumber and didn’t shown any signs of waking up any time soon. Probably this brunette was more physical and emotional exhausted than Iori expected. In any case, he’ll wait as much as it need. However, all of sudden he was alerted and turned his gaze towards the squeaking noise of opening door.

Apparently, it was only Chizuru, who has left the study room. When she noticed the hunter, she calmly asked ‘‘Oh, you’re finally awake? How are you feeling?’’ but when she points out where was left Yagami’s coat, she smiles and adds ‘‘My, you sure are considerate. However, you need to take care of yourself as well. No matter how you may be though, but you are still a human, Yagami.’’. Surely, this redhead was not happy about this comment yet he holds back from fighting back.

However, he briefly replies ‘‘Just mind your own business. I’ll stay here as much as it needed. So, at least not until this stupid vampire wakes up.’’. Unfortunately, the ebony haired woman strictly says ‘‘ You don’t need to worry about. He doesn’t need to be observed whole day, at least for this week. That’s why you can carry on your routine like usual. Besides, this shop is surrounded by magic barrier. So, I would be aware if anyone getting closer. If you were worried about this vampire’s safety, then rest assure, he is in safe hands.’’. It seems the hunter didn’t wanted to give up to this annoying woman, so, now he negotiates ‘‘Very well, but don’t you think you gonna get rid off me so easy! Then I’m going to visit here until he recovers. Like heck, I’ll leave him alone!’’. Of course, Chizuru could only sigh and silently enjoy observing how Yagami behaves like a stubborn child. This redhead even forgets about this coat and before his leave, he turns back and declares ‘‘I’ll be back! So, be glad that I have unfinished business with other pesky bastard. ’’ and after he gazes for the last time at Kyo, he left the witch’s hut.

Besides, the only place where Iori could get more food for this slumbering brunette, was the Hunter Guild. After all, who knows how this stupid vampire going to act once he is awake. So, being prepared in advance, shouldn’t do any harm. That fool Yashiro may already forgot about his sent request, so, if he wanted these potions so badly, he may already got them. In any case, right now dealing with his mentor was very least concern of this redhead.

After a while, he finally reached the Hunter Guild but once he was inside, he noticed that the guild is still so lively as ever despite it is a late evening. So, who were checking notice board for news and bounties, who were preparing for new journey or just returned and, lastly, one pesky silver-head, whom Yagami very least wanted to see. Once he was noticed by Yashiro, he was greeted in casual manner of this veteran hunter, who approached him and pats Iori’s shoulder ‘‘ Yo! Look who is back?~ Why took so long? Did Yagami-chan was bullied by some nastier monsters on the way? You look awful. What happened to your coat?’’.

Apparently, this demon hunter wasn’t even planning to go on next hunt any time soon, because of his more casual outfit. At least he didn’t carried his trustworthy sword - Demon Slayer, plus, for once he putted a shirt and does not wear that shabby coat as well. However, this time, an innocent question like that made this redhead annoyed - No, you dumbass. Just stumbled across one abomination, who cowardly back-stabs and escapes like a shameless asshole. Then woke up in with killing spine, of course, I’m fine~ - Or so this redhead kept in his mind. However, he only answered with keeping his poker-face and in cold tone ‘‘Mind your goddamn business…’’.

After such a adorable reply, Yashiro with-draws his hand from Iori’s shoulder and shakes his head ‘‘So, you got into another fight again, but now you lost it, didn’t you?’’. Heck, that idiot surely strikes into right spot of this redhead whenever he intended or not. Yagami only turns his gaze away from his senior and remain silent. It seems that after couple minutes of awkward silence, this silver-head begins to give a good session of lectures ‘‘How many times I told you to not to loose your temper over small details? Whoever it was, surely was merciful enough to spare you. ’’.

Iori just cracks a smile and then without looking back murmurs ‘‘That stupid bastard…’’, of course, Yashiro gave a questionable look, but continued to listen further. Right now this redhead lift his head and says clearly ‘‘I met Kain. He look exactly the same like years ago before being banished. It seems that he might be a same kind as you-’’ however, before finishing what he wanted to say, he felt a menacing aura from his senior, which was followed by his vest being grabbed roughly. All of sudden Iori was lifted by this silver-head’s one arm into the air with no sweat. Heck, now this redhead’s face was twisting in pain from this unexpected attack.

However, once he noticed Nanakase’s pissed-off face, he knew that now he crossed the line yet Yagami didn’t tried even to resist, just waiting how this going to turn out. This demon hunter only stares silently and now threats in deep tone ‘‘Don’t you dare to compare me with that human scumbag. Even demons do not commit such a crimes as this arrogant trash.’’. Certainly, it was one of rare cases when this silver-head shows his serious side yet each time it awakens Iori’s primal sense of fear. Heck, no matter how he looks at it, he was simply too weak compared to this veteran hunter, no matter how many years he was trained by him.

One thing sure, this redhead was smart enough to understand that Yashiro was definitely a super natural being and opposing him would only lead to the death. However, at this moment, this redhead refused to show any signs of fear or struggle and now just stares back. Apparently, this silver-head had enough and after he sighs, he lowers his arm which holds the fellow hunter. Finally, Yagami was released yet he landed on his knees. Hell, he never felt so defeated and now just when lowers his head and bits his lower lip.

Yashiro now spokes up in more forgiving tone ‘‘I hope that you didn’t mean to say this. In any case, what happened? ’’ when this redhead stands up and fixes his clothes, he replies ‘‘He caught a vampire and was dragging him to abandon storage.’’, now this demon hunter chuckles and answers ‘‘So? No one forbids even fools like him to join another guild and hunt down a wanted target.’’. However, right now Iori continued telling his story but now it sounded more concerned tone ‘‘There was some sort of magical circle and when he placed vampire in the middle of circle, he was about to stab him…I broke that bastard’s wrist. However, aside that now he now can use a blue flame, the vampire was unable to move no matter what. He was like paralyzed…’’.

This silver-head only scratched his chin and sighs after listening to Yagami, calmly answers ‘‘I see…So, Kain is still causing problems as usual and striving for more power…However, what kind of demon did he slain to get such a ability? More so, this vampire caught your attention, isn’t he? Is he was your target? It’s unusual for you to fight with other hunters for a mere bounty. Besides, no monster is able to recover after this, just silently suffer in agony, unless…At least can you tell me what have you done to this vampire? ’’.

However, Iori’s poker-face was cracked and now he was confused as a child who is being caught by doing something wrong yet not sure how to escape from punishment. He could swear that he felt a pressure from his senior like being judged for what he going to say. Nevertheless, he need to answer quickly, otherwise, Yashiro might suspect him. So, after swallowing saliva, Yagami briefly answers ‘‘…I killed him. Move, I just need to rest.’’ and now this redhead without a word walks by this demon hunter and went to upstairs floor, where was his room. Once Iori was out of sight, this silver haired hunter just cross his arms and shakes his head at such a behavior of his disciple. Now he tells to himself in humming voice ‘‘Liar…Yagami-chan been acting so weird recently~ You thought I wouldn’t notice that oh-so-hidden bite mark?…There is same vampire’s scent all over you, you idiot…Just don’t lower your guard or else you might get hurt~…’’.

It was a dawn of new day. However, this vampire hunter couldn’t rest all night and just managed to get couple hours of sleep. So, surely, it was more than enough for him, or so he convinced himself. Besides, right now was the best chance to sneak out, ‘cos that annoying idiot wouldn’t notice. That’s why despite still feeling lazy, this redhead forced himself to get up and just get ready.

A good half hour has passed~ Once he left the room, this hunter straightforward went to exchange for blood bags. However, it seems that he was lucky to get couple bags yet the shopkeeper gave him a weird look before leaving. Just what was her problem? It shouldn’t be anyone’s concern what and how much he can buy, or so, thought this redhead. According this shopkeeper, only after couple of days she should receive the rest of these value bags. So, it means that now he has to stay in the Guild for awhile. Of course, Yagami wasn’t too happy, but at least it was better than nothing.

That stupid vampire better not awake without his notice, ‘cos who know what he might be up to or how he would behave. Maybe the first thing what he could do is rabidly attack the first visible person on sight and feast on it. Hell, then it would mean that this hunter would have to fight probably against strong creature, but filled with nothing more than pure instincts and, unfortunately, finish up like any other target. One thing if it would be just a mere frustration over the investment and hard work which was for naught. After all, it would be only the matter of the time when this redhead would find another high-ranked enemy.

However, it’s not the point in this case! Yagami knew that there was something special about Kyo. Even if this vampire lost his oh-so-great powers, for what he is, he sure shows a huge potential, which makes Iori interested in this brunette. That’s why this redhead willing to do anything to make sure that Kyo would be in his best shape as soon as possible and finally defeat him. He can’t just wait for that day when this brunette would be giving his best, then probably Yagami could finally have the most satisfying and thrilling battle. Maybe then he could understand what it feels like to be alive.

Would be worth to sacrifice everything for that temporally moment tho? What he would do when he would achieve this? One thing for sure, killing off Kyo instantly is not a choice. It would be the same as dying along with this vampire. Besides, this brunette probably without realizing attracts Iori like drawing closer to him. Is it because he was just a better treat for this vampire? May be, may be not. In any case, at least for awhile, it would entertain this hunter and would give a temporally purpose in life - protecting Kyo from any threat including his vampire’s instincts. So, having something to trick this brunette’s hunger might calm him down.

And thus, the hunter has waited for these two days to pass. Before leaving his room, he looked in closet for thicker coat, because he cannot stock these blood bags under his vest. The suspicious bulge around his chest area would attract unwanted attention, plus, dealing with Guild master would be just a waste of time. Once he found a similar coat to his previous one, which one was a long dark crimson coat, which had a black fur collar and had a white crescent moon sign on the back side. Unlike previous coat, this one also had a black leather straps to close his coat. After all, it was designed for harsher weather and was more sturdy as well. So, once he puts this coat, Iori left his room and went to the guild’s shop. After visiting the same shopkeeper, Yagami got the rest of the blood bags and now once he opens his coat, he places two bags inside left chest side inner pocket and the rest couple into right side’s. At least it should be a safe spot and, hopefully, it won’t attract unwanted attention. However, speaking of devil, before he opens the entrance door of the Guild, he was spotted by a familiar face. Not again…thought this redhead while he rolled his eyes.

Apparently, Yashiro was approaching him. From that outfit alone, you can tell that he might be planning to go out somewhere and at least it’s more or less decent - white t-shirt, black leather jacket and black pants, and, of course, behind his back his trustworthy sword - Demon Slayer. While holding his hands inside of pants’ pockets, the silver-head cheerfully greets him ‘‘Yo! Are you already leaving? Did you find another target? ’’ of course Yagami replied in his usual manner ‘‘Mind your business.’’ and now walks through the door, ignoring his mentor’s presence.

The sky was dyed in orange and little by little changing into purplish color and leaving the grayish Hunter Guild building and courtyard dyed with orange tone - the day was slowly dying and the night was taking over. There was only a small breeze, which makes hunter’s long coat’s hemline slowly flap by being caught by the wind. It felt like being finally free and getting closer and closer to the slumbering vampire. Unfortunately, all of sudden he felt that someone may following him and he didn’t like it at all. Once this redhead stops walking, he turns back and now frowns.

‘‘Will you ever stop it? It’s so annoying…’’ said Iori in irritated tone, however, the demon hunters only sighs ‘‘You know you are not the center of the world, Yagami-chan. So, what’s wrong wanting to visit good couple of friends? Besides, you should be more careful, otherwise, you may find problems just around the corner.’’. That's it, Yagami's patience was almost gone, but he didn’t bother to say anything back and just continued on his way.

An hour has passed~ Finally, this redhead reached the witch's shop. However this time he walks by the shop and went straight behind. Just when his fist lightly touched the door, there was short buzzing noise and all of sudden he fell down with a small groan. Hell, this redhead’s whole body was weakly twitching yet he could barely move. Whenever it is a curse or not, it won't stop this hunter. He just cletches his fists and while ignoring this pain, tries to stand up. After several attempts, he fails each time yet he does not give up.

Fortunately, a familiar witch noticed him struggling. Of course, she just sighs and approaching the hunter ‘‘What are you doing here, hunter? You sure are impatient…’’, once she offers a her hand to stand up, Yagami stubbornly brushes it away. While this redhead slowly stands up, Chizuru adds ‘‘You should have checked the shop first instead of storming here.’’. When this ebony haired woman reached the door, she stretches her palm and after closing her eyes started to cast a silent spell. Once she opens her eyes, she revealed the invisible barrier, which was glowing in platinum light and surrounded this hut. As it appeared, now it was gone. After opening the door, she prompts Iori to go inside.

Right now, he was greeted with the familiar view once the lights were on. It seems that Kyo was deeply sleeping while still being under the cover of hunter’s other coat. However, Yagami began to undone the straps of his coat and after opening it, he was looking for something inside his inner chest’s pockets. When he picks up couple of blood bags from left side and couple from right side, he addresses Chizuru ‘‘Where I can keep these? ’’ after he notices her being confused, continues ‘‘It’s for that stupid vampire…just in case, he needs it.’’.

When this witch sighs, she replies ‘‘Sure thing. I’ll keep them in study room. ’’, but now she chuckles ‘‘But what are going to do with two coats? Don’t tell me you’re going to wear both, hunter?’’. Of course, Yagami tried to keep his poker-face despite being caught by such a unexpected question and now he replies ‘‘None of your concern. It’s not like the last time when I would need your help. Besides, I planned to sell this anyway. So, if it is worth anything, keep it. Maybe some amateur would need this.’’. After he was done with removing current coat, he handed over to the witch along with the food for this brunette.

Unfortunately, this ebony-haired woman didn’t liked this kind of attitude yet she backfires with the demands ‘‘You sure are generous to give away so easily such a fine coat, even if you slightly aware of it’s cost. Yet since you arrived here, you won’t be sitting all day and do nothing. Until this vampire awakes, you will be helping me in the shop. Don’t worry, I won’t give you over-complicated tasks. As a hunter you can catch any beast or just do lil fetch work. So, since because I’m so kind and smart, I am even forgiving your loan for the very precious potion~’’. This annoying woman surely knows how to get on the nerves of this redhead yet she was right. Who knows what kind of spell or curse she can cast, for now he would lower his ego and play along with Kagura’s setted conditions, or so decided Yagami. Besides, now he can stay closer to Kyo and will be at the moment when he wakes up. And thus, another week full of various tasks has begin. Hopefully, soon the promised day should arrive.

It was a calm cloudless evening, the moon was shining bright, however, instead of silver light, it was dyed in light pink color, along with sky being in purplish color. However, only a swarm of bats disturbed the silence of the night, who flied across the sky. It was the time when creatures of the night rise.

In the familiar hut, a certain redhead was just sitting in front of table and observing how this vampire was still slumbering. However, soon enough his eye-lids becomes more heavier. Maybe Kyo would be still resting even tonight, or so thought Yagami before dozing out. Couple hours has passed. However, all of sudden this redhead was back on his senses upon hearing a weird screeching noises. Without any second the hunter looks toward the side where was the beastly sound.

Apparently, this vampire was awaken from his sleep. However, there was something off about him - even if it was for a brief moment, but he was radiating a huge amount of dark aura. It was enough to make this redhead’s blood froze and realize that he was dealing with more terrifying monster even than SS rank ones, which he encountered a few times. Without realizing he immediately stand ups. His hunter’s instincts made him reach out his whip - Vampire Killer. While holding the rolled whip in his lifted left hand, he carefully observes this creature. Although, Kyo was stretching his arms in bed, but couple of details has caught this hunter’s eye.

First of all, these sharp nails looked sharp enough to shred his victims into pieces with slashing strike. Secondly, when this brunette was still yawing, Yagami noticed that now vampire’s fangs and glowing crimson eyes were more intimidating and cold like they belonged to the perfect merciless killer. However, this redhead could swear that for awhile Kyo’s hair was pitch black and his skin a bit darker, now he grasp Vampire Killer more tightly. Once he several times quickly blinked and after rubbing his eyes with other hand, he looked again at Kyo.

In the end, it was same old stupid vampire - there wasn’t any dark aura, which surrounded him, anymore. Perhaps it was only a trick of the light making this brunette look a bit different than usual. Yet one thing for sure, this redhead could sigh and lower his weapon. However, right now this brunette look down and now was dumb-folded. Upon taking this cover into his hands and studying it, he notices that it was someone’s coat. Right now, he doubtfully asked ‘‘What a hell is this?’’ after brief moment, he turns his gaze and now notices the hunter and now he is alerted ‘‘Oi, what are you doing here? Just…Just what were you planning to do with that thing?’’.

While anxiously waiting for the answer, this brunette just silently gazes at the hunter, who was getting closer to him. However, once he was so close to bed, Yagami placed his whip back to his right side of the belt and stares at the vampire. After awkwardly pause, this redhead spokes up with trying to keep his cool ‘‘So, you finally awake? You sure took long enough…’’ and fixes his shirt. It seems only now this brunette had realized that all the time while he was asleep, he was covered with hunter’s coat. Of course, it only leaves him more unanswered questions about this hunter.

Nevertheless, Iori clenches his hands into fists and begins to scold him ‘‘What were you thinking by acting so recklessly? You didn’t even bothered to put any effort to fight back. Ending up like this…Did you wanted to die so badly?! ’’, of course, at first Kyo had not even the slightest idea why he was accused like this. However, a quick flashback when Yagami shown up before his own execution, made this brunette lower his gaze. How much this hunter saw before that moment? Why he cares this much? wondered this vampire. Even so, Kyo honestly replies ‘‘I was looking for you.’’. This redhead was surprised by such a unexpected answer and now remain speechless.

Despite that, this brunette continues to confess ‘‘ You did something to me and like heck, I asked for these changes. Of course, maybe you know what is happening me!’’, this vampire bends his arm and after taking a deep breath, concentrates his gaze on his palm. His hand was shaking for the moment, but all of sudden the sharp nails shows up. However, there were no blood traces on this brunette’s nails yet it was still painful. Kyo tries to ignore the pain, however, his voice and gaze betrays him. While in shaky and in gloomier voices, he continues ‘‘This is not suppose to happen, not in this form…Your blood is slowly changing my body. Even my prey’s blood nearly lost it’s flavor and doesn’t satisfy my hunger as before.’’.

However, this vampire turns his gaze to the hunter. Once Iori’s eyes met Kyo’s, he was captivated by this nocturnal creature and couldn’t look back. No, vampire’s eyes weren’t glowing in familiar crimson red, these dark amber eyes were like drawing him closer to this brunette. Heck, Yagami even felt how all of sudden his heart nearly jumped out his chest and now he swallowed saliva. This brunette adds now in melancholic yet gently tone ‘‘Even only once tasting your blood, but…I think I’m slowly getting addicted to it. That’s why I needed to see you as soon as possible. I knew that you might be around that bar where some human was killed. Of course, you would-’’.

Iori just sit down on bed next to vampire and grabs Kyo’s wrist. Of course, he was speechless at such a gesture of the hunter. While one hand holds this brunette’s wrist, with other one, Iori gently brushes this brunette’s hand and carefully studies his sharp nails. Yagami just sighs and while keeping a poker-face, he says ‘‘You? Murder with these? You stupid vampire…don’t make me laugh. I knew it couldn’t be your job even in million of years. So, didn’t even bothered to suspect you in the first place. Hell, it was only a mere werewolf. That annoying dog was a waste of time and barely got any better bounty for it.’’.

After releasing this brunette’s wrist, this redhead adds ‘‘In any case, you need a weapon to protect yourself. However, first, you need some food. Like heck, I would want to be sucking dry while I’m resting. Speaking of witch, how come that annoying woman is not here? Just wait here.’’ when Yagami stands up, he went towards the study room. After couple times of knocking on the door, this redhead asks in irritated tone ‘‘Hey! Kagura! Just open the the door! Kyo is awake.’’ - no answer. this redhead tries his luck again - same. That’s it! If this woman does not answer, then it can’t be helped, than checking by himself.

However, when he was about to open the door, he heard a familiar voice ‘‘I heard it! Just a minute.’’ and now behind the opened door stood Chizuru. It seems that she was staying awake all night - these black circles under her eyes proved that she had restless night. Apparently, she didn’t even minded closing the door of study room when she left. Despite that she looked glad seeing that the poison has successfully left vampire’s body. After she approached Kyo, who was still in bed, she asked in calm tone ‘‘How are you feeling? Did you had a good rest? ’’.

At the beginning this brunette gave a questioning look, he didn’t knew this person yet he didn’t felt any threat or danger from this mysterious woman. Now Kyo asked ‘‘How long did I sleep this time? Did I have done anything while I was asleep?’’, this ebony-haired woman sighs and calmly replies ‘‘You do not need to worry about it. But you slept for nearly two weeks. It is still impressive how quickly you recovered. However, Yagami mentioned that you are feeling hungry, aren’t you? This hunter surely brought you a lot of food.’’. Then Chizuru addresses the hunter ‘‘Can you get the blood bags from the study room? You know where it is, right? This time you can go inside. After all, you personally wanted to give it by yourself to this vampire.’’, of course, this redhead wanted to object to this woman since he was in dept, but also cast another deadly spell.

When he went to get the package, Chizuru introduced herself to Kyo and just asked couple of questions about his well-being and other details for filling the journal. After Iori returned with blood bags wrapped in blue tissue, his behaviour has slightly changed. It seems that it was a harder task to give these bags, because this with was here, so, now this redhead tried to keep his poker-face, but now he turned his gaze from vampire and while stretching his arm in which one was the blood bags, he told in nearly understandable voice ‘‘Here.’’. After he felt how vampire took these blood bags from his hand, he once again looked at Kyo.

Apparently, Kyo didn’t told anything yet carefully holds this package. However, this ebony haired woman interrupts before her leave ‘‘In any case, I need to go. If anything happens, just knock into the door. Good night and take care.’’. If she was right, then she doesn’t need to worry about them and just let them have their time. After all, it seems that this hunter doesn’t have any vile ulterior motives what to do with this vampire and just maybe cares too much than he should. With that in mind, she closed door behind her and after sitting in front of writing table, she works on her notes until falling asleep.

siiiigh surely, now kinda wondering if this vampire really lost his enchanting abilities xD...or maybe it is something else? Who knows~ Maybe the time will tell...Anyway, for now decided to start working sequel of Eh? Ah, Sou. , cos received nice review from local folks on ff net and asking to make continue with full sauce- Mina's dead body was found in Miami's coast (xD come on, it seems that now I had to do it then...) But for now - See you next time!~
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